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  1. RB let's you modify closed loop - PC don't. Timing adjustment is also available. Adjusting rev limiter is also cool. I'm sure there are more pros, but this is as far as I got reading about it before deciding RB is the way to go for me. Now it's just a matter of actually buying it [emoji28] Life always gets in the way and stops me from doing mine properly!
  2. Subbed! Why powercommander? Rapid bike is the smarter option [emoji846]
  3. Is it rubber or copper? #24 is a rubber oil seal on the back of the Piston where the clutch rod end goes through.
  4. A small update. Headers showed up one week ago, so i'm starting my rapidbike research based on the somewhat limited knowledge the Norwegian distributor has. RapidBike is pretty new to all of us, besides one crf1000 africa-twin install with amazing results in driveability! We discussed the possibility of adding sensors on the rapidbike race module as it seems that the race ECU has the same hardware across all bikes and should be able to handle a better MAP sensor solution than the OEM one. If it's even needed. They will forward our thoughts to Italy where the experience is at to get definitive answers. I'm not deep in the sensor set up yet, but I know that the OEM ECU triggers FI light when pressure is detected. This issue was "solved" by inserting a restrictor inside the hose and reversing the one-way valve to let positive pressure escape. This is based upon memory of conversations I had with Dan upon initial installation wich is light-years ago... Regarding the file system conversion question, it seems to be a definite no-go. I think my solution will be to print the blocks from the PC3 map and see where and how much is added, and plot it into the RB. Mytuning module will correct this while im driving on the safe side of detonation, and I'll alter the numbers based on the wideband sensors from time to time to get closer to a base map. As for the flex fuel, Wich I forgot to talk about, I'm was thinking about the haltec sensor wich elegantly sniffs out what ethanol quantity is present. So there is my answer, it is not able to detect what octane I am running, just how much ethanol is in my fuel. Our 95 octane Ron fuel has 5% ethanol, and our 98 has nothing. Been running 95 since day one, except when on Dyno, and with stock ignition advance thus has been hassle free even with insane ambient temperatures. I'm not going to change the pressure as of now, so I'm going to stick with 95 fuel untill I start playing with advance or going for higher pressure. That's my thoughts as of now.
  5. Quote me one of those when your finished fabricating [emoji6]
  6. Yep, Tyga all the way. It's whats inside that counts [emoji848]
  7. Couple of vfr 400 nc-30 pics taken today. Don't know the firing order but both banks merged together. These are feckkin jewels!
  8. I'm 5th gen, but I'm sure the difference is minor and with mytunig bike module should be easy enough to translate.
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