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  1. Voided76

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/VFR800-VFR-800-02-13-V-TEC-RC46-SILENCERS-CI23R-CARBON-TITANIUM-END-SILENCERS/152650127825?epid=624854342&hash=item238aa819d1:g:0lUAAOSwIclZhGJp&vxp=mtr So that must be the race inspired can setup for the 6th. Is that globby looking thing of a header the header? Or is that the old stuff? I have no idea.
  2. Voided76

    Blue 8th gen

    So as it turns out, either it was wrecked and put back to stock, or someone bought it, put a few mods on it and promptly wrecked it.... but that's the blue bike... for sure. https://poctra.com/2014-HONDA-VFR800-F/id-AykhMOfncyHiO8pe/CHARLOTTE-NC <snip> now that I'm looking at it. that's not the same bike.. and it's a much nicer bike. and it breaks my heart. 😞 a moment of silence for a sebspeed clutch cover at a wrecking yard, everyone.
  3. Voided76

    Braided Stainless Lines for 8th Gen?

    I picked up a set and they wouldn't seal. they're going back.
  4. Voided76

    Front rotor damaged

    Ebay has some gently sets of disks off an 8th gen for around 200 bucks if you can't get them straight enough to not be risky to run. "vfr 800 2014 front rotors" cycle reapers put theirs on sale.
  5. Voided76

    Delkevic catless headers

    stay tuned to the 5 gen header thread, and keep your eye on Black Widow Exhaust on facebook as they're going to be the first points of discovery as to when the (good) header is coming out!
  6. Voided76

    Delkevic catless headers

    You will have a near-zero chance of making those headers fit your bike cheaply or effectively. They are designed for a front radiator and that being so, the front two primaries are going to smash the radiator hose between the two side rads on a 6th gen. it won't work without modification on your part and in reality it might not work at all. What's worse than that is this is a horrible header design that is soon to be superceded and outdone in every way by black widow's header. at probably about the same sort of price. As a responsible go-fast parts buyer I can't stress enough that you should try to get your money back from Delkevic for the header, even if you take a restock fee hit and wait a month or two on the 5-th/6-th header that is coming out.
  7. Voided76

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    fantacizing is exactly what a good third of the forums has been accusing us of when we wanted a legitimate race header for our bikes. "just buy a faster bike" Never say never.
  8. Voided76

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    we'll certainly see, won't we. my poking and prodding and emails I think might have finally paid off. ...it only took 5 years. 😐
  9. Voided76

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2141146822830310&amp;id=1574792279465770&amp;comment_id=2141602119451447&amp;notif_t=feed_comment&amp;notif_id=1530396895659930&amp;ref=m_notif So! In case you can't get that to open: "Good Morning Black Widow Exhausts, I was advised a number of months ago to inquire about a race-spec VFR exhaust? I've been deployed to the middle of the pacific and this is the first I have been able to inquire about this. Any progress to report on this? inquiring VFR owners want to know!" "Hi Michael, the VFR 98-01 header race specification header is nearly past our R&D stages of development. A few minor changes, and the last test set will be bent and laid next week. Some more testing and we will hopefully get our anticipated results we are expecting. If approved in the next 2-3 weeks we will have headers to market in 2-3 months time. We apologise for the wait, but these will be the best VFR headers ever made." Here. We. Go. I like being persistant. I really do.😎
  10. Voided76

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    So I touched base with BlackWidow on their FB page to see where they're at with production of the 5th/6th race header. Waiting on an answer, but scrolling back a month or so I have seen a LOT of race quality stuff coming out. K7 GSXR, ZX6R 2010, SV650, ZRX11/12, others as well.on the way. It seems like a real possibility that the VFR header is at least developing along with the steady new releases coming out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed boys. Not sure if this is their bike or whose this is, but it was Also featured on their webpage. Could be their test and jig mule for the header though. time will tell considering I'm pretty sure from the tone of the steel, it's a 6th gen header on that 5er.
  11. Am I the only one around who's picked up the RapidBike Racing module for his 8th gen? If not: How is the stock fuel/timing map, and has anyone wired their honda specific quick shifter assembly into the RBR? I ask this because Honda's own implementation can leave a bit to be desired for smooth upshifts during mundane operations. I first experienced quick shift tech on my friend's Triumph Daytona 675R. Let me be the first to say the upshifts were buttery smooth from mechanism to smooth and completely uneventful cut and restoration of engine power reguardless of throttle input resulting in absolutely zero lurch or bucking if used casually around town. Anyone with a new VFR and the quick shifter can attest to while it's really pretty well done, and that if you're flogging it it's the business, the jerkiness of non-WOT quick shifts can be a bother around town, and two up as well. I can't complain about a sub 200 dollar QS installation on a bike that is plug and play, but it could definately be smoother around town. So has anyone by chance played with the RBR's quick shift utilities with the stock honda assembly, or am I likely to be breaking ground?
  12. Voided76

    Grips issue

    That's pretty scary! I've been using grip puppies since 600 mi on the '14 and I've used the heaters quite a bit. I'm a lil worried if they're garbage waiting to fall apart on me. Man that's scary.
  13. Voided76


    I'm gonna say it: I'm on my third set of Shinko Verge 2X's on the '14 and they do exactly what they should. I scrub them in on mountain roads (Palomar and the like around that area, for you cali kids) About every month or so I'll go to the mountains and really beat on them until they're scalded and slightly melty. I commute about 15 mins every night in SD to work and back, they get plenty of city time, a slight bit of hoon time, a lot of holeshot to 2nd gear WOT when I can get away with it, and they do 100 and 200 mile trips pretty regular. For 225 or so A SET, the fronts last about 8 ish K miles, the rears 4ish. The big thing is they really work on the VFR. I've had awesome results in Camp Lejeune North Carolina rains, like every other damn day, they will put up with being beaten anywhere but a track environment, and they do not slip up unless you do something drastically dumb. I've had the front skip about 6 inches back from some blown over sand, and that's pretty much it in the sketch department. I've done at least 3 sets on my old 6th gen, and around 2 sets on the '14. Granted they don't sit around on my bike. I'll run through 2 sets a year there abouts.
  14. Voided76

    What Slip on for a 2013 1200F?

    The Coffman pipe on ebay has gotten a good review from a board member, and recently as well. you might look into that. Delk has more than a few mufflers for it, I'd err on the side of more quiet on the 360* 1200. she really runs but sounds like a food processor. there's DAM, and IXIL as well for pipes on a 1200F
  15. Voided76

    Blue 8th gen

    My guess is it was a layed down bike w/scratches that someone didn't want to either claim or pay full price for fairings, (have you seen how much they want for a painted fairing piece? as much as an entire chinese kit at times...) so they sanded and filled the scratches and got the bike either maaco'd or vinyl wrapped. I've been contemplating wrapping my 8th gen as RWB.

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