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  1. FWIW my 4th gen developed a loud exhaust note coming from the rear cylinder bank a few years ago. I let it go for a while (longer than I should) and when I finally got to the root of the problem, I found, or rather didn't find, an exhaust gasket in the right rear exhaust port. Of course I had to replace all the exhaust gaskets because I had to take the whole exhaust off to get to that point. Oh, and I had to replace an exhaust stud on the front left header too. Anyway, if it sounds like a loud exhaust, it's probably a gasket and not a valve adjustment fix.
  2. When I do it myself, I know who to blame. There's no guarantee I've done it right.
  3. I had a similar problem. If replacing bulbs or fuses don't help, it could be a broken wire within the wiring harness in the tail section. I had to open it up, find the broken wire and solder in a new piece. Good luck.
  4. Drawing on 4th gen experience here, but pay attention to when they say timing arrows or timing marks. There are 2 distinct types of marks and are used for different alignments.
  5. auggius

    the bikee

    Sweet looking 4th gen. Always jealous of those with uncracked tail fairings.
  6. auggius


    VFR pics
  7. Good idea DH! I picked up a spare too for my journey back from the coast. Made it home without needing to use it. ;-)
  8. It's raining in Kaslo right now but the forecast looks good for the weekend. Have a safe ride and see you tomorrow.
  9. Just a heads up that there is road construction from the Slocan Valley (Hwy 6) junction for 15 km to Nelson. Half the road is grooved and it's alternating single lane with 20 minute closures. So my plan is to meet you guys Saturday morning at the breakfast place. Sorry I will miss the Friday meet and greet but I will attend the Saturday dinner.
  10. Just wondering if you've ever considered making an adapter plate to fit the Solo Rack to a 4th gen. Which model do you think would be the better candidate? I can send you pics of the 4th gen handle mounts if that would help.
  11. Hi auggius, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. I haven't been to Idaho Peaks yet but I've been to the Buchanan Lookout a couple of times on my DR350. Here's a couple of teaser pics:
  13. Too bad you have to wait till July for the Hootenanny. My friend and I (a VFR 2000 rider) did the loop from starting in Balfour, east side of the lake to Creston, Salmo, Castlegar, New Denver and Kaslo yesterday. Beautiful weather and little traffic. And what traffic we encountered magically parted or turned off as we came up to them. I don't have pics, but it happened!
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