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  1. tc339

    Hwy 1

    Man I haven't seen this in a while. Haha
  2. tc339

    The Road

    Oh look. Brian is featured again. Surprising... :)
  3. tc339

    IMG 5196

    I dont even have this thing anymore. I miss that bike!
  4. tc339

    IMG 5196

    Yep! exactly.
  5. tc339


    Hey! thats a cool bike on the left!
  6. tc339

    IMG 5203

    Thanks! and my license plate is between my pipes. Its just really dirty and kind of hard to see.
  7. tc339

    IMG 5203

    haha, I decided I need to step up my game and start posting some of my pictures on here. This is off of Hwy 1 in Bodega Bay. its some small little goat trial road that goes up into the hills.
  8. tc339

    IMG 5203

    ah crap I didnt even notice them! Guess Im going to have to go back to that exact same spot and retake it. darn. haha
  9. This is getting ridiculous Brian
  10. tc339

    Another Lake

    haha don't blame me. It's at Big Hill Lookout off of Ice House Rd. Just north of US50 by Pollock Pines. Nice I'm going to have to hit this. Is it recent? any issues with snow?
  11. tc339

    Another Lake

    Look whos featured again. which route is this?
  12. Oh you have to do it! By far some of the most beautiful scenery I have ridden through. Definitely worth the trip
  13. Still no encore yet unfortunately. Nothing will be happening next year because I am going to South East Asia for a while, but hopefully summer 2014 I will be expanding the trip and doing all of the US and a bit more of Canada.
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