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  1. Yes - maybe I stumbled on new green technology. If I could make a VFR run on cow milk... and avoid a long methane cow fart out of the exhaust - then possible this patent could give me a happy retirement 😆
  2. Just to finish this 'mystery' then as I said.. i changed the gas cap since original cap had frozen up and deteriorated. Got a key-less cap via eBay - so all good, however looks like its not watertight. Likely I pinched the drain hose or there was some crud in drain tube leading out from overflow by gas cap - nevertheless - fuel was badly contaminated with water, which became obvious when I ran the flow test - looked like a milk faucet. Here my small hook up and test result... good thing, fuel pump works as per design. Got my 5 oz in 10 sec :) With a good flush and fresh fuel, bike is starting. Thanks for the input!
  3. I shall check that too. Service Manual has a special gauge for fuel pressure and requires engine to run, so will start by checking flow like below.
  4. Thanks guys - I will check sidestand tomorrow, but not too hopeful. Bike was idle on centerstand when she coughed for 10 sec and stopped running. Suspect fuel flow trouble, but checking all options.
  5. Guys - have feeling its simple, but making it complicated. I had water in my fuel.. tank drain line clogged - I drained and clean the tank, replaced fuel filter and hoses. Bike was up and running - all good.. maybe a little uneasy on low rpm. I read about the flapper mod in this forum, so decided to give it a go and also removed the snorkel. Seem to remove the un-easiness in low rpm, so happy with this. Next step was flushing hydraulics.. which is a task for a first timer on VFR, but its done. I had started the VFR a few times during service to make sure fuel was circulating, but one day while running idle... she coughed and stopped, and she still will not start. 1. Battery is new and fully charged 2. I hear fuel pump prime, so the flow chart I saw from Grum on relays should be ok to Fuel Pump 3. Checked for spark.. and saw spark plus got shocked, so seems electric works 🙂 4. Did check all fuses and cleaned them with contact cleaner. 5. Also noticed fuel on the plugs, not a lot but take fuel is flowing.. I am just not sure how to verify fuel flow other than drain tank (again), wrestle the fuel pump out and test externally? Side note.. 6. Working outside on the VFR but under cover - did have lot of rain and its humid tis time of year in South Florida.. suspected maybe an electric issue from moist, so jumped the service switch to check PGM-FI... this turned out to be learning experience. Found some old error codes, which i started troubleshooting (8 blink saying TP sensor, which I checked using ohm meter (OK) - pause then long blink being code 10 and BARO sensor). During the process I found out how to reset error codes in the ECM, so tried this and errors did not re-appear .. sooo putting air filter and all goodies back. Still no start. 7. As for the flapper mod, I did forget at first to plug the vacuum tube and bike has been outside, so I am sure there is some dirt on the bike, but if anything made it in there in the very short time, don't think it can prevent VFR from starting, right? Also, have a power commander, but now disconnected and wiring back to original. Where do I go from here?.. want to learn and too stubborn to throw in the towel... yet. Unexciting film on no start here .
  6. Hi JPmoller, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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