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  1. Congrats! I know you didn't find your old bike but I know that you'll enjoy making this one yours.
  2. 2002 Honda VFR 800 Interceptor Non-ABS 6th GEN Red 18,791k miles Clean title in hand Bone stock except Corbin seat Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Contact me via forum PM or email Email: jelorian@yahoo.com Cell Phone: 408-242-6448 (text please) $3400 Some info on the bike: I bought this bike in April 2020 with 18,200. She now has 18,791. Around the same time I also purchased a 2001 VFR 800 (5th Gen) and decided to keep the 5th GEN as I don't have room for both. Currently registered Non-Op Bike is pretty much st
  3. They seem like they are stainless as they are very resistant to corrosion. The stock exhaust on my 02 are in great shape.
  4. This is the first I've heard of this. Has this really happened to some VFR's out there? OP, welcome back to VFR ownership!
  5. Just curious. Is there something about OEM rotors that you prefer over the aftermarket?
  6. What is NLA? No Longer Available?
  7. OP. welcome to the forums. Looking forward to what you end up doing to your bike. It is your bike, do what you will with it. Some people will always have their opinions but I can appreciate the efforts that you are and will be going through to make this project yours. I get that there are purists that want to just leave their bikes bone stock. More power to them. Then there are those that like to tinker, to fabricate, to do what they want to THEIR own bike. Go for it and good luck!
  8. Jelorian


    I was about to say the same. Zion?
  9. So 13 years after this recall was made, can one still bring in an affected bike to have the recall work done? I have yet to check if mine falls in the range but I do have a 2002 non ABS model. EDIT: Entered my VIN and there is no active recall for my bike.
  10. The absence of Marquez has given the others a sense of hope and right now it is anyone's championship.
  11. Who watched that Misano MotoGP race?! Some good racing there!
  12. Good luck finding your VFR and hope you post up when you do.
  13. St. Stephen and Dutchy, thanks for your last contributions to this thread. Been a bit busy but here are a few from the 2013 MotoGP at Laguna Seca. My wife says he has pretty eyes....now I can't unsee it. LOL A privilege to hang in Colin's Garage. The podium! Nice to see you up there Bradl Not for long Alvaro! Vale chasing Andrea Good ol' Ben Cal
  14. expvet, thanks for your reply. It was not the from the radiator overflow tank. Thanks! It was the over flow for the tank. What confused me most was that it was laying along the side of the airbox similar to how it is in my photo. I saw a few diagrams in the owner's manual but it did not show me how it was connected. I found this online and it helped me track down where it connects. http://members.home.nl/jfknippels/tank_removal.html 9th pic down. Reconnected and all is well. Cheers!
  15. Thanks for the info. I downloaded the manual and will take a look. I thought that as well that it came off the tank, but I can't find any place on the underside where it could have come off. I appreciate your reply! Cheers!
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