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  1. I've had one on my Cummins diesel for over 7 years with no issues. Love it. Always opens and closes with minimal muss and fuss.
  2. Not to be harsh, but it's pretty unlikely. More likely that you didn't get them tight enough when installed. If it worked loose when you tightened it correctly, why would you expect it to stay tight when you installed new ones? No matter how careful you are. In over 50 years of motorcyling, car/truck driving, I've never had a plug get loose.
  3. They do have a new design, I have one for the VFR, but haven't put it on yet. They are a two piece design that allows you to put the drain outlet where ever you want it. Yep, no need to trim the tab. It's called the BSX Series. I have Fumoto valves on all my vehicles, well not my lawn mower, but all the rest. Sure make oil changes less of a mess. And makes it easy to grab an oil sample for Blackstone Labs.
  4. Most likely Honda doesn't spec any anti-seize for the simple reason they don't want people globbing the stuff on there and screwing stuff up and blaming Honda, because "It says it's okay in the Service Manual". It's called CYA. Believe it or not, I owned a 1971 Triumph Bonneville. It came with an owner's manual, not a service manual, an owner's manual. Included in that owner's manual was how to pull the cylinders, hone the bores, and decarbon the head. You don't see that anymore, and it mostly boils down to CYA...and dealer profits of course. 🙂
  5. A VFR using oil is a pretty rare breed. Have you had it since new? Did it just start using a little oil? How many miles? What viscosity oil? When was the last oil change? Maybe a slight leak from a not tight enough oil filter?
  6. Always use a dab of anti-seize on all sparkplugs on all my vehicles, car, truck, bike, heck even the lawnmower. But honestly, as long as you aren't putting the sparkplugs in while the engine is hot you'll probably be fine. The Dodge Cummins is the only one that doesn't get anti-seize on the plugs.
  7. I've used Purolator Pure Ones before. Can't say I've ever used a Honda OEM filter.
  8. If you mount a thinner sprocket, why wouldn't the centerline also move? Unless the sprocket is machined so the centerline of the chain isn't on the centerline of the sprocket. Offset so to speak to keep it in the proper location with respect to the countershaft mounting location. Yeah, there is some confusion here. If you mount a thinner sprocket, the inboard side of the sprocket is going to be closer to the case, simply because there is less material, because it's a thinner sprocket. The centerline of the chain, i.e. the middle of roller needs to be the same regardless of the horizontal measurement of the chain. If you lay a 530 sprocket and a 520 sprocket flat on the table, the centerline of the sprockets will be different, unless the sprockets are machined to have the same mounting area thickness. As I said, the distance from the sprocket stop on either the countershaft or the rear hub, to the centerline of the chain needs to be the same regardless of chain/sprocket size. As you said the 520 sprockets cannot be mounted either way, they are one way mount only. Which means the centerline of the sprocket is not the same from either side. If they were machined that way you could mount them regardless of orientation.
  9. The centerline might possibly move inboard if the sprocket is narrower through the body, but if it were thicker where it butts up against the drive hub, or had a spacer machined into the sprocket then the centerline would be the same. That would explain why the sprockets only mount one way. If you're moving the centerline around you run the risk of interference with hard parts, or tire interference.
  10. Save your money and just buy regular H-4 bulbs and trim off the lower tabs. They work fine.
  11. Let me see if I have this straight. The company never followed through on all of its products, but is still operating and promising new features. How, exactly, can they do that? Is there a place one can go to registers one's disgruntlement with the operation?
  12. I'm just curious whether Fusar has delivered on all its promises. I know some time back people were saying they hadn't gotten some things they were supposed to. Did all that get cleared up and now all is as it should be?
  13. I have a 17 tooth cushioned countershaft sprocket. Just out of curiosity, why do you want to get one. I have one that I tried and took it back off after a very short time. I'm willing to get rid of it because I didn't like it.
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