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  1. be my guest, that bird-carrying-a-bomb is a Prinny to be exact. They're pretty awesome, dood.
  2. That's why this is stage II dutchy considering I have parts that are actually going to make a difference lol
  3. Thus begins my dive into foolish horsepower gains chasing with my 2014 VFR. Currently I have a 8th gen with: Slip on (s) various lengths, ect. RapidBike Racing with MyTuningBike and BlueBike mods along with the return to stock chip for dyno day. 520 converted drivetrain with a -1T front sprocket and lightened/crossdrilled rear sprocket. Some fiddle faddle from my olde 6th gen: Pair removal plates, Modified airbox with shorter, wider R6 stacks epoxied in. Just took delivery and bored-ly hand polished the new 5th/6th/8th header from the boys/wade on the forums. I very nearly have all the terminal hardware to do the big swap and go to the full header/airbox/autotune/timing boosted machine that CandyRed uses to great envy on my part. Considering there's a pump literally 100yards from base/home that has E85 I'm going to try to make a go for broke tune with more duty cycle and a bunch more timing to see if it makes a big difference. So it should definately rock & roll. Lemme know if you know of some places in socal that offer (cheap) dyno pulls with little to no diagnostic needs considering the RBR handles pretty much everything anyway.
  4. Do we know the size/pitch of the stock O2 sensor on the header? I'm gonna use the MyTuningBike wideband with the rapidbike on the new header and I haven't seen the plug around here anywhere
  5. Hey wait, that was the white bike I saw in the minivan when I delivered the OEM muffler wasn't it? lol...
  6. it would be a cheaper road to fab a turbokit from a GSXR600 to the VFR. and it would be a monster for quick spooling afterwards.
  7. Delicious! Looks like the mock up is gonna work with some fenagling. might have to get creative with some pig-iron to semi-permanently scoot the brake lines out of the way. Have you guys tried a service? AKA being able to get the oil filter out with most of the fairings on? It's a pita with the baby header 😬 If it's at all possible maybe you could push the shifter-side primary a wee lil closer to the block for a bit so you can easily get the filter inbetween the inner-fairing stay and the primary. it'd make service life a HELLUVA lot easier than stock.
  8. Definately let me know b4 may guys. Mid-may it's more than likely I will be home (in ohio) on leave for a full month. I can make arrangements, but not if I can't plan ahead a little bit.
  9. Dropped my deposit. I think you have my phone #. Let me know when my bike can help you guys out.
  10. Looking good highside, it'd be nice to have my wideband for the rapidbike there too.
  11. Let. Me. Know. when you plan to do dyno stuff with the 8G. I have my stock, 3 different lengths of mufflers, a stock and a modded airbox with candyred's glued-and-sanded-smooth R6 velocity stacks installed, clean stock, and <500 mile pipercross filters, the RapidBike Racing module, with the "override back to stock for CARB compliance" module on standby along with a bluetooth kit and my own laptop with the rapid bike tuning software on it. we could do all sorts of different stages of tune. I'd even kick around the idea of whether or not changing the drivetrain gearing picks up measurable power. could pick up a stock 520, and +1 520 front to measure up to 9 rear teeth's worth of drive gear adjustment. I would adore being involved, but I need a few months of advance time so I can put in leave with the navy to spend the odd 2-4 days wrenching and dyno pulling if I had my way.
  12. SFD I have the money up front if need be. again. I got money, AND time, currently.
  13. I'm in for the 8th. no questions asked. Also let wade know I have the modded airbox, rapid bike race with ignition timing/fuel control, pipercross air filter, short med. and long mufflers standing by for tuning once he gets the 8th header out. I could take some leave maybe if you guys need a bike. or if you had a VFR in trade for a week or two while fabbing. ^_^ Cause I daily drive the '14
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