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  1. +1 on the Daytona's. I'm on my 2nd pair of Road Star GTX's. Rock solid boot and comfortable enough to walk around in. I have wide feet and wear 10.5 US. I ordered Euro 45 and they were a bit roomy towards the front of my foot. I added a nice pair of insoles and the boots are perfect. So comfortable. They will need to get broken in, but after that, you will have one of the best all around boots that money can buy.
  2. The absence of Marquez has given the others a sense of hope and right now it is anyone's championship.
  3. I have the factory OEM side cases on my 02. For those of you that have the OEM top case, do you have any pics showing how it is mounted? Do you lose the grab handles? I'm debating trying to source one, but wasn't quite sure how it mounted to the back of the bike.
  4. Who watched that Misano MotoGP race?! Some good racing there!
  5. Good luck finding your VFR and hope you post up when you do.
  6. Welcome! Lots of great info here!
  7. Marquez, Crutchlow, and Rins all given the go ahead to race! Damn these guys are super human.
  8. Sorry for not posting lately. Been busy trying to juggle work and getting the 2 bikes up and running properly. Here are some UG from the 2018 WSBK weekend at Laguna Seca. .
  9. Thanks for the tips. I am definitely going to pick them up at some point. I know they would make things much easier than having to lug the hard cases around. Between those 2 bags and a tank bag, I should be good to go on a weekend trip with the wife.
  10. Jelorian

    Tankbag magnets

    Have you considered the gas cap ring mounts? Looks to be fairly solid. My buddy was talking about them as his CBR is just a plastic tank cover.
  11. Was looking into getting a pair of these and found this thread. Sad to hear that the zippers are failing. I'm sure a good tailor could fix them but probably at the same cost or close to getting new bags. I found them for sale on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SALE-Honda-VFR-800-Interceptor-02-09-Saddlebag-liner-Set-Side-Case-Inner-Bag-/111873978590 Not sure if I will get them yet. Maybe later after address all the things I need to fix on my 6th gen.
  12. Jelorian

    Tankbag magnets

    Late reply here but just curious as to the pockets that are holding the magnets? The magnets in my Wolfman tankbag are sewn in and not replaceable unless I cut the pocket open. Never had any a problems with it even when fully expanded with a lot of various things, bottles of water included. You could always put a few of the "rare earth" magnets you got on your oil filter .
  13. Sorry to hear about your buddy, Dutchy. Glad to hear he is ok. Bikes can be fixed/replaced, so still a good day despite the off.
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