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  1. speedball73

    Stelvio Pass June 30 2015

    A collection of photos from my ride from Salzburg to the Stelvio Pass and back on June 30, 2015
  2. speedball73

    2011 Photos

  3. +1 on the K&N, I had one start leaking in the middle of a 6200km road trip last week (filter had been on for 5800km, installed it during pre-winterization oil change in Dec 2011). Not bad enough that I couldn't drive 200km to the dealer for a fix, but sprayed oil all over my hard bags and my riding buddy's bike. Mechanic told me it was leaking out the "top" ie where the spot welds are. Back to Honda filters for me! Walter
  4. speedball73

    2012 Photos

  5. speedball73


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