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  1. Powder coating isn't cheap but I trust it to last. Make sure they leave the old bearing in or mask the bearing housings and the brake disk mount surfaces. New bearings for the front wheel is maybe $30. Matte Black is the best color for rims in my opinion. Matches brake dust.
  2. Previous owner had the suspension done. I'll check the paperwork that came with the bike and call Dan. thanks
  3. My 2015 Tuono factory and 1999 VFR 800 are natural stablemates. I have a Penski Rear shock and traxxion dynamics fork cartridges with adjustable rebound fork caps in my VFR. No complaints. My 98 had full Racetech valves forks and an Elka shock and was not near as good. If you could do me a favor though...I would love it if you can send me the data on fork oil levels and viscosity that would help me a lot. Need to service the forks soon.
  4. If I recall the gauges must read some very low pressure for the starter valve adjustment on the 5thgen. My old motion pro mercury vacuum carb sync tool I used on my 2nd gen 86 VFR was useless. I may have to get a set of these if they do read in lower lower increments. Great tips here. Question. What are symptoms related to a starter valve system that is out of sync.?
  5. Just looks possibly a bit corroded as stated above but not burnt out. If you see charred or brown heat deformation that's burnt.
  6. VFR Capt.Bob

    Tankbag magnets

    When I retire a tank bag I remove the magnets before I toss it. Use them to keep loose nuts and bolts while I work on machines or to organize my 1/4 sockets so they don't roll away. They are great for organizing and spill proofing your spare hardware as well. I made one half hearted attempt turning a non magnetic bag into a magnetic by gluing a retired magnet bag base of it. Epic fail and hillbilly looking monstrosity. Now I shop for for bargains and buy a nice dependable name brand replacement when mine are getting worn out. My creativity is far greater than my craftsmanship.
  7. Hate it when that happens. Especially when I change my own tires. Haha. I now highlight the direction arrow on the tire and rim with paint markers so I don't screw it up. Happy riding.
  8. Great write up. Beautiful country.
  9. I can't imagine the rotor bolt heads rubbing the fork leg unless the spacers are wrong or you or he installed the front axle wrong. You have to tighten the axle nut completely before you tighten your pinch bolts. In fact you should tighten only the seated left side pinch bolts. Bounce the forks a few times then tighten the right side for proper axle alignment. The rotors and the rim may have rotational directions arrows on them too.
  10. I took my wife's Prius fully occupied seats up The Snake in Malibu. The family loved it and when we got to the Ranch up top we were headed to I had used up all the battery power driving out of the turns as hard as I could. Ok. I realize it's a clown car and not a sport car but we all got a good chuckle out of it. 56 years old now. Almost due for a sportscar.
  11. Following this build for sure. I had an 09 FZ1 with the 04 R1 forks with Ohlins internals mated to a Penski shock. The most confidence inspiring suspension I have ever ridden. Excellent choices. Glad you didn't suffer any worse damage to your hand.
  12. I used the cheapo Trackside ones on my 98 vfr. No real complaints. But today would go with the symtech ones. Age 56 and I am now eyeing a heated under jacket or vest. Arthritis is a muther.
  13. With regards to Aprilia Tuono V4, I just got a 2015 Tuono Factory ABS. The thick V4 power band is familiar to the VFR800 but wicks up very fast and goes forever faster than the VFR. Ergonomics are not very far off with the lowering pegs and bar risers mine have. Wind protection is not as good but not horrible at legal speeds. Aftermarket may eventually provide the bits to make it a more sporty tour able bike. Seats not all that bad either. Wish Honda had just stuck with the VFR formula and given us a 900 and then a 1000 factory special edition Interceptor. Then maybe the 1200 sport tourer they gave us later would not have been such a shock.
  14. Honda just doesn't make the bikes I want to buy anymore. I'll always love the 5th gen VFRs but the other manufacturers are making more inspiring motorcycles these days. Honda could out do Aprilia Factory V4 Tuono if they wanted to. They don't so I bought the Aprilia and it is wickedly sweet. Oh and so is my 99 Factory VFR800 after somebody poured thousands into it and I bought it for less than the upgrades cost. The other stinging truth is that often when Honda has built the bike we Americans had seemed to be begging them for we rewarded them with not buying them. Hopefully they perfect the CBRs inline fours. My FZ1 made me a huge fan of that motor configuration without question as did Triumph turning me on with their street triple.
  15. Trying out a mixed set of Perelli Angel GT rear and Diablo Rosso 3 up front. So far just commuting they feel amazing and cornering and feedback is super light side to side and confidence inspiring. I may do a trackday with them March 8 at Chuckwalla. Also just had my Penski Shock rebuilt by Jaimie Daugherty at DMr Suspension. Best this bike has ever felt. I just came off the Dunlop RS3 rear w Q3 front. They did really well but rear wore flat down the center. A sure sign I was workin too much and never playing.
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