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  1. What to bring

    If you are touring in the US, I highly recommend an AMA membership. Not so you can support lobbying, but you have a very inexpensive solution if you have a breakdown. On multi-day tours, I also carry a grunge brush and chain lube. Currently, I'm planning a 2300 mile trip in July, and know that my chain should be lubed every 500 miles. Since I'm going around Lake Superior, I'm planning on two-piece mesh gear with a rain liner and a polar fleece vest. Crossing into Canada means taking my passport and getting the Canadian version of my insurance card for the bike.
  2. Clutch Options

    I'm at 55,000 miles (88,000 km), and I'm experiencing some high power slippage. I know I could try to clean the 16-year-old clutch plates, but if I'm going to pull that apart, I'm only doing this once! My pricing for a Barnett solution or a Honda solution is close enough that I'm not going to argue, but I'm looking for other arguments that make one or the other a better choice. I'm planning a 2300 mile trip this summer, and I don't want any issues. I'm up to date on chain/sprockets and tires, but this issue needs to be resolved before the roads clear here in a few weeks.
  3. 07 RWB Luggage Still Available & Where to Buy?

    Mine aren't matching either, but I bought them with the bike in 2010. Here's a photo from the last riding season. (Snow is still on the ground in Northeast Nebraska.)
  4. 07 RWB Luggage Still Available & Where to Buy?

    Other than an occasional set on Ebay, these were closed out by dealers and DSS years ago. Another option is to go with SHAD. Here's the link. http://www.shadonline.com/shad-side-case-support-brackets-Honda-VFR800-p/h0vf82if.htm
  5. 6th Gen Refresh

    I didn't see the conclusion on the rotors. I recently replaced mine with EBC https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ebp-md1157x/applications. The Honda OEMs were too rich for me. I have about 54,000 on my 02.
  6. This is one I have never held. I worked in internal audit back in the 90's. I let my CISA go in 2003. Just holding an inactive CPA license. Wish you the best on the final!
  7. New leftover base 2014 price?

    These are pretty unbelievable discounts. I'm 300 miles north of Kevin, and not in the market, but it would still be a long way to pick up a bike. It does remind me of when they had all the leftover 2007 6th gens. Either they are dropping the VFR from the US market (again) or they have significant model change coming.
  8. This one or that one ?

    Is this something he is working on for a business? I think many of us could become customers!
  9. Buell XBR lowering pegs

    I'm surprised these are still available. I'm using the Buell Ulysses pegs on my 6th gen. They fit without mods, and I was able to adjust the rear brake without any mods, either.
  10. How old are VFR owners?

    Not for me either. I came to motorcycles about 10 years ago and did my learning on a Ninja 250. Not hard edged at all. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  11. How old are VFR owners?

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Genmar risers, Buell Ulysses pegs. My inseam is 30 inches. The risers are 1 inch. The Buell pegs fit without modification, but could be hard to find now. They drop the pegs about 1 inch. But I keep my feet so that my contact point in corners is on the balls. My bike also had the "triangle" mod so that I can flatfoot it at stops. I usually don't scrape in corners. The fork tubes are relocated an inch up the triples to keep the turn in quick but stable. I know there are those who would object to these mods, but I've ridden it this way for 7 years and 40,000 miles. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  12. Nice photos of a nice bike. Emond Ling is listed as the owner.
  13. Sounds like I should look at injector cleaning as a winter project! Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  14. Tires!

    Old thread from 2016.
  15. How old are VFR owners?

    58, but still getting it done!

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