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  1. I used the cheapo Trackside ones on my 98 vfr. No real complaints. But today would go with the symtech ones. Age 56 and I am now eyeing a heated under jacket or vest. Arthritis is a muther.
  2. With regards to Aprilia Tuono V4, I just got a 2015 Tuono Factory ABS. The thick V4 power band is familiar to the VFR800 but wicks up very fast and goes forever faster than the VFR. Ergonomics are not very far off with the lowering pegs and bar risers mine have. Wind protection is not as good but not horrible at legal speeds. Aftermarket may eventually provide the bits to make it a more sporty tour able bike. Seats not all that bad either. Wish Honda had just stuck with the VFR formula and given us a 900 and then a 1000 factory special edition Interceptor. Then maybe the 1200 sport tourer they gave us later would not have been such a shock.
  3. Honda just doesn't make the bikes I want to buy anymore. I'll always love the 5th gen VFRs but the other manufacturers are making more inspiring motorcycles these days. Honda could out do Aprilia Factory V4 Tuono if they wanted to. They don't so I bought the Aprilia and it is wickedly sweet. Oh and so is my 99 Factory VFR800 after somebody poured thousands into it and I bought it for less than the upgrades cost. The other stinging truth is that often when Honda has built the bike we Americans had seemed to be begging them for we rewarded them with not buying them. Hopefully they perfect the CBRs inline fours. My FZ1 made me a huge fan of that motor configuration without question as did Triumph turning me on with their street triple.
  4. Trying out a mixed set of Perelli Angel GT rear and Diablo Rosso 3 up front. So far just commuting they feel amazing and cornering and feedback is super light side to side and confidence inspiring. I may do a trackday with them March 8 at Chuckwalla. Also just had my Penski Shock rebuilt by Jaimie Daugherty at DMr Suspension. Best this bike has ever felt. I just came off the Dunlop RS3 rear w Q3 front. They did really well but rear wore flat down the center. A sure sign I was workin too much and never playing.
  5. I will definitely go the major tune and service route first. Then maybe try some different maps. May even throw down for a dyno tune custom map. This just caught my attention.
  6. Running PCV on my 99 VFR with only 25,000 miles on it. It only starts with the choke (idle enrichner) significantly dialed up until it warms up then I have to adjust it back down. The idle does not sound very clean either. Previous 98 I rode only had these symptoms at around 130k miles. I attributed it to engine wear. Curious if this patch will work on the 99 model too. Will it theoretically not have I'll effects on the 99 if I use this patch? Bike does run strong overall. I have a Two Brothers full exhaust on it as well which may tie me into the performance header category.
  7. I have a couple good friends who just moved to NC. Going to twist this around in my head a bit and see if I can come up with a plan that works. Fly out and back and rent, borrow or ship a bike is my best case scenario.
  8. Good friend of mine bought an Africa Twin DCT and full electronics package to replace his old V Strom 650. A few months later he put it up for sale to buy the newer V Strom 650. Most of his miles are commuting with occasional weekend trips. He just couldn't justify putting heavy miles on a purebred adventure tour bike with now adventure bike miles planned for it. I've seen him ride the Strom on dirt trails with relitive ease. I don't think the thought of dumping the African Twin on a dirt trail and having to pick it up appealed to him very much either. I'm sort of in the same boat. Eyeing a smaller bore bike like a Versys, V Strom or the like. Commute and travel with it all I like. Never worry about the miles or tires wearing square, riding in the rain or dumping in on a sandy trail. Actually rode my VFR700 on dirt roads and it was not that bad with practice. Only dropped it once under front braking. Congrats on your new VFR800. I still think they are a classic all arounder. Motor probably good for over 175k miles. Friend is selling my old VFR700 running strong with 134k miles. My old 98 VFR800 is still racking up unpaid toll road violations that are sent to me because buyer is a cheating scumbag and never transfered title. That bike had about 135k when I sold it to him. Hell maybe I should frankenviffer a 5th gen into a softcore adventure bike. gotta get some ride height added to the SSSA though. May be a challenge.
  9. Better to just keep the VFR and buy a stablemate for it that serves your other wants and needs. I ended up adding a 16 Tuono Factory V4. I imagine that 1100cc V4 will grow on me. Haven't had time to ride it properly but every day I get on my VFR800 and ride it to work and back and think what a fantastic bike it is. Sold my beloved 86 VFR700 to buy my 98 VFR800. Put 135k miles on it and sold it to try something new. CBR954R was too track focused. 07 Tuono was super cool bike but not the best commuter, and speeding tickets threatened my license. RC51 never street legal due to lost title, but I would have kept it had I not gotten infatuated with Triumps. 09 Street Triple was amazingly fun but again not a great commuter. Wish I'dkept it now. FZ1 was probably the closest to all around awesomeness but was getting up in miles 94k miles. Somewhere in all that bike swapping I picked up a low mile smartly modified 99 VFR800 and it has been my bread and butter and meat and potatoes bike.
  10. Thanks for sharing that video. Been contemplating a smaller adventure bike for such roads. I rode my 98 vfr down to SanFelipe in Baja California. Had to leave late due to work and ended up riding at night on a back highway. Gradually began to notice some vague sensation like a low tire pressure. I was doing 65mph on a compacted gravel road. Luckily it was fairly straight and wide. I only had to slow for the turns. The rides where something makes it a greater challenge than expected always stick in our memories. I am definitely looking to plan some adventure riding. Maybe start with a 650cc or 800cc. Been dirt biking since 1980. Why not?
  11. https://images.app.goo.gl/ezMgyDMnCWvGSuGz8 Closest one I found on google search.
  12. There is a modification thread you might want to look for. Wolf exhaust. Pretty much have to delete tail section fender, relocate battery and stuff, build alum or stainless box to act as a rear shield, fender, new battery box and mounting point for the mufflers. if you want to keep the 5th gen subframe and tailsection. As far as remapping I would think it a good idea but not mandatory. Header pipes may be the same 5th and 6th gen. If so the dual exhaust should fit right on. I am only speaking from my faded memory trying to provoke someone who knows like Sebspeed. You could search his threads and find some good leads.
  13. Great product. Hi mount on a 5th gen IMO best sounding exhaust on the market. Good to know they will still make them. Seb does some amazing work. Dozy, my two cents, is anything is possible with enough time effort and money. But is it worth it? I think our dated bikes look correct with their age appropriate exhaust. Haha. But then I see a Ducati tailsection and subframe cf termingoni tucked in under the seat and I get it.
  14. There are plenty of nice 5th and 6th gens on the market. Why bother tracking down your actual bike? I tracked down my 98 VFR800 because the buyer/junkie never registered it. Keeps violating Toll Roads and I get the citations. Turned over all his current info to collections. Wanted to find the bike in his driveway and pull a Sons off Anarchy move. Bowie knife to both radiators. Of course that was just my dramatic/psycho side. My rational side said just pull the plate off it.
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