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  1. Finally! This picture in the ecubox explains what I was told by their tech rep. Dimsport don't use Honda's cylinder numbers, but where the headers merge.
  2. So took another day studying what Dimsport have done to the mapping on the different generations just to educate myself. 5th gen is the same across the board as expected. 6th gen however has lots of added ignition on both above and below the vtec transition point. i can not see any other reason for this than the vtec was conservative on the ignition table from the factory. Pistons have a different PN but the rings are the same and compression is at 11.6 on both. visually googling the pistons does not reveal any differences on the piston top. might be that they are lighter with
  3. Yeah... All egt's I've seen are before the turbo for a reason. I've got no restrictions now with the soon to be fitted vfrd headers [emoji28] Would be interesting to see the numbers from the first bend after the exhaust port though. All I got is infrared going to 600°, I'll use that for sure! Putting more fuel generates more heat no matter how you look at it - There is no cooling effect in spent fuel.
  4. For the experts out there - any point in fitting an EGT in the collector? It's to far away right? It will never be turbo temps for sure and if might even be totally wasted moneys, but I love numbers like this [emoji846]
  5. One thing I have been thinking I should have done is to see the actual pressure from the plenum. Im curious to see if the rotrex is causing a restriction below where it starts spinning enough to make positive pressure. it's around the 5000rpm mark - I guess 200 below. That would furter explain the fueling tables being subtracted with the pulleys I'm using.
  6. Had a chat with the technical department at Honda today about SW tuning and Their bikes and he told me straight up - it has never happened and will never happen! He told a story about the Zoomer and professionals getting permission from Honda because they where using the engine for an environmental/green/saving the earth build thingy and they could not brake in to the ecu. The vfr1200 was the first model they allowed MINOR tweaks outside of Honda's RnD department to cure/improve some driveability issues. That's why we're piggybacking the shit out of the two wheeled Honda's...
  7. The higher pressure was needed to stretch the oem injectors a bit. Nothing to be done on the oem ecu as far as I know. Might be that there has never been any interest in it as it is a touring machine with an R in its name and the potentially 10hp with mods can't justify it's cost/potential. There where race ecu's available on most RR's and still today some bikes need new hardware for taking it to the max. Lots of Italian bikes could be SW tuned in the 2000. Cars with turbo have alot of reserves and sold in greater numbers. Cars (vag) had this option via obd in my2000 and pre 2000 could be ch
  8. The pulling away is due to increased fuelpressure. That's why I initially was thinking going standalone as the numbers in piggyback boxes just gives up a percentage added or decreased from unknown numbers. I don't like numbers that doesn't make sense, even tough it actual makes sense enough to fiddle with them if you know what I mean.
  9. This is the custom map, showing the same blocks, from 2008 with Remus slip-on and power filter. Of course N/A
  10. For those interested, here are a pic of the first tables In the custom dyno tune from 2010, based on a map I got from Dan. I'm off copy pasting until the bottle of painkillers is empty [emoji21]
  11. So I got my .djm file from the PCIII - won't open in excel. Converted the .djm to .pvm - won't open in excel. Tried opening both in rapidbike master - no can do as expected. Tried opening them in tuneecu - not compatible. Tried renaming to .xls extension - nope. Copy-Pasting is the only solution left it seems...
  12. Oh, one more thing. I love the threads which includes pictures - I'll try to be better! Warning! Chain maintenance is not something I do to much...
  13. A small update. I've inspected the rear valve clearances just to keep an eye on things. It's very comforting to see that they have barely moved and are not getting tighter. The dynamic compression and the combustion temperature have surely passed what Honda had intended, but the v4 does not mind a 100% power increase at all. All fluids are now fresh, the tires from 2013 have been binned, and the 2 year old fuel was siphoned and put in my lawnmower and snowblower. I've also had some small vibrations (from a fistant memory) when braking - measuring it with a dial gauge it turns out I have
  14. Det høres kjent ut [emoji846] Vfr800"fi" is the factory name on the European version, of course the fi was short for forced induction... Its been absolutely trouble free after the initial bugs mentioned earlier where worked out. I've worn out 2 belts, and both bearings in the PTO. Still have that same sprocket and chain as pre charger actually. My goal is putting the 200ish crank hp directly on the wheel.
  15. Time will show when I get the software. If this is an option in the RB software I will be very pleased indeed! I don't have the lsu's yet either but from the look of things it seems as the bungs will need some trimming to get the right protrusion.
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