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  1. I remember helping VFR4Lee out when his chain was suddenly no longer a slave to his rear sprocket which had jumped ship.
  2. VFR Capt.Bob

    I really must stop...

    Nah. I love the Futura. Had an 07 Tuono. Loved the motor.
  3. VFR Capt.Bob

    VFR800 Custom/Aftermarket Rear Wheel Modification

    I don't know about that. Honda lately at least. It looks great but i am about weight savings not taxing the suspension or acceleration. But like you said if stunning one off looks on your real world motorcycle usage is your goal then you nailed it. Inspect those all thread lugs every tire change though.
  4. VFR Capt.Bob

    NC30 Hub on my 99 VFR800?

    Sprocket Center doesn't list the models RC30 or NC35 or the RVF750r. The one on the bike I looked up and is a custom made sprocket. Supersprox makes a custom sprocket also. Pricey but may be the route I go if I can't find something stock in the 43t I like.
  5. VFR Capt.Bob

    "Fall is here!" Palomar Sunday - Sept 30, 2018

    Sounds good. Barring veto from my wife I'll be there.
  6. VFR Capt.Bob

    NC30 Hub on my 99 VFR800?

    My 99 VFR800 was modified with an NC30 rear single lug nut hub. The chain needs to bee replaced. Wondered if anyone can advise me on the rear sprocket. I am trying to source a new rear sprocket of same quality. 520 pitxh 43t hard anodized aluminum. I guess 40t is the common size.
  7. VFR Capt.Bob

    "Fall is here!" Palomar Sunday - Sept 30, 2018

    Been a long while since I rode that route. What time do you suppose we would be back to 79/15 junction in Temecula?
  8. Hi VFR Capt.Bob, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. VFR Capt.Bob

    Hypothetical Question

    Its always situational. Sounds odd that she won't let you ride it with cash in hand. I would go with your gut. Tell her exactly why you want to ride it. Safety inspection means less than nothing to me. I bought my present 99 VFR with out a test ride. It was immaculate. Guy is a BMW MC sales manager at a local dealership. His garage was immaculate. He even offered me a test ride. Probably not the smartest move but I said I'll do that on the way home. no regrets.
  10. VFR Capt.Bob

    Tires for my 98

    2ct or a road2ct would be my choice. In fact my usual was PR2ct rear and 2ct front. Trying out the dunlop roadsmarts this go around. They beat the pilots IMHO.
  11. VFR Capt.Bob

    Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    Mariposa is nice. Hope it works out for you. I guess I shouldn't have had that last whiskey before I posted up. LOL.
  12. VFR Capt.Bob

    Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    I am in. I think. Been too long since I turned a wheel with you guys.
  13. VFR Capt.Bob

    My 399 lb VFR848

    Very very nice. I have a very similarly modded VFR. I was thinking where is the big bore kit then realized the 848 designates the rear hub mod. Love this bike.
  14. VFR Capt.Bob

    Do I need a new screen name?

    SmokeyMt.Tim. Hope to visit sometime. I'll ride that Harley.
  15. VFR Capt.Bob

    New guy saying hello.

    About the nicest 500 I have ever seen. Welcome Joey.

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