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  1. Hey! I'm Laura from Phoenix, AZ and I ride a 1990 Honda VFR 400. It's actually my dad's but he gave it to me earlier this year and I decided to get it fixed and running. The problem is that I've had a rupture eardrum last June and I'm still feeling the effects of it to this day. My ears have been very sensitive to wind noise even with my helmet on. I've tried foamies but they make my ear canals swollen. I've also tried the self molding ones but they gave me an ear infection. That's how sensitive my ears are nowadays and it sucks! I'm thinking of getting a pair of earplugs like the ones in this video but I'm still looking for something a bit more cheaper. They have other types of earplugs from their website but I like this one the most. I'm open to suggestions and recommendations so just fire away! Thank you all in advance.
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