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  1. Replaced at 5000km with Pirelli Angel GT's.
  2. I think it looks good, but white rims looks even better, reminds me of the very first VFR750F that came out back in -86, white with white rims and I remember I thougt damn that bike looks good.
  3. Arrow slipon with the baffle in, nice sound and good fit/finish.
  4. Great! Any issues with the bike so far except normal service?
  5. Funny, I made a mountain just like that with the shaving foam this morning, hmmmmm........
  6. It looks like the road ends with a ramp, go on and jump over 20 buses like Evel Knievel.
  7. R&G crash protection: http://www.rg-racing.com/browsebike/Honda/VFR800F/2014/CP0370/
  8. My 2015 VFR that I've had for only a couple of weeks. Just did the first service today at 1027km. Only mod so far is an Arrow slip-on, I decided on the black alu with stainless steel rear tip after checking the exhaust thread on this forum, really like the looks and the noise is just a tad more than stock with the baffle in. Put som 3M scotchguard film on the tank sides and rear. Put the seat in the lowest position, looks better and feels more stable, as long as the knee angle is not an issue it's better to sit lower on the bike IMO for better cornering feel.
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