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  1. Scotland! We'll be visiting there mid to late April. Welcome to VFR. Benelli is a pure beauty. I have a Tuono Factory V4 as my Gen 5 stablemate. Was thinking of renting a bike in Edinburgh, for some light two up sight seeing, if I can wrangle a couple extra days there before flying back to Los Angeles California. Cheers!
  2. Sounds like what I just finished doing to my 99 VFR. Stater checks out good with static and running test. R/R checks out good. Its a newer SH689DA. Cut, soldered stater wires w heat shrink tube and added some electical tape. Wires and stator both get fairly warm not hot. Negative cable was slightly loose on first inspection and LAC battery is roughly 4 yrs old. Replaced with heavier output LI battery. Ordering voltmeter next and FH020AA R/R as back up for future swap. Adding new tires for Laguna Seca AMA races July 8-10. Conti motion rear and Conti Sport Attack front. Also bought new soft tail bag to replace my failed hard luggage rack. An overloaded 46L top box and very rough trucking corridor I have to ride to work are to blame. So now my back pack is worn. Good thing I recently lost 40 lbs. Haha. Cheers 20210503_172854.mp4
  3. Enjoyed the video. Motor sounds so nice.
  4. Very good visuals of how all that gear played a part in sparing you more severe injuries. One of my Harley riding friends at work survived a no helmet high speed crash with injuries that would have killed a lesser man. He fully recovered with some facial disfigurement but his bones all knitted well and he's back to work after 12 most off and several surgeries. I am upping my ride to work gear based on this thread. Need more protection than my work Jean's. I'd fee very dumb crashing in Jean when I have armored and vented Alpinestar overpants in the closet at home. Glad your ok and the bike looks like it will buff out.
  5. Hi VFR Capt.Bob, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. Your bike is super sweet. She deserves a nice Penski I have used Ohlins Elka and Penski shocks on my three different VFRs. Penski is the only one that really impresses me.
  7. How many miles did the last clutch last?
  8. LOL. There are some cool guys on the RC forums but some are just a bummer. Congrats on the RC51. Just sold mine yesterday. Fantastic motor brakes and chassis. Can't go wrong.
  9. Hi VFR Capt.Bob, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. I am really starting to dig this bike.
  11. Motorcycles put life in perspective. Yes you can survive a horrible dump truck accident and be.sore as hell. But just look at that beautiful motorcycle. No sweeter sound than a 5th gen singing through a Staintune high mount exhaust. Great bike. Ride safe and have fun with it.
  12. VFR Capt.Bob

    Vfr Question

    I own a 98 VFR800 and a 2000 RC51. Both bikes you are considering buying are so similar that unless one has anti lock brakes I would choose the newer of the two. Suspension mods and aftermarket brake disc are the best performance mods. Aftermarket seat and bars best ergonomics mod. Exhaust systems? It might make a difference to me along with any ele tronics like powercommanders. Miles on both bikes are very low so that is my two and a half cents. I ride my VFR all the time. My go to girl.
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