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  1. For someone of my height / size it fits like it's part of you, but for someone over 5' 11" or so the mirrors become fairly useless, the riding position can be heavy on the wrists, and leg position can be a bit uncomfortable, that said, the soundtrack is awesome from the triple. At nearly 200kg it's not light by todays standards but it handles well and the slipper clutch gets you out of any clumsy downshifts.
  2. Hi, thanks. Used to be a honda man through and through (thru and thru) ;) Pan, Goldwing, Fireblade, but then caught a bit of Italian fever, Guzzis, Duc etc. The Tornado is a keeper but glad I bought the vfr last year, for an 18 year old bike it's a real peach.
  3. Hi Mello dude, Radiator is under the seat, designed that way to streamline the front end of the bike. Ducts at the front channel air through (thru guys) to the radiator drawn in by the rear mounted fans. Always lots of questions whenever you stop anywhere, particularly about the fans. The engine is Benelli's 900 cc triple, developed back in the late 90's, the bike then was their attempt to get into world superbike. By the time it got there, I think 1999?, the class had changed to 1000 cc. Needless to say it didn't compete again so Benelli decided to launch it as a road bike. Only 1539 of the 900 tre were made plus some RS models, 150 limited edition bikes and they also did an 1130 cc version. But hey, isn't this a Vfr forum? :)
  4. Hi thanks, she is, and not many around...
  5. My other ride, pictured just across the road on another occasion..
  6. Yes it is, well spotted, and that is Kilchurn Castle.
  7. Hope you do come, sure you'll love it.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome, and as requested....
  9. Just to say hello from Argyll and Bute. Looking forward to tapping into the knowledge here since purchasing a 2004 vfr 800 vtec last year.
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