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  1. jimbob


    should be red!
  2. Great write up ! Thanks for sharing this...
  3. jimbob


    Glorious! I have some similar shots from few years back.. what an epic ride!
  4. Welcome to the big-house! I have the same bike, it is mechanically and electrically stock, except for some suspension mods, and it has been without faults. Cheers!
  5. We are headed out of CdA in the am,, and will likely be near Orofino Idaho sometime mid-morning tomorrow..... then up the 12...
  6. Dang it Terry,,, so sorry to hear this... take care of yourself !
  7. GNP is awesome, and you are going at a good time of year! A really cool day long loop is on the west side of Glacier is the Yaak River Rd which is west of Troy MT off hwy 2 where you can ride a fantastic remote and mountaious loop on paved forest service roads around to Lake Koocanusa and Eureka MT.. You have to drill down into the maps for it, but it is there... Have Fun!! Also the hwy 2 loop around the south side of GNP is bitchin too...........
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