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  1. I think better in all rpm... but hard to tell.. At least a few kg lighter 😁
  2. Portugal its a true bikers paradise 😉 I'll share more videos with great twisty roads and beautiful views! Cheers✌
  3. Yes, this is without db killer 😉
  4. Comon sense mate! Of course I do all the maintenance in my VFR. But if the air filter its clean at 24k, Im not gona change it like the manual says.. also I don't use the recomended oil 10w30, I use 10w40 better for my country weather.. If the bike runs fine and I don't notice any thing different I ride it! if it aint broke don't fix it! But thats me, riding for 20years never had a single engine problem in my bikes.
  5. Hi! I fell in love with my viffer again, this exhaust sounds so nice... the real sounds it´s much better than the video shows, but I´ll share with you guys. And the looks... 😍
  6. Owned a 2011 6th gen, never had a problem and the bike run strong until the day I trade it for my 2018 8th gen. Never had the valves checked with 35000km... Had a 93 Civic VTi 1.6cc 160hp, raced the car over 8 years and with 200000km I get the valves checked and my mechanic said they were all within the specs... and that car made 8500rpm! Just ride it like its supposed to ride and have fun! Motorcycles and cars do have more problems when they don´t get driven or riden often... Cheers
  7. New exhaust fitted 😁 SC Project conic titanium
  8. Black beauty! The fastest color 😋
  9. Don't forget the less weight on the 8gen. Almost 10kg, I felt the diference cuming from a 6th gen.. the new viffer feels faster and the test I made from 0-200km/h tells the me the same. Other thing its the speed on the 6gen less acurate!
  10. Make your own with a 3d printer 😁
  11. True! RC79 2014-2016 RC93 2017-Present This last model only sells in Europe and Asia I believe... The diferences are the forks that came in chrome, 12v socket, the Tokico calipers are slightly different, the stock exhaust it´s tri oval looks better then the RC79 IMO and sounds nice with a deep tone like this 😎
  12. Hi! Had a 2011 VFR for 2 years and loved it! I have a 8th gen now and it´s a great improvement from the older model... Lighter, better brakes, better fueling, better handling, better mid range power, smoth vtec transition etc... but if I could I keep both 😁 BTW the top speed it´s almost the same, did 265km/h on the rc46 and 255km/h on the RC93, but the engine isn´t totally loose, need some more km... Some pics of the old and the new
  13. Thanks mate! Portugal it´s an amazing place to ride... good weather all year, all kind of roads to have fun and friendly police 😁
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