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  1. You typed that from the emergency room, didn't you? Are they removing the shoes from your arse in pairs, or one at a time?😂
  2. Owned a ZX10R before the VFR, viffer seems as if you are in neutral in comparison.
  3. Nail has been hit precisely on the head here.😂😂😂 It's statements like that that have made you a laughing stock pmsl. Gator has a burning need for adulation, for confirmation that anything he does, any item he buys, is the right choice and should be applauded by us all. When that does not transpire he sulks like a 2 year old denied the nipple. My theory is Gator is one of triplets and he got the bottle. Not quite sure how many active members at the moment, but around a dozen have posted in this thread. Looks like very few give a toss at your departure.😱 Just wondering how long the scooter will last, skateboard next is my guess.
  4. Dress it up any way you want, it was obvious the VFR intimidated you. I do thank you for some of the laughs you provided the forum though, I remember the derision you got for posting your video saying you were "Almost taken out twice." or some such melodrama and it was simply everyday occurrences for riding.😂 You set your stall out pretty early lol.
  5. Pmsl. Quite simply the VFR was too much bike for you, your level is scooters. No balls.
  6. Lol. Seriously? Best you can do, a cheap dig at my girlfriend? You must be an amazing litigator, "Your honour the defence will base its case on the looks of the plaintiffs partner." When you start taking cheap shots at the persons partner, it's because you have no other defence. Once again though, ty for playing. 😂
  7. I'll take short stature over no balls any day. But ty for playing.😂
  8. Lol, it would have been sold sooner. 😂
  9. I think it was obvious to all early on that gator and the VFR were a poor fit. No surprise to me it's sold.
  10. Advert is missing two pertinent selling points. 1. Never been cornered. 2. Never been above 5000rpm. Should fly out the door.😀
  11. Heat kills batteries? Funny, here it's the cold. You bought an Li battery, then claimed the bike was more "flickable" Bulllllllshiitttttttt. 1. The weight change is too negligible to ascertain that. 2. Your riding ability, as seen by numerous videos of you riding, would tell us that even if there was a difference to be felt, you could not discern it.
  12. You really are your own worst enemy Gator. You have an overwhelming desire to be right, always, and will ridicule anyone who disagrees. You have been given a scientific explanation for humans ability to notice weight changes, yet you ridicule that, simply because you feel the need to justify your opinion and your decision to install a Lithium battery. Why do you feel the need to post every tiny thing you do to your bike, and then attack anyone who has a different opinion to yours? Quite frankly, for the type of riding you do, there is no way that battery makes an iota of difference.
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