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  1. Thanks. While I understand the other comment. For those of us who have reached an age where our night vision is not as good as it was, additional light is useful. I will probably look at supplemental lights such as those made by Denali. I was thinking that they could mount in the widest part of the front fairing opening to keep them low, but adding to available light.
  2. This, IMHO, is the best solution. I'm guessing this photo is of someone in VFRD. This is a UNIGO. And there is an archived thread here that discusses it. They are still in business. https://www.unigotrailers.com/ Classic Industries in Australia may have a hitch. The following site lists a TH55 as fitting a 6th gen. https://www.classicind.com.au/Shop/ Hope this helps.
  3. I'm thinking about these for my 6th gen. Has anyone tried them? https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Cyclops-100-H4-LED-headlight-bulb_p_192.html
  4. I'm at 62,000 miles, or 99,200 kilometers. I've replaced components of the charging system (RR and stator), but everything else has been normal wear or "necessary" upgrades (seat, risers, pegs, voltmeter, STS auto signal, switchable circuit panel, and USB outlet). Do the maintenance, keep it clean, and you can enjoy it for a lot of years.
  5. I realize that the last post was a while ago, but I'd like to talk about how I use my 6th gen. During my riding season from April through October, I'll commute a few days a week, go on rides with friends on the weekends, usually less than 200 miles. I try to have at least one touring trip per year of at least 1500 miles. Over the past 9 riding seasons, that's worked out to about 40,000 miles of riding. I've been to 12 states in the mid-section of the USA with North Dakota and Minnesota on the North, Oklahoma, and Arkansas on the South, Michigan on the East, and Wyoming and Colorado on the West.
  6. I'm impressed. I sold my 2006 ex250 to get the 6th gen. I was tired of being blown all over the highway. Welcome to the Great Plains. A small frame rider could make this work. The gas tank has about a 300-mile range. I found that my shoulders tended to lock up around 200 miles on this bike.
  7. I'm surprised this one didn't show up from someone else. https://www.etsy.com/listing/627196253/honda-vfr-t-shirt-motorcycles-honda-fans?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_e-clothing-mens_clothing-other&utm_custom1=5cac458e-acac-45f0-96d7-cf34f0723ba8&gclid=Cj0KCQjwxvbdBRC0ARIsAKmec9bRlBdQfVLLrbcjK90HJoFprulYDhfm2VEeCFEFMK6I-zGPTQwCy0waAg0wEALw_wcB
  8. I realize it was a long trip, but a safety inspection doesn't guarantee suspension, transmission, or engine condition, just that it is road worthy. VFR's are ridden to a higher standard!
  9. Since Honda positioned the new Goldwing to pick up old ST1300 customers, we appear to be without a new mid-weight sport tourer, especially in the US. I would love to see a Honda alternative to the new R1250RT. No, that's not a typo. The 2019s will be a 1250 model.
  10. A dirty kill switch took out my 6th gen, but I had a lot of warning before it got ugly. I'm suspecting a wiring failure if a new battery wouldn't start it. The ignition switch could be the issue.
  11. I'll post the ride pictures in another post, but I just learned that a dirty kill switch could shut down your bike. I was getting hard FI lights, and bike quit on my recent Lake Superior adventure. I rode through 3 days of rain at the beginning, and two days later the problem began. My 6th gen shows 61,500 miles and is a 2002 model. I was able to restart the bike when the problem originally presented itself, so I kept riding. I gave up when it died 6 times within 30 minutes inside of a small town in Minnesota. I didn't have the time or electrical talent to sort this out, so my shop took care of me. They disassembled and cleaned the switch, and that was the end of it.
  12. I farmed it out to my maintenance guy. He said he ended up calling their tech support, which was how we discovered the first one was DOA.
  13. I recently had a Smart Turn Signal installed in my 6th gen and I am impressed with how well it works. It did take a second unit to get this to work, but I'm happy with the results. The turn signal now cancels when I straighten up the bike out of a turn. Normal lane changes require a manual cancellation as I don't normally lean the bike enough to be detected. YMMV. https://www.safer-turn.com/us/
  14. I didn't see the conclusion on the rotors. I recently replaced mine with EBC https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ebp-md1157x/applications. The Honda OEMs were too rich for me. I have about 54,000 on my 02.
  15. This is one I have never held. I worked in internal audit back in the 90's. I let my CISA go in 2003. Just holding an inactive CPA license. Wish you the best on the final!
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