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  1. Thanks man, maybe we could go for a ride together some time! Another update..... Bike Bandit still hasn't shipped the damn tires.
  2. Why's that? All dynos put out different numbers anyway, I just need something good enough to accurately test different jets on several bikes I have and tunes if I buy a power commander for my CBR. Even my xr250r has a big bore kit in it (from previous owner) and it doesn't feel perfect yet. A dyno can be built for fairly cheap and the software is open source. My roommate is a better programmer than I am and should be able to help if I have any bugs or desired improvements. As long as the output is consistent and repeatable, it should be a significant help.
  3. Build is on a slight hold. Really want to get my lift table ordered, the tires keep getting delayed from being shipped and I want to build a dyno. With all the other projects I have, I really need to knock some other stuff out first.
  4. I just added some 'glamor' shots to post two with the other pics. You can see it isn't perfect but it also wasn't trashed or anything. The seller said the tank pad started to come off and when removing it, took the original paint with it...
  5. Lol, now that's just funny... This is the most conceited shit I have heard in a long time. You're basically saying your uninspired vision for the bike is for them to all stay stock forever. Doesn't matter who owns it nor how they want to use the bike, how they like it to look, how they want to dump excessive money into modding it to become their dream machine. I chose this platform as a huge personal project instead of just flipping it. As mentioned previously, I did extensive research into the bike once I realized it had a uniqueness to it. Yes I was only initially interested because it was a cheap find. It is quite far from a good condition museum piece and more in the 'forgotten 30 year old metal' category. I'll post some more close ups of the bike so maybe that'll put some you at ease for me 'ruining a perfect 30 year old design.' I do agree that, for it's age, the style isn't too bad. But this is not what I would consider the most attractive stock bike. We'll see how you feel about a machine after you put your blood, sweat, tears and cash into a project. Tell me you wouldn't have a special place for it over something you bought and just maintained. Go build something. And if nothing else, I'm doing the community a favor by offering parts to those that want to keep their bikes stock. As for the off road comments, you're right, this isn't an off road bike. If you actually look up the tires I already ordered, you'll see that they are mainly a street tire. 90/10 street/dirt. It's still rated for 130 mph which is faster than any of us should be going unless we're tracking the bike which is already stupid because the bike is so heavy. I chose the Shinko 705 instead of the 805, but here in Colorado, I don't want to avoid these sweet mountain roads/trails so I need a tire that isn't a slick. Even the 805s have some insane street performance. I have them on my KLR650 and love them. Cheap and phenomenal grip on and off road, only downside is that they wear out fast... but they're cheap. Buying the 705s was a sacrifice I debated for a while. I spent like 5 hours actively researching tires and their performance in different environments. I love the sleek exhaust and how it shows off the rear wheel. I don't know exactly how I'll design it but I've seem some interesting creations, like this custom box: https://youtu.be/acFyVCPJMBk?t=69 Just to piss more people off, here's a very short story. I'm an IT System Administrator, aka computer nerd, by day. Well, I received two free Macs that ran slow as hell. This is because Apple sabatages their machines by pushing updates to their machines that can't run it well and their OS is quite heavy. These Macs were slow as hell, so I violated their purity, added SSDs, 2TB 2.5" drives and put Linux on them. Boom, now they run faster than ever (because Linux > MacOS) and the Macs are usable again. You might say "just don't update the Mac" but Apple shit gets outdated FAST and won't allow you to install the latest web browsers or other apps very quickly, effectively forcing people to buy their newest hardware which is ridiculously overpriced for the hardware they put in them.
  6. Haha, I actually was planning on removing it for the weight savings. Hadn't decided if I want to sell all the old parts or keep them for... whatever reason. Leaning towards selling, especially if prices are right
  7. Ah, so slight correction, I was not intending to imply I needed larger jets when I said I wanted a jet kit. Just that I wanted new jets that were appropriately sized for the VFR and for this altitude. I have read that don't need to be rejetted here unless you're riding a lot up in the mountains but if the bike is rich from the factory then it'll only be exaggerated here. So, the stock slow jet seems to be the #40 and the main jet the #130 I then looked up the VFR750R and it has a slow jet of #38 too. Also wondering if I might need a slightly smaller main jet. What is the difference between the "VFR750F A" and the "VFR750F AC"? Is the AC the Cali model?
  8. Anyone have a specific recommendation for what jet kit to use? I'm up in Colorado Springs and the bike currently starts without choking and it does feel like the ratio is off.
  9. Here are the only two pics from the ad before I bought the bike. The seller said the right side panel "Flew off going down the highway" and didn't go back to recover it. I took some 'glamor' shots of the bike as I bought it. Here are pictures of a random bike I found online. I'll likely copy some style ideas from this guys build. (not the fake wood though)
  10. I'm new to the VFR as I just bought this 1990 VFR750F over the weekend for $700 and drove it home (which was quite scary given the condition of the tires and how it didn't want to lean). The trooper currently has 55k miles on the odo. The seller had owned the bike since 2003 and it was his first bike. I believe he was only the second owner of it and left it completely stock other than the rear fender. Ultimately, I plan on building this into something much sleeker and lighter weight than stock. Something sort of cafe racer / tracker style. I don't care to keep the bike looking original but am quite fascinated with the history of the VFR series. I have read hours of articles, forum posts and watched countless videos on the bike already. Seems I got quite lucky finding a 3rd gen and getting a seemingly great deal. I have already ordered some parts: Sheet of all parts/costs $188 - Tires: Shinko 705 120/70r17 radial and 170/60r17 radial $220 - new brake rotors, pads (and might need a caliper rebuild kit) $ 57 - complete front fork rebuild kit (bushings, seals, etc.) $ 17 - Maxima 5WT Fork Oil $ 9 - Mahle oil filter $ 21 - Honda GN4 10w-40 engine oil Not sure if I want to do a front fork conversion or not. I figured I'd rebuild the stock ones and try them some more before deciding but what are most peoples thoughts here? Don't know yet if I have the Cali version but if I have EVAP and PAIR then I plan on deleting them. This thread didn't really help but at least I know it's possible. This V4Dreams seems helpful even though he hasn't specifically had a 3rd gen 750. If you're interested in any of my other projects (unfortunately few are documented): 2005 Subaru OBXT build
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