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  1. I'm glad to hear that you're not crazy about the "streetfighter" moniker. It's more like a standard bike from the 70's. Of which I had many. Some I put small fairings on and some just kept plain.
  2. My '99 runs around 175° if the outside air temp is 60° to 80°. Doesn't change much, maybe drop to 172° in 60° ambient temps. Rode Monday and the temperature was around 95° and coolant temps were running around 180°. It's pretty consistent. Has about 43,000 miles.
  3. FJ12Ryder

    Look ma! No cables

    Are those without the cables? Doesn't seem to look that much different than with cables. Lots of stuff coming out. I guess I was thinking you wouldn't see anything, but there's still wires to run.
  4. FJ12Ryder

    Look ma! No cables

    Sounds pretty cool, but I can't help but note that if you notice throttle changes when you turn the bars, you've got it adjusted wrong.
  5. FJ12Ryder

    adkfinn's 5th gen 20yr refresh

    That Bearing Removal tool is exactly like what I made, works the same. I think you'll be a lot happier with that than the one with fingers. I would have replaced the needle bearing in the rear hub myself, since you had the new parts and had it apart. JMO.
  6. Over 58,000 miles from one chain? Even with a Scott Oiler that seems like a very large number.
  7. The chain shouldn't be worn out if you are maintaining like you describe. That's only about 16,000 miles, so you should be good for at least 6,500 kms, and maybe another 8000 kms after that. 40,000 kms isn't unusual if the chain is well maintained. OTOH how do you clean the chain? Some cleaners may attack the O-rings, and if you're using a pressure washer or car wash high pressure spray wand, all bets are off.
  8. I mostly don't like bikes that are converted to "streetfighters", especially VFR's. But that looks very good, almost looks factory built. And the engine is hidden enough that you don't get the agricultural look that generally comes with converted VFR's. Just an excellent job, I may even prefer it to the OEM look.
  9. How many miles do you have on it? How often do you lube it? Are you the owner that put the chain on? What size sprockets are you running? If you're running different sizes than OEM the chain could show that it needs to be replaced before it's actually due. Yep, pics are a help.
  10. FJ12Ryder

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    There's nothing wrong with that sprocket, the sprocket should be thinner than the length of the shaft. A little lateral movement is fine, you just don't want any axial movement. Also lube up the splines good with anti-sieze before installing the sprocket.
  11. FJ12Ryder

    Bridge of the Gods

    I hate steel grate bridges. The first time I went over one that was wet, I about wet myself.
  12. FJ12Ryder

    Best phone mount ever!

    Yeah, the standard RAM handlebar mount has the bolt holes that fit with no drilling, and are a little bit further away from the tank that this one, you just throw away the U-bolt. At least as near as I can tell. And longer bolts are definitely a necessity. There's quite a bit of clearance between the ball and my tank as you can see. Of course this is for a '99 so the '05 could be different.
  13. FJ12Ryder

    Penske shock for $50???

    There was no reserve so going by Ebay rules at the time, he was obligated to sell it at whatever price was highest. My bid was the high bid, but about the only one, and so low as to be ridiculous. But if he wanted more money he should have put a reserve price. It wasn't worth the hassle of involving Ebay, and complaining. This was when Ebay was strictly a bid site. If my memory serves me correctly it was an FJ1200 bare frame, and my bid was $5. 🙂 Sorry Rice, last hijack.
  14. FJ12Ryder

    Penske shock for $50???

    Was it a Buy It Now, or a bid? I won the bid on some parts for my Yamaha some years back for a ridiculous price. The guy sent me an email and said he was too cheap and he couldn't get rid of it for that price. What a dick. I had my Penske resprung and revalved for a different weight, and had the roller bearing thrust washer put on at the same time. That makes it a lot easier to adjust the preload. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but I didn't think it was bad at all. And I'm a cheapskate.

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