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  1. Yes - maybe I stumbled on new green technology. If I could make a VFR run on cow milk... and avoid a long methane cow fart out of the exhaust - then possible this patent could give me a happy retirement 😆
  2. Just to finish this 'mystery' then as I said.. i changed the gas cap since original cap had frozen up and deteriorated. Got a key-less cap via eBay - so all good, however looks like its not watertight. Likely I pinched the drain hose or there was some crud in drain tube leading out from overflow by gas cap - nevertheless - fuel was badly contaminated with water, which became obvious when I ran the flow test - looked like a milk faucet. Here my small hook up and test result... good thing, fuel pump works as per design. Got my 5 oz in 10 sec :) With a good flush and fresh
  3. I shall check that too. Service Manual has a special gauge for fuel pressure and requires engine to run, so will start by checking flow like below.
  4. Thanks guys - I will check sidestand tomorrow, but not too hopeful. Bike was idle on centerstand when she coughed for 10 sec and stopped running. Suspect fuel flow trouble, but checking all options.
  5. Guys - have feeling its simple, but making it complicated. I had water in my fuel.. tank drain line clogged - I drained and clean the tank, replaced fuel filter and hoses. Bike was up and running - all good.. maybe a little uneasy on low rpm. I read about the flapper mod in this forum, so decided to give it a go and also removed the snorkel. Seem to remove the un-easiness in low rpm, so happy with this. Next step was flushing hydraulics.. which is a task for a first timer on VFR, but its done. I had started the VFR a few times during service to make sure fuel was circulating, but o
  6. Hi JPmoller, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Thanks Cogswell, for joining in. Well, doing it myself is the main reason I started working on the bike myself. Aside from some 'sadistic' fun - then, as you say, you only have yourself to thank for the mistakes. Reason I started was the local big bikeshop screwing up the linked brake system... while over charging for service. We live we learn, so why pay someone else to mess you up 🙂
  8. Thanks Capt Bob - Grum found the 'bug' - tire was installed backwards and the wheel center on left side extrudes further than right side... did not notice at first.
  9. Waouv - you are absolutely right! I see the height difference now in the manual... and yes, I need to go back to my tire man... in reverse. Thank you Grum - 1000 points your way once I find out how to 🙂
  10. If sitting on the bike and right side front spacer is the bigger one, then I should be ok. Also, tried to swap to make sure i did not miss something, but then for sure right rotor touches fork.
  11. Thanks Grum - sure appreciate the prompt reply. I called him and he said 'no - we run a clean shop'. He had a small part but he said it was mm thick like a washer. Hoping to get a photo from a GEN5 VFR left side front spacer installed - to actually see how far our spacer is sticking. Spacer plus the extra thickness on the axel left side is what gives the distance to the fork... so far not enough.
  12. Guys, This is driving me a but crazy - finally had time to give my VFR 800 from 2000 some love. New tires - so took the wheels off and brought to shop. New tires returned and now I mount. However, It looks like the little spacer/ collar on the left side has shrunk?! Siting on the bike, nose forward - then right side has the thicker spacer, which is ok. Left side has the small spacer - about 10mm - and space goes almost flush with the dust seal. The wheel axel has a thickness, making some distance between fork arm and the break rotors.. but not enough. The bo
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