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  1. Hey... did this ride ever happen? How was it.. I am thinking about scooting to big bend from the tuscon area in March 2021.. insight would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post up the story. There isnt much better riding than ripping around in Central Oregon ! I hope to do some more of that myself this summer.
  3. jimbob

    131 SR20 Wa - LibertyBell

    Washington Hwy 20.... great ride on a blue bird day!
  4. jimbob

    IMG 4729

    Glorious Glacier Park !
  5. Nice... i have been through some of those same places... great riding
  6. jimbob


    I recognize the Flamingo Motel in CdA, ID... Ha ! Nice pic..
  7. jimbob


    Bang Bang Maxwell.,,, that was along hwy 26 between Grand Teton Park and Dubois, on the way to Custer. That was a glorious ride, You should get there!
  8. I understand that on the back of the oil container, in the little round service service designation tatoo, you want SN or SM.... Newer SN designated oils are backwards compatible with type SM... and No "energy conserving" designation in the bottom of the rocker, as it works better w/ the wet clutches.. All the rest of the bs is marketing hyperbole. Simple !
  9. jimbob


    Glorious! I have some similar shots from few years back.. what an epic ride!
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