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  1. Cant't you tell that's a bad design by just looking at it? I recommend R&G Racing for crash protection. https://www.rg-racing.com/browsebike/Honda/VFR800F/2015/
  2. You got me worried there for a moment...
  3. Yes, Jonathan King did a song called "I don't want to be gay", something that would be impossible and totally politically incorrect these days. Ironically, Jonathan King was sentenced to seven years in prison for child sexual abuse, so there you have it, amazing the dirt you dig up accidentally.
  4. The original was done by B J Thomas, but without the "ooga-chaka" part. The "ooga-chaka" part was added by Jonathan King and carried over to Blue Swede's version. Apparently it's supposed to mimik some native american chant. OK, we got to the bottom of this now I guess. LOL!
  5. Ahhh, Bjorn Skifs, he didn't make it in the US so he came home after this one hit. BTW nobody in Sweden knows what "ooga-chaka ooga-ogaa-ooga-chaka" means.
  6. I think it looks good, but white rims looks even better, reminds me of the very first VFR750F that came out back in -86, white with white rims and I remember I thougt damn that bike looks good.
  7. I just got my Givi topbox. The Givi mounting plate can be mounted to the Honda rack using three of the four supplied brackets as showed in the pictures.
  8. Arrow slipon with the baffle in, nice sound and good fit/finish.
  9. Here's something for you to drool over. A bike dealer in Stockholm Sweden bought this RC30 and just let it sit in the box until this day, it is never used.
  10. Are there any fairing kits for 8th generation VFR? https://ultimatefairings.com/40-vrf800 I like the Rothmans kit:
  11. With a white VFR the paint scheme can easily be done with wrap foil instead of paint. This is what I did on a ZX6R, tank and front mudguard was silver and fairings green.
  12. Haven't tried on this bike, my experience is that it is better when the turbulent airflow hits the chest instead of hitting the helmet.
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