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  1. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    well as long as you don't shit on black widow exhausts I'm sure you'll do fine. :) I got us off to a fine start, just keep the faith.
  2. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    So. I need someone to take point on this (again) Just like Tyga I'm facing down some real life stuff and I'm going to be gone until probably august. I deploy in two weeks to the pacific with the US Navy. ;)
  3. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    "Hello Michael, funnily enough, we were discussing the option of re-developing the entire VFR750 and VFR800 range to our race spec tubing, ie bigger bore and light weight, spring fit etc just last week. We agree that it maybe the time to revisit the VFR range, and give it a refresh. All I can say at this stage is, we will not be doing any more in our old spec, but a higher spec has a high chance of being developed later this year, time permitting. Best regards, Black Widow Exhausts Ltd 8 High Barns, Roxton, Bedfordshire MK44 3ET Tel: +44 (0) 1234 871009 www.blackwidowexhausts.co.uk" ________________________________________________________________ "Good Afternoon Gentlemen,I see you already have the jigs for the RC46 header and can mass produce them. Back in the early 2000's Erion racing and Two Brothers racing exhausts built an RC46 header that made between 5-8 extra horsepower by itself. it wasn't vastly different from the original designs honda use but the primary inner diameters were much larger. a 98 and probably your standard VFR Header utilize 33mm ID primaries. the Vtec bikes use a catalyst and 31.5-32mm ID's in stainless. Two brothers and Erion used 36, and 38mm ID primaries respectively. and Both achieved outstanding gains from 3k to redline. No real suprize considering that's the specs of the RC45 the engine is based upon without respect to the different firing order. I have at least a dozen gentlemen on the VFR discussion forums, and perhaps half that more on the VFR World forums that are ready to buy at double what your company charges for their standard faire.if your company can produce a race ready 36-38mm ID header for the RC46 with the same quality you put into your GSF650 header, We're ready.The consensus of gentlemen on the boards agreed on: 18 gauge 304 stainless steel with 1.5" tubing primaries, 1.63" tubing secondaries, 2.0" header collector discharge results in: ~35.6 mm ID primaries ~39 mm ID secondaries ~49mm ID header collector discharge Can you help us? Respectfully, Michael Spence"
  4. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    So. I know there are those that have balked at the standard faire Black Widow VFR Header. But have you guys looked inbetween their standard, and their race branded headers? Their GSF650 header for example looks to be the bomb. I sent them an email feeler to see if it might go anywhere. we'll see.
  5. Power Commander

    your best bet to find out if your bike is running down on power or not is to go to a dragstrip. Get a good run in with no slip ups, and your top speed will be highly indicative on how your engine is doing. you can get a crappy start and run a bad ET, but your top speed will be (mostly) unchanged. I'm betting your bike is fine and you just did testing on a power hungry dyno vs. some of the other graphs you've seen out there.
  6. the VFR's timing retarded first and second gears were even more pronounced than the Duke's ... but it's power on tap was Staggering once you got above 4 grand
  7. Having rode a SuperSport demo bike, it wasn't that much faster than a VFR at all. it had some sort of a timing retard in the low revs I despised almost immediately. it did feel a lot lighter but the windshield left a bit to be desired, the trans didn't feel even close to as smooth and I just felt a bit underwhelmed. in a different environment I'm sure it would've shined but on san diego streets the VFR-14 is it. I also rode a VFR1200 that day and it is a monster everywhere but in sound. It makes me profoundly sad that they didn't 180* crank that bike because it's the only thing holding that bike back for me.
  8. 6th vs 8th Header mockup pictures

    I told Paul to let me know if the VFR community could help them build a bigger header in the future should they consider the project. we'll see.
  9. 6th vs 8th Header mockup pictures

    This was, respectfully sent to me from Paul Dyer at Delkevic Exhaust..... Hi Michael, Thank you for your email of a few days ago and sorry for the delay in responding to you. For a number of years now, we have considered further dev work for the Honda VFR800, especially when you consider the size of the market and how successful our current exhaust have been. However, we have so many projects going through R and D at any one time, it is very difficult to allocate a very expensive recourse to an already very successful product for an unknow commercial result. In terms of engineering dynamics, I would agree that there is more power to be had from the VFR and increased exhaust volume could certainly assist in that area. The idea of a “race” inspired exhaust certainly isn’t dead in the water, but equally isn’t super high on the agenda. Never say never! As for the later generation of VFR800 pipes, we have that covered with number of projects now: PR2873 VFR800F 2014 Front downpipes. PR2872 VFR800 2011-2017 COLLECTOR AND REAR DOWNPIPES These were signed off Mid August 2017 and should be commercially available very, very soon. I very much appreciate your comments and you never know what may happen in the not too distant future! All the best Paul
  10. 6th vs 8th Header mockup pictures

    I know this is crazy, but it might be time to appeal to Delkevic. as their header will fit a 2014-18 VFR with changes to the front pipes only. I'm gonna try re-pitching the 36mm ID primaries to them. I had their product development guy considering the whole option 3 years ago to anyone who wants to see the email chain between us. 36mm primaries into delkevics 4-1 collector to exhaust tapered deal would still yield considerable gains vs any other non RVFR custom built stepped race header :) and I'm guessing would be only a few bucks more in materials than the header they're currently pushing out.
  11. 6th vs 8th Header mockup pictures

    I think the front two are bow legged like that though to improve air through that bottom rad.... not merely really as a space issue. Possibly? But if that was the case why would they put an ENORMOUS big ass plastic duct that isn't even very breathable in the way of it?
  12. 6th vs 8th Header mockup pictures

    looks like it'd be in the way of that little radiator drain there, but honestly! might just go in
  13. 6th vs 8th Header mockup pictures

    this is the proof shot, and I think it might be close, but it might even make it....
  14. The frontend pipes don't look like they're at differing angles really at all. I get the feeling this "new" 8th gen header isn't different enough to keep a 5th or 6th off the bike if need be....... DISCUSS!
  15. -1/+2 520 conversion considerations

    There are some things to consider here! The '14 VFR peaks at 10,000 RPMS even, and holds that output til 10,500 or so before it drops off. Looking up the trusty gear commander, and the specs on the '14 's drivetrain at 16 and 43 the VFR800's reported top speed of 138 mph happens pretty much at the top of Fifth gear leaving 6th gear about 10% down on peak power @ around it's reported top speed. If the bike was making 115-120 HP that myself, and all the other guys scrounging for a real header, intake, and tuner setup This would be awesome because you might just see the 150MPH 10500rpm's in 6th gear. However at bone stock tune That's 9500 RPM's or so in 6th. Good for highway mileage, Not so sure about acceleration or top speed characteristics though. at -1T front we see a big shift and the 10500 6th gear comes down to about 144-145 mph. which might be a better tune for the basic bolt on crowd, PCV, some mufflers, flappers gone, ect. But from a motorsport standpoint, 1 down and 2 up is the usual, and for the '14 on paper seems to be a knockout upgrade. 10500 in 6th gear, 138 mph. I'm betting the accelleration would be vicious compared with stock gearing. To combat the idea of this being a no brainer upgrade though: The math says you will hit Vtec in 6th, also known as THE DEATH OF ALL GAS MILEAGE HOPES, at least 550 rpms sooner. I'm seriously considering going 1 down and 2 up on my 14. but we'll just see. Has anyone else done this yet?

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