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  1. Thanks HispanicSlammer. Same location with my last bike, ZX10R Ninja. Not as sunny that day.
  2. Nelix

    Nelix's VFR

  3. I just fitted a quick shifter over the last few days. Probably took me about 3-4 hours all in but could now do it in under an hour. Utter pain trying to get the clips out underneath the lower fairing, ended up breaking two but cheap enough to buy. Quick shifter itself is easy to fit once the fairings are off. PDF instructions Quickshifter install.pdf
  4. Nelix


    Some more of the castle.
  5. Argument has been done to death, it's personal choice. I'm a short arse so worry about the bike going down if a foot slips or whilst I'm moving it. As to whether they will be better or worse coming off at speed depends on a variety of factors. Sometimes they will be beneficial, sometimes detrimental. My ZX10R came off it's stand, the bobbins saved me a pile of grief and money.
  6. They require the fairings to be cut. I had mine supplied and installed FOC as part of the deal when buying the bike, no way was I drilling the fairings.
  7. Donation is made in appreciation of RC79Scott, for sending me a set of bar risers for free.
  8. Hi Nelix, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. You should also take along an armoured vehicle, oh and don't forget that all important close air support.
  10. Get mine in a few days hopefully. Pic of it at the dealers.
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