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  1. Better to just keep the VFR and buy a stablemate for it that serves your other wants and needs. I ended up adding a 16 Tuono Factory V4. I imagine that 1100cc V4 will grow on me. Haven't had time to ride it properly but every day I get on my VFR800 and ride it to work and back and think what a fantastic bike it is. Sold my beloved 86 VFR700 to buy my 98 VFR800. Put 135k miles on it and sold it to try something new. CBR954R was too track focused. 07 Tuono was super cool bike but not the best commuter, and speeding tickets threatened my license. RC51 never street legal due to lost title, but I would have kept it had I not gotten infatuated with Triumps. 09 Street Triple was amazingly fun but again not a great commuter. Wish I'dkept it now. FZ1 was probably the closest to all around awesomeness but was getting up in miles 94k miles. Somewhere in all that bike swapping I picked up a low mile smartly modified 99 VFR800 and it has been my bread and butter and meat and potatoes bike.
  2. Thanks for sharing that video. Been contemplating a smaller adventure bike for such roads. I rode my 98 vfr down to SanFelipe in Baja California. Had to leave late due to work and ended up riding at night on a back highway. Gradually began to notice some vague sensation like a low tire pressure. I was doing 65mph on a compacted gravel road. Luckily it was fairly straight and wide. I only had to slow for the turns. The rides where something makes it a greater challenge than expected always stick in our memories. I am definitely looking to plan some adventure riding. Maybe start with a 650cc or 800cc. Been dirt biking since 1980. Why not?
  3. https://images.app.goo.gl/ezMgyDMnCWvGSuGz8 Closest one I found on google search.
  4. There is a modification thread you might want to look for. Wolf exhaust. Pretty much have to delete tail section fender, relocate battery and stuff, build alum or stainless box to act as a rear shield, fender, new battery box and mounting point for the mufflers. if you want to keep the 5th gen subframe and tailsection. As far as remapping I would think it a good idea but not mandatory. Header pipes may be the same 5th and 6th gen. If so the dual exhaust should fit right on. I am only speaking from my faded memory trying to provoke someone who knows like Sebspeed. You could search his threads and find some good leads.
  5. Great product. Hi mount on a 5th gen IMO best sounding exhaust on the market. Good to know they will still make them. Seb does some amazing work. Dozy, my two cents, is anything is possible with enough time effort and money. But is it worth it? I think our dated bikes look correct with their age appropriate exhaust. Haha. But then I see a Ducati tailsection and subframe cf termingoni tucked in under the seat and I get it.
  6. There are plenty of nice 5th and 6th gens on the market. Why bother tracking down your actual bike? I tracked down my 98 VFR800 because the buyer/junkie never registered it. Keeps violating Toll Roads and I get the citations. Turned over all his current info to collections. Wanted to find the bike in his driveway and pull a Sons off Anarchy move. Bowie knife to both radiators. Of course that was just my dramatic/psycho side. My rational side said just pull the plate off it.
  7. Some parts left over from my previous 5th gen. Price does not include shipping. I give first priority to local pick up. Rear wheel. Regular nicks in paint. Straight and true. $85 Factory Shop Manual Sold Brake Master cylinder $10 Erion slip on $50
  8. I would consider an 800cc or lower adv style bike to commute and tour with. But can't seem to part with my high spec 99 VFR800 at the moment. I am picking up an Aprilia Tuono factory 1100 rsv4 this weekend. Test ride convinced me it's a great replacement for my now sold 09 FZ1. Motor is buttery smooth but will stretch your arms nicely if you keep pouring on throttle past 8k rpm. Fuel consumption puts it in the play bike category instead of VFR do it all club. I like the 8th gen VFR800 too but would not mind a longer suspension adv bike to tackle chopped up asphalt and dirt roads and eventually replace the VFR as my commuter/touring bike. Did I say replace? I think I meant to compliment the VFR.
  9. Black is awesome. Do it! I have black Marchesini wheels on my 5th gen. Had white on my 86 vfr 700. What a pain to clean but they do look sporty. I really loved the electric blue rims on my 07 Tuono. Think it may rock with the white 8th gen. https://images.app.goo.gl/SpDgqr1G5XGm1msA7
  10. Enjoyed the video. Motor sounds so nice.
  11. Very good visuals of how all that gear played a part in sparing you more severe injuries. One of my Harley riding friends at work survived a no helmet high speed crash with injuries that would have killed a lesser man. He fully recovered with some facial disfigurement but his bones all knitted well and he's back to work after 12 most off and several surgeries. I am upping my ride to work gear based on this thread. Need more protection than my work Jean's. I'd fee very dumb crashing in Jean when I have armored and vented Alpinestar overpants in the closet at home. Glad your ok and the bike looks like it will buff out.
  12. Honda factory shop manual $10 Front brake Master Cylinder $10 Erion Bros slip on Low mount $50 Rear Wheel black $85 Russell luxury custom touring seat $100 I have more I will list separately. Postage is additional. Prices are negotiable. Pictures to follow
  13. Well my chapped lips have healed and stopped bleeding and I've given the VFR the love and attention she needed after Laguna Seca. Mounting up to ride in the morning I began to flash back to the weekend so decide to pick up where my last semi exhausted post left off. Includes some picture. Me and my BTE friends on corkscrew hillside over turn 4. Could see some great action there and over turn 1/2 hillside. Pit Lane Walk Santa Clause. We got in line for this only to be turned away because we didn't have the wrist bands. We must have looked liked sad puppies. A big heavy man in a Hawaiian shirt straw hat and cargo shorts reached into his pockets and managed to find 4 bands and gave them to us. What a cool guy. Hawaiian Santa got us into pit lane. Hwy 1. My favorite part of the ride up and back. Views and temps are perfect and the curves keep you on your toes. Monterey Bay Cannery Row on Sunday night. Extravagant seafood dinner and drinks. Uber was our friend all weekend. Ride home Monday. We were happy to see our bikes again. They'd been locked up in the garage of our Airbnb apartment complex whilst UBER drove us everywhere it was often cramped and not at all cheap. Breakfast at the Breakfast Club was our goodbye to Monterey. Hwy 1 would be our friend now. We made the wrong route choice on the way back. We cut inland at Santa Maria on 166. First group of cars coming the opposite way included a CHP cruiser. We all took the clue and started laying into the climbing sweepers and long satisfying multi car passes. Fast but not go directly to jail fast. By the time we hit Maricopa and our favorite road hwy 33 the temperature was horrific. Hot and tired is not the right condition to ride that road at pace. I stayed back with a rider more my speed and we let our 2 A group riders vanish ahead of us.
  14. Sorry for the blank content. I answered a question that was answered and tried to delete it. Sounds like a fantastic motorcycle adventure. Hope to read more about it.
  15. Norcal near Humbolt? Is there a ride report for this?
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