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  1. Thanks! 👍 that is exactly what is happening! ok, so nothing to worry about!
  2. Hello guys! I noticed strange knocking sound when clutch is not under pressure. It is coming from left side of the engine, when sitting on bike. I recorded video, hopefully you can hear knocking. Does anyone suggest what to do? i heard that a lot of vfr have this knocking, but since this is recently purchased bike for me, I don’t know what to expect. thanks for your comments IMG_3110.MOV
  3. Ok! It works so much better. Actually, is working by far better then when I purchase it. It runs all the way up to 11500 rpm. But on the end it struggles a little bit. tomorrow new spark plug and air filter are arriving. And I want to order new membranes and sliders. Do you know where can I do that? thanks for all help!!! 😊😊 FullSizeRender.mov
  4. When I blow air into black hose, only one slide rise up. I will open carbs again to check it
  5. Sorry for wrong information. I will inspect caps and diaphragms again... maybe I didn't put them nicely...
  6. I was thinking the same thing, some how to lubricate slides. Second is showing that only one slider opens when throttle is given.
  7. I wanted to check if diaphrags are opening all the way and this is what I notices. One of them sometime it doesn’t close FullSizeRender.mov
  8. I will order it, just this is not related to air filter, in my humbly opinion. I removed air filter, just for testing purposes, and it is the same thing
  9. Thanks! I would do compression test, but I don't have a tool for it 😞 Since I'm going to change sparks anyway, I didn't check them all. I order now and I wait till arrive so then I will change all of them 🙂
  10. I done a little research. I should have to check floats, and float valve. Maybe they are worn out, thus it’s running rich. I’ll see that, maybe tomorrow. To bad that this is happening now, when it is driving season. You should not buy bike at beginning of season, rather on end of it. That way you can do checkups and maintenance during off season. good to learn for next time. so far, I’m really satisfied with bike, how it handles, looks, sound etc... can’t wait to fix it and to run as it should, but boy... it is hot on a but hehe...
  11. Jets are clean. Didn’t check float height. How much should it be? I can’t order air filter in country that I live.... no body have it. This is old one. thanks for the tips regarding radiator. I’ll try once I get sparks!
  12. Thanks Dutchy. Today I’ve cleaned carbs and check membranes, they are fine, and carbs are nice and clean. but now it goes worse than before??? Previously, on neutral I could rev u to 11,500 rpm, now it is stucked to 9 even on neutral. checked sparkplugs, I would need to change them, but I need to order them, and air filter as well. regarding regulator, previous owner put brand new OEM, as he told me, and It is working great! Question for sparkplugs: do I need to remove fan and coolant, in order to change front sparks?
  13. Hello all, recently bought VFR750FL 1989. Great bike! except... doesn’t run above 9k rpm. Do you have suggestion what could it be? Carbs possibly? Today I check fuel hose, had a hole in it, so I fixes it. Also, I check if fuel filter, and it is not clogged. I check air filter, seems fine, but I’m going to replace it, since now I only cleaned it with air pressure. any comments, or suggestion would be great! if you want, more pictures are coming 👍🏻
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