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  1. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Nothing, nothing at all.
  2. I've had two Ducatis in the past, a 2000 900SSie and a 2002 748R. The SS was totally reliable and problem free, a very nice bike. The 748R was a homologation special for the Supersport class, with full Ohlins suspension, shower injection, slipper clutch and other goodies. The engine never ran perfect, it was misfiring, stalling and generally suffered from bad fuelling which was never fixed by the dealer. They had it in the shop for days but the verdict was "Well it's a racebike, what did you expect?". It worked well on track days with full throttle opening. When I turned full lock left the cable harness was squeezed against the frame with short circuit and blown instrument cluster fuse as a result, very annoying until I found the cause, cable wrongly routed from the factory. But chassis wise, the suspension and brakes worked perfectly and it was a dream to ride, very stable and confidence inspiring.
  3. I got the impression that when he gave the verdict the whole Ducati management was standing behind the camera.
  4. Is that your Ducati?

    It's a Hondalini Vifferione.
  5. How To Set The *&% Clock!

    My bike stays in the garage until daylight saving time is activated again and then I connect the battery at noon.
  6. The reason I wanted a white one:

    Look how they massacred the bike.
  7. Picture Thread

    Funny, I made a mountain just like that with the shaving foam this morning, hmmmmm........
  8. No Fork Seal Protectors?

    How can that clear when the forks compress?
  9. No Fork Seal Protectors?

    They were pretty useless because they hit the upper cooler. The protector needs to be closer to the forks by at least 10mm. Too bad because the clamp part is very good.
  10. Something different

    Of course, everything changed with this...

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