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  1. Hello guys! Just to let you know that I fixed the problem! ICM and one sparkplug cap is replaced, and now bike is like new again! Thanks for the help!
  2. I tried to measure on ICM side. So I unplugged coils, and unplugged 4p pulse gen connector. Measured on ICM side, but I didn't get any results. Do I need to turn key ignition on ON (II) position while I measure? Or crank the engine? Since I don't get any readings when I measure? Either ICM is broke 😄
  3. Thank you for this suggestion, can I ask how to do this?
  4. I measured according to this, and it is fine. But when I measure on back side, on ICM side, it is also around 290 oms, instead 450 - 550 oms, according to manual. Should that concerning?
  5. Hi Grum! Thank you for this note! I will measure tomorrow, to see will it be any difference.
  6. Hello fellow riders, I've been trying to months to resolve issue with no power in high rpm on my RC36 VFR 750 1990. Issue is not related to carbs and whole air/fuel system, since all that was serviced. It seems that is electrical problem. I found out that one spark plug cap was giving 1000+ kOms, so I replaced that. Also I've been measuring all electrical installations, and found that I don't get good measuring on pickup. According to instruction, when I measure resistance on 4P mini connector between yellow and white/yellow I should get between 200 - 400 Oms, but when I measure resistance between yellow and white/blue I don't get nothing. Also, when I measure on the ICM side resistance between yellow - white/yellow and yellow - white/blue manual says that I should get 450 - 500 Oms, but I get around 290 Oms. So to recap: ICM side measurement: Yellow - White/Yellow 290 (450-500 according to manual) Yellow - White/Blue 290 (450-500 according to manual) 4p mini black connector Yellow - White/Yellow 290 (200-400 according to manual) Yellow - White/Blue 0 (450-500 according to manual) I'm wondering if I'm measuring resistance on right way. Can anyone explain me how to properly do that? Thank you in advance! Daniel
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