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  1. Cold Starting Problem

    Grum, Thanks for the comments, you may have solved my problem. First, the Fuel Pump is working fine and when I have this problem to get it started I turn it off, turn it on open the throttle ... even read the manual. Let me tell you about my commute, the first 24,000 miles it was 17 miles each way. Now I warm it up (because of the starting issue) then drive the whole one mile to work. Coming home, I start it up and drive home, put it away. I will let it get to temp and hopefully this will be the solution. It's been raining lately so I have not been on it, will update if I continue to have problems. Thanks again
  2. Cold Starting Problem

    Starts when it is warm. It can site for 6 hours and start normally, idle speed is 1200-1300,no work has been done, and fuel pump primes normally as well. No other issues just this starting when it sits for more then a day.
  3. On my 2008 with 28,000 miles I sometimes have problems starting it when cold. Cranks fine but won't catch, after a few attempts it will eventually start but I noticed it is at idle RPM. Seems like it is not setting up high RPMs to start although after a second or 2 it will set a higher RPM until it gets to running temp. The FI light does not flash any errors the battery is good. Any debugging or solutions suggestions?
  4. I worked the Redwood Valley fire on Monday will be back out next week. I was concerned about our Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma members - Brian please update us.
  5. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Sad topic and a strange coincidence that July 22nd is my birthday as well. Is this a requirement? And since it is my birthday I have made other plans, will miss the ride.

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