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  1. I’m not scared to work on things, as i have lots of tools and experience with cars and even the ninja. I’ve been leaning towards the 5th gen because of the cams and the sportier feel. I want something similar to the ninja in sportyness, but faster and better suited for long trips(comfier). Also as much as id like a brand new (2015) model i don’t have the budget to buy one as i am still in college. I am going to try and sell my bike and use that money to buy a 5th gen and have some left over for maintenance and fixing it.
  2. Currently, I have a Ninja 400 KRT and want to upgrade to a VFR800. I love the sound of the V4 and was wondering which bike was better overall? I understand the differences between the two (VTEC, Gear driven cams, undertail exhaust, etc.) I just want to know how they feel and compare in the real world to each other. I've been leaning towards the 5th gens because of the cams and no VTEC, but they are hard to find in clean condition while i see tons of 6th gen bikes out there.
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