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  1. Hi Everyone Not today, but last Saturday I had a blast with our beloved VFR at Estoril Circuit 😃 Below link for the videos if you would like to "take a ride with me" 😈 Can't wait to go back with the new headers, and win a bit more time on the straights 😃
  2. Many Thanks to you both. I ended up removing the metal bracket, screwing the bolt through the chain guard to the metal bracket, and hammer it down as it looks like it was loose, at least now it's staying there 😃
  3. Well last days we had on the menu 😅 -new oil and filter and K&N air filter maintenance -removed CBS -assembled new Hel braided brake lines as well as stock VFR brake calipers drilled so to have all three pistons working at the same time and now I will deliver her Monday at the mechanic, so to have the used CBR 600 f4 front M/C I have bought rebuilt, as well as brake lines bleed, as I don't mess with that 😅 I can't seem to bolt back the screw highlighted in green, it's like if the screw thread which I believed existed inside the swing arm has vanished... or how does the screw holds to the swing arm so to keep the chain guard in place... many thanks for your help
  4. #throwback Today I just stumbled across this picture, back from August 2018 at Estoril Circuit 😃 Still far from the Pilot (me 😅) being able to take the most of our beloved VFR, we did a 2:07 high as a best lap. Can't wait to be there again 🏍️ 🏍️ 🏍️
  5. Hi Everyone Will there be another group buy for the "TBR headers"? or can anyone let me know how can I order ones? I currently have stock 98 catless headers, with a high mounted 450mm delkevic silencer with custom corners. Many Thanks for your help 😃
  6. Hi There Just saw your original post, quote They do not list a tank adapter ring for the 5th gen bikes but since the filler has the same bolt pattern as the 6th gen I just bought that which they do list. 6th gen it's the BF03, Many Many Thanks for sharing this!!!!
  7. Hi Again Can you please confirm which part have you ordered? Was it BF03 (for 6th gen) or BF20 (for 8th gen) Thanks in advance for your help
  8. Hi Many Thanks for sharing, glad to know tanklock system also fits on our 5th gen I'm ordering as we speak Take Care 😃
  9. Hi On the latests erronds I had to do through Lisbon, here in Portugal, I've came accross fellow 5th Gen Red twins 🙂 We still have lots of nice VFRs, I'm not the only V4 nuts here 😅
  10. Hi, My nearly brand new VFR (which I bought back in 2016 with 1 owner only & 5.000km) has turned 30.000km 😬 Chandged oil and filters at home, and took her to local Honda dealer to have new stock chain and sprockets installed, as well as valves checked; I don't mess with that stuff 😅 Ngk iridium spark plug were fitted when se turned 24.000km She pulls like a Train 😈
  11. Resina

    My RC36 II

    Superb indeed Congrats
  12. Took her to the Gym 😃 😃 Getting ready to Track Day @ Estoril Circuit this weekend, removed Givi rack, rear foot pegs etc. I felt the need to buy new front foot pegs while ridding with racing boots, and have ordered Oberon set on attached pics, and have nothing but good things to say super easy to assemble and perfect fit 😆
  13. From Track Days to a nice relax ride with my wife, just mount rear foot pegs and Givi Rack, and one is all set to take a tour around the world Why I love our VFRs so Much!!!
  14. Hi Resina, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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