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  1. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    RC1237V- get the new rubber yet?
  2. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    It was that kamakazi gopher on Del Puerto Canyon Road that did it! Updated Roster: IN jeffyjeff crazybro tjclyde St. Stephen Brian F. bayarearider RC1237V jlpvfr (somewhere on hwy 1) OUT RichVee4
  3. Lost the Love

    Check out this video for a little inspiration: I first saw this on the Pacific Coast riders forum (IPCRC) in 2011. It was reasonably popular back then, and earned it's producer some industry awards; maybe its already been posted on VFRD. As a boomer who has already entered my retirement years, I sometimes wonder how long I can keep riding before I become a serious danger to myself and others. I find so much enjoyment in riding; for me, motorcycling is my "fountain of youth". It will be a sad, sad day when I realize it's time to call it quits.
  4. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    What a response! 6 takers in the first 22 hours...I knew there was something I liked about you guys. And George might be right about the Ducati's outnumbering the Honda's. At least a few of us still ride VFRs. IN jeffyjeff crazybro tjclyde St. Stephen Brian F. bayarearider RC1237V OUT RichVee4 the mice in bayarearider's airbox.
  5. Bay Area roll call ride 2018

    Alright misfits, time be now for another group ride. Out of respect for the possibility of snow or slides in the mountains, I suggest another coast ride. Weather permitting, April 28, 2018, we meet at Starbucks, 260 Northgate Drive, San Rafael 94903. We ride over to Pt. Reyes Station and up the Pacific Coast Hwy. Lunch in Elk, and back down CA128 to Cloverdale. We top off the ride at the world famous Hamburger Ranch; those up for more fun can continue on CA128 to Calistoga and Winters. Looking forward to good weather, good roads, and the camaraderie of good people. Kickstands up at 8:30 AM. Hope you can make it. https://goo.gl/maps/qRiZaSP6buL2
  6. BMW Roadster

    Is it 20 cylinders or 20 vehicles/devices with cylinders? That be unclear. Either way, MaxSwell, you can say you are doing your part to limit your footprint (and everyone else's) by stockpiling fossil fuel powered equipment and not using any of it. Kinda like when the cops conduct a gun buy-back program.
  7. BMW Roadster

    Thanks, man. Once I figured out what I wanted, it took almost 4 months of fairly rigorous searching before I found one that suited me. Hope it works out. I see from your signature line that your 7th gen is absent. Did you sell it? I remember the RC51 from our last ride up the coast. I'll probably post up another ride in April or May. I've noticed quite a lack of activity from the northern California misfits on VFRD USA West; always enjoyed it when we hook up. Now that my son is better and another bike in the garage, there should be more opportunities for local rides than last year. Jeff J.
  8. BMW Roadster

    cat0020, Is that a R1100S? R1150RS? Nice looking machine. Thanks for the eBay tip. I went to the Wunderlich website and immediately determined that (at something like $375 a pair) those valve cover guards were not that necessary for me. What a racket! Do you have any experience reconditioning the valve covers? Mine are not too bad, but there are a few pits and scrapes that I would like to dress up. I read where one guy bored a hole in one of his valve covers when he got too happy with his bead blaster !! I'm thinking wire brush, sandpaper, and paint. Jeff J.
  9. Because, quite simply, we can do better. Many of us want to do all we can to preserve and enhance the machines that bring us much satisfaction and happiness. The Honda recommended engine oil for my 2000 5th gen was HONDA GN4 4-stroke or equivalent motor oil (italics mine), API service classification SF or SG, Viscosity 15W-40. I doubt you could even find API SF or SG oil these days. What is the highest API classification currently available, SN? Motor oils have gone through at least 5 classification upgrades in the 18 years since the bike was new. Lubricants are better now than they were in 2000. I'm sure that Honda oils are better now as well. Do you own an automobile? Most of us do. Maybe it's a Ford. Do you insist on Motorcraft oil and a Motorcraft filter when you change the oil? Not likely. Like most of us, you probably go down to your local auto parts store and choose a name brand oil and an aftermarket filter. Why not look for the best options for your motorbike as well? Many aftermarket filters perform better than OE branded filters in terms of filtration efficiency and capacity. On our motorcycles, you can be sure that Honda does not make the oil filters, they buy them from Toyo Roki and rebrand them. Google "oil filter cutaway comparison" and you'll see why some of us are very particular about the filters we choose to install on our bikes and automobiles. Some other examples of aftermarket parts: Coolant pressure cap: I could order part number 19045-GBF-700 ($28.59), and then wait for delivery. It's unlikely that even my local shop would have that in stock. OR - I could find a Stant 11233 pressure cap at my local Pep Boys for under $8.00 and be riding this afternoon. Headlamp: I could order two headlamps part number 34901-MS2-671 (45/50 watts) @ $22.61 each, or find an H4 equivalent at my auto parts store. I like Sylvania 9003 Xtravision 55/60 watts. You can buy a 2 pack for around $25, and if you want you can upgrade to SilverStar for an even brighter light. I've run the Xtravision lights over 100,000 miles without any noticeable strain on my headlight circuit. They work. Brake pads: Even a part as common as these, your Honda dealer probably does not have OE pads in stock. Another week or 10 day wait. Or you can get Galfer, EBC, or BikeMaster aftermarket pads at shops like Cycle Gear, or overnight on Amazon: . Stick with the OE recommended parts and you'll always be safe, but I believe that in some cases, aftermarket parts are better quality, sometimes for less dough. For me it's about quality and performance. And, if you are on a road trip in a strange town, in need of a headlamp or pressure cap, it's nice to know you have options. Peace. Jeff J.
  10. Hi jeffyjeff, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. Respectfully, I disagree with Stray. I do agree that you should avoid using the "energy conserving" oil in bikes with wet clutches, but I have used Mobil 1 synthetic in my bikes for years without problem. Mobil 1 10W-40 High Mileage oil works very well, and will not make your clutch slip. My 98 had 117,000 on the clock when I sold it; ran like a top. A friend at work has a Kawasaki ZRX1200R with over 220,000 miles on it. I asked what oil he used and he replied, "whatever is on sale". Today's lubricants are incredible. In the long run, keeping all your fluids fresh; engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid will do more to keep your bike roadworthy than your choice of "car oil vs moto oil". my 2 cents. JJ
  12. BMW Roadster

    Last July, my dear son wrapped my beloved 5th gen around a power pole, and landed himself in the hospital for 42 days. I consider myself very lucky that my wife did not ban motorcycles from the garage for good, but I promised her to downsize (power wise) and my next bike would have ABS. She said "OK, but no more VFR"; that's fine with me...never was attracted much to the 6th gen anyway, and the 8th gens are too expensive for my budget. I've had pretty good luck so far buying older garage queens, restoring them to roadworthy condition, and riding the piss out of them. I was looking for a Suzuki or Kawi 650 twin, but ABS models in my price range are rare. I saw a BMW R1150R on Craigslist, but it sold before I could see it. I became enamored with the BMW roadsters, and before long, that's all I was looking for. My search lasted from November to February, but I finally came across a pristine 2002 R1150R, 20,000 miles, rides like new. Hard cases included and a list of accessories and options as long as my arm... sweet.New fluid changes before any serious riding happens, along with new tires. So I took the old girl out for a shakedown ride yesterday. 241 miles down to Monterey and back via Half Moon Bay on the Pacific Coast Hwy....had to heat up the oil before draining it, right? I was impressed by the torque output of the 1150 boxer. That R1150R charges out of the curves like nobody's business. Fun. No burst of power from midrange to redline like the VFR, but not really missed much; after my son's near fatal accident, I doubt I'll be exploring the limits of my riding ability ever again. I always had fun riding my VFR fast enough to make the suspension squat in hard cornering. Don't know if the telelever/paralever set up will behave in similar fashion; too tentative to find out right now, given the condition of the 8 year old Bridgestone BT023 tires. I'm sure the ride will get interesting once new rubber is mounted. Range. I topped off the tank at the start of the trip, and went 181 miles before the fuel light came on. By my calculation, I'm getting right around 40 MPG, regardless of how heavy handed I ride. Don't recall ever getting less than 45 MPG on my 5th gen, and 250 mile range was easily possible. Don't think the BMW will do anything near that, but 200 miles on a tank seems attainable. I hope that the R1150R lives up to BMW's reputation for durability, but mentally preparing myself for a higher maintenance requirement. Don't plan on tossing my VFRD affiliation, #1 because I like you guys, and #2 I think the pile of 5th gen parts in my garage still qualifies as VFR ownership. Wish me luck. Jeff J.
  13. Parasitic Drain

    well, 68 mA is definitely more than 2.5 mA, by a lot.
  14. Parasitic Drain

    Take a moment to put things into perspective. 68 milliamps is miniscule, and would take 14.7 hours to drain 1 amp out of your battery. 3 days later and you've still only drained out 3 amps. Your battery should be able to easily handle that. You draw way more than 3 amps every time you start the bike. Not to disparage the work you have done so far, and the high pitch whine from the R/R, but you might consider a bad battery as a possible contributor to your electrical condition. Before going further, I would test with a known good battery.
  15. What Chain Lube To Use?

    I personally use Valvoline, but I don't think it matters much. I put synthetic in my Aerostar's differential, and had the Valvoline dino oil left on the shelf. Man, I've had that bottle for something like 6 years now and it's still almost half full.

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