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  1. My 2007 RWB VFR 800

    Nice '07 you got there. Looks very clean and well cared for.
  2. Time to sell

    It has Miles and Miles too so this is definitely a steal.
  3. 2002 VFR800 6th gen manual cam chain tensioners

    I'm glad you got your engine's CCT sorted out. I will say that, the OEM CCT's do NOT have any issues. Many of them last upwards of 50k miles. I also believe that changing the engine oil often with good quality oil might help a CCT last. On the VFR, with the location of that front CCT, I will say that it would be wiser to have stayed with the OEM CCT simply because it's a set it and forget it. Even the rear CCT requires the removal of the heat shield, which requires the removal of the right rider footpeg. Not exactly convenient and easy compared to an inline four CCT's that usually sit out in the breeze, making it easy to adjust if it's a manual CCT.
  4. Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe

    I'm too far south to appreciate BLMC. But that's a good looking VFR1200.
  5. Fake Ohlins forks

    LOL! Hilarious names!
  6. 6th Gen Refresh

    Nice job! Yeah they sure are butter smooth when they're 100%.
  7. Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    I had to the put the YEAR in there just to let people know this isn't an old post!!!!
  8. We are planning to ride to GMR this Sunday, January 21st. Meeting Location: Starbucks at the corner of Lone Hill & Route 66: https://goo.gl/maps/EmgCdT5NeJD2 Meeting Time: 8:30 AM KSU. I'll be there earlier than that so I can I have coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Please feel free to show up sooner. After we come down from Crystal Lake, we are heading to Eureka! in Claremont for an early lunch. https://goo.gl/maps/VF6LqRWriBE2 Let's take advantage of this great weather and so far clear and clean mountain roads.
  9. Help me get naked

    You're bike looks strange enough to actually look good. LOL! Nice job. I'll bet if you paint your frame Satin Black, along with the fork legs, then match the front wheel finish with the rear it will look even better. The black frame will hide the existing wires.
  10. Should I have buyers remorse?

    I think the internet is doing you some disservice. The so-called "upgrades" to the ECU, etc.....they were not upgrades. In 2000-2001 the VFR800 was fitted with a catalyst and a cold idle unit. It also got slightly smaller diameter headers. So yeah they had to re-program the ECU and it wasn't for YOUR benefit but for the benefit of the Environmentalists. I remember well when a major US publication (before everyone went to online publication) gave the 1998 VFR800 the award of Motorcycle Of The Year. The bike they tested put out around 102 rwhp (US-spec). Later VFR's registered 98 rwhp after they got the catalyst/smaller exhaust. Coincidence? I think not! Today's VFR800 puts out 96 rwhp. Seriously! They just keep choking this bike's engine up and then telling us we got more midrange and better fuel efficiency. Maybe.....but if midrange is the goal then bump up the displacement to 1,000 cc and get it done right. Because VTEC was suppose to give us more midrange also from the previous bike. Maybe....but then the bike got heavier so whatever midrange was gained was taken away with weight. Enough so that Honda lowered the 6th Generation's gearing to give us BACK the midrange! LOL! Very sneaky. Truth be told, you just got yourself the most powerful VFR800 produced. And the lack of the cold idle unit (wax unit that doesn't really use wax), makes your bike a bit simpler to service. Disclaimer: we all know how to get all that horsepower back and then some simply by undoing the Environmentalist mandated crap.
  11. Jhenley, no offense but, Mini's sales keep increasing too but if you look at the JD Power and Associates ratings for problems in the first 12 mos of ownership, the Mini is way down there at the bottom of the barrel, sharing the same space as Volvo, Range Rover, Fiat, VW, & Chrysler. How can that be explained? Simple: They make cars that excite people AND their sales numbers are nowhere near as big as say, GM, Toyota, MB, etc. So when taken as a whole, they are expanding sales and taking market share but it's marginal compared to the total industry. A good example are H-D. Their bikes are no more reliable than KTM. Yet they have the Lion's share of the market. Unreliability in and of itself doesn't spell doom for a manufacturer if their products have a lot of other redeeming qualities. Chrysler has had a bad reputation for reliability yet they sell every truck, JEEP, and full size car they make. That's because the Chrysler boys (and girls) know their $hit and what people want to buy. Period. They just choose to buy parts cheaper than say, GM or Ford so failure rates are higher. Finally, nobody is saying Ducati's are unreliable. And nobody is saying Yelp is perfect. But you have to look at the overall rating. Yes you will have issues with every brand. But when there are enough issues within a brand, it's time to take notice. Catastrophic failures are rare with Honda VFR...that's just a fact. But they do occur. Same with Ducati's. But "Honda Reliability" was not created in vacuum. It was earned over decades of consistent reliability overall. Meanwhile, Ducati unreliability was also earned over 2.5 decades of owner experience. So perhaps they fixed their major issues after a certain year. Just keep in mind public perception takes much longer to fix than quality issues from one year to the next.
  12. Myself and a couple of members plan to ride to Borrego Springs this coming Sunday, 1/14/18. We will meet up in South Orange County, CA. Ride across Ortega Highway, then head south from there. Probably will skip Palomar Mountain due to the recent wet storm we had and instead, head straight to Borrego Springs via Highway 76. We get started early, around 7:30am - 8AM. Interested? Please chime in here and let's get some rides going.
  13. 5th gen

    Nice bike!
  14. 6th Gen Refresh

    You could have done it for the cost of the brake fluid. But yeah it's time consuming and not at all intiuitive to bleed the 6th Gen brakes. But once you understand how the linked brakes work, you'll get why it's done a certain way.
  15. 6th Gen Refresh

    It's definitely looking a whole lot better now. I could tell from the first set of photo's that the bike didn't get much love from all the PO's.

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