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  1. The mount spacing was identical, didn't have to modify a thing. I tried flipping them upside down, but the ball socket doesn't pivot down enough to look good at all. You'd have your mirrors pointing up at 45 degrees watching birds and planes haha. If you really wanted to, you could swap the bases to the VFR ones, but I don't really see a need to.
  2. I did a search, didn't find anything... I'm not sure if anyone has been curious if/how CBR mirrors fit on the VFR, but I went and took a chance on it. The CBR mirrors have a pretty sharp angle in the arm that drops them a lot lower than the VFR ones. It takes away a bit of the bug/mantis look I love so much, but I think the position works a lot better. VFR mirrors always seemed to have a tiny blind spot juuuuust behind me no matter what I did. Tangles always put my elbows in the way, too. The CBR mirrors, with that angle, are out from the bike just a little farther, but it makes a huge difference in viewing field. It was a little odd getting used to the new position and angle, but already I much prefer these mirrors. I feel like I can see much more when trying to merge. I'd even go so far to say that these mirrors might have helped me avoid my accident in September (car tried to veer around me to overtake as I moved into the carpool lane, clipped me). Anyway, pictures attached! (Bike is red now, BTW.)
  3. Need to fund some repairs on my 6th gen, so putting some stuff up for sale. Both are take-offs from my 2006. Local pickup is always preferred, but I can ship, as well. Just send my your zipcode for an estimate. I am located in SoCal, east of the LA area. I will say that I am open to trades, as I am after a few parts. I need an undamaged gas tank, nose fairing (no cracks, scratches ok), right side fairing (no cracks, scratches ok), and a right side mirror. I could also be tempted with a new rear tire, a Power Commander Autotune kit, a cat-less header system, and/or one of Sebspeed's windowed clutch covers (I can dream, right?) If you have anything else you feel might catch my interest, offer up! I'm willing to barter and negotiate, reduce prices, add money on top, etc. Worst I'll say is no thank you! The Givi rack is in very good shape, very light wear, mostly just dusty from sitting. Previous owner had it on the bike, I removed it the day I got it. I will disassemble it for shipping. Asking $100 The Scorpion exhaust is in pretty good shape. Previous owner mounted it a little far inward, so the clamp wore away at the right can's decal a little bit. I also just noticed a small dent in the same can, you can see it in the picture. I didn't even notice it until I was making this post, hah. Scorpion claims that if you damage a can, they will replace it for half retail, so... do with that what you will. It seems like the pipe connecting the cans to the cat. converter is an aftermarket upgrade. It's rounder and shinier than the pictures I see of OEM piping. If I had to guess, it's a Staintune pipe, based on pictures I Google up. I won't be needing it, so it's available as well, along with all clamps and hardware up to the converter outlet. I like the exhaust a lot, it has a great sound and I like how both cans are actually functional, unlike the 2bros. exhaust. I just want to switch to a Moto GP style for a while. I am having a little trouble pricing these pieces. From what I can tell, the cans run about $340 new, each ($680 for a pair). The pipe is nearly impossible to find, but old forum posts and defunct websites list the Staintune pipe and cans as a $1200 bundle. (Minus cans, that'd put the pipe at roughly $500 new). Given the damage and the used factor, I'd say my system is worth roughly $750ish. ($450 for cans, $300 for pipe), so that is where I'll start my asking prices. If you have any information or reasoning I may have missed, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly! Thanks for looking!
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