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  1. Wow! Time for the next Big Adventure! Take care Buddy!
  2. Honda just needs to update and modernize.. Here's a pic from down by Lake Wallowa a month or so ago... Full disclosure: I bought a '17 BMW R1200RS this past summer, and have ridden it almost 4000 miles sines June 16. I have put 3500 miles on the Viffer too.. However, IMHO there is NO comaparison between the Viffer and the Beemer. Yea, it is a much more expensive bike, but it is thoroughly modern in every way... The BMW electronics site, the chassis, suspension, and brakes are far superior... the 1170cc boxer engine is just plain awesome. Ride by wire and e-cruise is a treat when traveling. It weighs 520#... And.. i can get 200 miles from a tank of fuel, which is enough.. So to me it is worth it cost wise.. Dunno if i will keep the '08Viffer or not. I still grin when i ride it... If Honda builds an equally modern version VFR I would be very tempted to buy in..
  3. To me, it seems, we just continually get bigger and heavier bikes that dont really add up to bigger fun. I am more encouraged by the news of bikes like the Aprillia 660's, the new Triumph 660, and even the Benelli 520.... That Aprillia in an S-T mode could be a cool bike!
  4. Stator Update : the rewound unit is back in its place.. fired up and got 14.5V at the battery terminals at a fast idle.. looks like a success! The whole process was not too tough, just takes some patience. Trailering to AZ next week... so lotsa test rides coming up soon ! 😃
  5. Got the Stator back from Custom Rewind today...looks good, cost $125 with shipping, hope to reassemble asap!
  6. Hi jimbob, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Thx for the info, i will post updates as it goes........................ talked to Vicki at the shop this am.. going to get it ready to ship off to Alabama!
  8. Thanks Cogs! I will call them tomorrow! Cheers, JW
  9. Any experience / anecdotes on the Ricks Motorsports staor units?
  10. My 6th Gen unit at 41000 miles, think i will do a new stator and RR at the same time..
  11. Washington Hwy 20.... great ride on a blue bird day!
  12. jimbob

    IMG 4729

    Glorious Glacier Park !
  13. jimbob


    I recognize the Flamingo Motel in CdA, ID... Ha ! Nice pic..
  14. jimbob


    Bang Bang Maxwell.,,, that was along hwy 26 between Grand Teton Park and Dubois, on the way to Custer. That was a glorious ride, You should get there!
  15. I understand that on the back of the oil container, in the little round service service designation tatoo, you want SN or SM.... Newer SN designated oils are backwards compatible with type SM... and No "energy conserving" designation in the bottom of the rocker, as it works better w/ the wet clutches.. All the rest of the bs is marketing hyperbole. Simple !
  16. jimbob


    Glorious! I have some similar shots from few years back.. what an epic ride!
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