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  1. Thanks! I'm happy with her. Ahh the VFR will not be forgotten. Got the forks back from traxxion yesterday and the penske should be coming soon as well. It's all a process and I didnt have a rideable ride hence the Tuono. I've been lusting over my buddies RSV4 for about a year and he finally peer pressured the shit outta me into this beast.... didnt take much though lol
  2. Hey there ladies and germs, Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been crushed at work and family stuff has gotten in the way of my best laid plans. On a positive note I picked this up today.... Happy day. Time to scrub those SuperCorsas and run her in!
  3. Funny you should mention button switches. I'm also planning on getting an M button and using it for all switchgear. If your not familiar it allows a single CAN line back to the M unit for all the buttons on both the left and right side of the bars. Should clean it up nice. Thanks for the input Knumbnutz.
  4. jk0311


  5. Good morning and happy Friday to you, my faithful followers. Got some more goodies in the mail yesterday. Two 6th gen tanks (couldn't decide which was in better shape so I bought both), Galfer wave rear rotor which at this point Im not 100% sure Ill use so it may go up in classifieds, bearing sleeve so a triumph axle will fit in the VFR hub/eccentric, and some of the AS3 silicone rad hoses I need. Still waiting on quite a few things to show up at the shop before the "build" portion of this build can begin but on a lighter note my hand is healing crazy fast and when the heavy stuff comes in I should have no problems working on the bike! RFI: Any of you lot have experience with the Motogadget M-unit? I am considering using it to eliminate a handful of relays, fusebox and clean up some wiring. Ive used Motogadget turn signals on my MT09 and other bikes but haven't used something like this bit of tech before.
  6. I've got an OEM header with zero corrosion. Came off my 2001 @1900 miles. Gaskets are good too.
  7. Oh yes they are all on order as well as AS3 hoses and clamps. Thanks for lookin out though!
  8. Good morning campers. I didnt have a ton of time this weekend to work on the VFR and Im still waiting on some parts to arrive so I did what I could and started the deep clean/ powder coat prep. May have taken a few bits off... throttle bodies off... starting to see the carnage of the dead vermin and there he is... well kinda and the damage he caused Fun fact: Simple green reconstitutes dehydrated mouse guts quite well. I regret not getting more gloves...The result was not appetizing and therefor did not rate photos. Engine is mostly ready for paint (satin black rattle can) and there are only a few checklist items before the frame, swingarm, and other bits head to PC. all clean
  9. Subbed! Wanna see this come to life. Good luck Neil, Im in the beginning phase of a build as well.
  10. I had thought about the cooler being too efficient but down here in sunny Florida my typical riding OAT is somewhere between 95-105 F all the damn time. So Im hoping it will be just fine. If not Ill fab up an obstruction to block airflow and bring the temps back up. CXracing is where I found it.
  11. Alright Gents, sit down and shut up, its time for your weekend safety brief. I dont wanna hear about any of you social miscreants harassing the local girls (or guys). Remember, flys spread disease, so keep yours closed. If shes married, stay away. Unless their into that, in which case carry on and wear appropriate PPE. Dont keep dead animal in your barracks refrigerators other wise 1st Sgt will have your ass and finally dont be the one to fuck up libo for the rest of us. Semper kill. OK no thats outta the way here is your Friday update. The bike is nearly 100% broke down into major components. Swingarm, frame, and some engine covers will head to powdercoat hopefully next week. Assorted odds and ends are heading into my ultrasonic cleaner for a bath and I got this little gem in the mail today as well as printing a copy of the SM. New and improved oil cooler woot! On anoter note Im running out of bench space in my newly built garage so I made a 2x8 butcher block bench top and sealed it today. It will get legs and a lower shelf to help the cluster that is my work space.
  12. Yeah we had a blast last yr. CoVID bullshit screwed our plans for this year though.
  13. I know! If you like that, youll love this... 20190727_164941.mp420190728_133517.mp4
  14. MORE STUFFS ARRIVE! Happy Friday Eve everyone. Got a few more packages in the post today! VFR750 front mount radiator and some CBR1000RR stick coils. Still waiting on some key parts to arrive before I can start "building" rather than disassembling. This is a build thread after all. and since its Thursday Ill do a little throwback tribute to my former rides. I wish this was a former ride... Oshkosh 2019 20190728_125649.mp4
  15. Getting stitches out this morning. Maybe this means back to work??
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