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  1. Another update: got it “running.” A blue plug under the tank (fuel sender I think?) had become slightly disconnected despite having not been touched. A lesson learned for the turn-the-tank-around-on-the-seat-rails method. I need about 1/3 throttle to even keep it running (see video) - it dies immediately otherwise. Tried to give it a quick WOT and it wouldn’t rev over 3k. There is a rather loud tick from the front cylinder bank that I’ve never heard before, and I have some black smoke coming from the left muffler. Any guesses? F2980D9B-70AA-4EE9-BEDD-FACC00A11881.MOV
  2. He didn't transfer it over from the old one. I checked with my little snakey-magnet just for piece of mind. Figured if it made it 20k without any issues then it must be fine regardless.
  3. The story continues... Confirmed last week with the PO that he was pretty sure did not install the metal cap on the front CCT about 19k miles ago. Let that serve as a lesson to all - use the cap or your rubber shall explode and the engine could become pregnant. Today I drained the oil, took off the exhaust, cleaned out a few rubber bits from the sump, sealed it back up, filled the oil, replaced the front CCT (now with cap!), and meticulously put everything back together. Turned the crank a couple of times using the access hole (where I'd also set to TDC on 3 (rear) and 1 (front) to be safe) and all seemed good. Double checked all the connections and vacuum hoses just to be sure. Once all was reassembled I hit the starter and got a colossal rattle for about 3-5 revolutions of the crank. Cycled the ignition and tried again, and now it will turn over just fine (sounds totally normal) but does not fire. No FI light, kill switch on, neutral, stand up/down doesn't make a difference. Fuel pump primes fine. Any ideas? Timing issue? Those who have replaced CCTs have there been any untoward noises the first time you've fired it up?
  4. I did text the previous owner, he's a VFRD'er as well. Hopefully will hear back from him soon. Cap or no cap I guess I'll need to clear the strainer before buttoning it all back up - thanks for the info on that. Gives me some hope!
  5. Need some help from the 6th gen experts here - changing my clattering, rattling CCTs today. Rear went fine, easy as pie. Then I gently extracted the front one so as to not disturb the metal cap annnnnddddd out came a CCT with no cap at all, just a rubber bumper completely destroyed and worn through all the way to the plunger’s metal base (see attached pic). I guess I now know the source of the god-awful noises coming from the motor, but any ideas on how this could happen? Could the PO have installed without the metal cap - or could the cap somehow come off while under tension (I assume not)? If the cap was in there somewhere, I’m guessing that would’ve been catastrophic already. I also presume those lost little rubber bits are now swimming in the engine - could that cause major damage if it hasn’t already? As background, I’ve been getting some rattling above 3.5-4K rpm for the last 5000 miles or so, and very loud metallic clatter from the front bank the last time I started the motor - though it idled and revved okay. None of the usual failing CCT idle rattles, but I just had a hunch as it’s the Achilles heel and always a good place to start. Any advice is appreciated, as always.
  6. BrianF

    IMG 4070

    First NorCal ride! Whose 500 is that?
  7. BrianF

    Hwy 1

    Ah yes the good ol days when some of the NorCal VFRD guys actually had VFRs
  8. BrianF

    Rear View

    It is! I did a trackday there on the 7th - when it had about 500 miles on it. You've never felt terror like turn 1 on that baby - but the brakes are really good. Based on my features, you'd think I live at Monitor haha They're a safeguard - careful observers will note that I once had a black set of V35s on the 7th. The left latch broke after a tipover, I fixed it (I thought), and the bag eventually fell off and was hit by a Volvo (not joking). Both the latches on my [used] silver set seemed suspect - so on went the bungees. And eventually off went the bike!
  9. BrianF

    Meet & Greet

    Get-togethers with other VFR-minded weirdos.
  10. BrianF

    The Road

    Don't forget Mountain View BBQ in Walker! Great brisket to fill you up after a trip over Sonora Pass on the way to Monitor.
  11. BrianF

    The Road

    Agreed. I would actually count this section of CA89 as one of my favorite roads on earth. Scenic, never crowded, great (and clean) pavement, and long enough to get tired but not actually crash. I've literally ridden it 20 times in one day.
  12. BrianF

    The Light

    Haha I wish. 12 Doublewood.
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