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  1. Nothing and I mean nothing is as clear as those Honda OEM VFR mirrors. You can pick out a Highway Patrol from way WAY out behind you with those mirrors! I know from experience! You can tell the make and model of vehicles behind you easily too. But that’s not all. You don’t have to move your arm out of the way to see anything either. The view is not only crystal clear it is free of any obstruction. It’s the best rear view mirror for the VFR. Period. I gave up looking at something different. But that’s just me, and I do understand the desire to set your ride apart. I spent my $$ on a smoke win
  2. Wow! I used to dream about owning that bike when I was in high school. Never could afford one for at least another decade and a half! Beautiful example of an '86.
  3. Rogue_Biker


    Good place to visit and ride to. I don't know about moving there.
  4. I really loves that seat pack. I prefer the backpack or small tank bag.
  5. Rogue_Biker

    Finely aged

    I'm not an Engineer. But I've been told in another forum for another make of bike with similar stator failures, heat is the enemy of stators. Since it's bathed in engine oil, there needs to be the right amount of oil and that oil needs to have the capability to dissipate that heat consistently especially under load. In that particular bike, the manufacturer increased the stator output but kept the oil volume the same as the lower powered stator. Result: consistent stator failure within 20k miles, especially on bikes used extensively in high heat, high load conditions. So with t
  6. Rogue_Biker

    Finely aged

    The stator cost me US$200. I believe the two CCT's would be around US$180 together.
  7. Rogue_Biker

    Finely aged

    Replacing stator this weekend as a preventative maintenance (it hasn't failed yet). I'm quite sure I need to replace the cam Chain tensioner too (making a slight knocking noise at idle). Will do that in November when the riding tempo slows down some. That requires removal of Throttle Body for the front bank of cylinders and I'm too lazy to do that right now. Bike has been super reliable. I love Hondas.
  8. Rogue_Biker

    Finely aged

    124k miles. Wow! And I'm sweatin' my 42k that's getting closer to 43k! LOL!
  9. Rogue_Biker


    Damn! Nice bike. Nice scenery!
  10. Rogue_Biker

    VFR Front

    Very nice picture, and a beautiful bike.
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