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  1. The solid red wire exiting the main fuse (attached to the starter relay) has gotten too hot. The plastic on the connector is slightly melted and the wire shows signs of too much heat. That is obviously an issue. I know it connects to the ignition switch and the wire has continuity to the ignition switch connector. It also connects to the fuse A in the right fuse box which connects to the instrument cluster which could explain the tach issue.
  2. It's hard to say if it's just engine power cutting or if everything is cutting out as it happens so quickly. It's happened about four times and none of the roads were particularly bumpy and it has only happened under acceleration. Except for the one time when I had to restart it no lights came on. The one time I had to restart I had to pull over as it wouldn't start at first. My check if the fuses only consisted of checking for continuity with the multimeter to make sure they weren't blown. The battery terminals are clean, I had taken off my battery tender attachments after the fir
  3. I did a thorough clean off the switch after my ride as it was something else I considered. I won't know if that's the issue till next time out. It was fairly gunked up with chain lube and dirt.
  4. I had considered that at first but given that it basically shuts off for a split second, tach goes to zero and all power is lost, then "reboots" I think that if it was a fuel feed issue it would be more of a stutter or hesitation. As far as I know the tank so clean inside. I keep it full during the winter to prevent corrosion. I've gone through a few tanks since my riding season began at the end of March and I only had this issue today and my last time out which was a week ago (damn coronavirus).
  5. 2004 w/abs with 60000km (Canadian model). During brisk acceleration the engine completely loses power momentarily. It's an intermittent occurence, it's happened in first, second, and third gear. It's like grabbing the brake for a split second, enough to jerk me forward. The tach goes to zero and then comes back and it continues to accelerate. It seems like the bike momentarily shuts off. I did have one occurence where it completely died and I had to restart. I suspect a bad ground but I have no idea how to diagnose an intermittent ground issue like that. The FI light is not on nor
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