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  1. Took a great ride in the California sunshine. Beautiful day.
  2. Thanks I’ll check those out.
  3. Lotta good info once I started digging. The Wiremybike website was also very helpful, even instructional video on testing R/R using a $6.00 harbor freight 7 function digital multimeter. I’ll know what the deal is when I get the fairings off and and check connectors and voltage output.
  4. New fluids, tires, starter valve sync and my baby was running sweet. I know my 30 amp fuse holder was looking pretty scorched, burned wires and all but no problem until I decided to tweak around and look at the fuse. The contacts were dirty so I used a fine Emory board to clean them up a bit and replaced it. Fired it up and all was good except the now the fuse for the horn, running lights and turn signals must have blown because they all stopped functioning. I stopped tweaking after that and took the NT instead. Later with a less pissed off mindset I took the seat off and again felt the crispy wires and looked at the burned fuse holder and was glad I didn’t get stranded. I have zero electric diagnostics equipment and would like get this done at home if at all humanly possible. I appeal to the skilled and knowledgeable folks here to give some suggestions on how to proceed. It’s a 2007 non abs, had a ground issue a couple of years ago that was sorted out by a Honda shop in San Francisco, other than that zero probs with the electric system, no electric accessories. Go go slow I just turned 56!!!!!!!
  5. Since the last attempt of bleeding my brakes and syncing starter valves ended with me and my buddy drinking heavily and hoping for the best so this time around I went to my local Honda Powersports dealer. Long story short I don’t think my vfr ran this well when it was new! All of the low end light switch throttle snatch is gone and the bike naturally idles much smoother. The braking is much improved with a nice firm lever and pedal and the clutch is so much smoother to engage. The surprise was was not the service bill but the owner of the shop who rolled out a new 2019 goldwing when I jokingly asked about borrowing one to get home. No joke he went over the features quickly and I was off on a “go have fun” ride. Large and in charge, the thing was rediculously comfortable and pretty damn fast, the torque was immense and the new front end simply works. Well balanced and easy to ride, within a few miles I was comfortable with the size and enjoyed playing music and with that big six. I tried to be a bit respectful to the new bike with 65 miles on it but I sampled enough to make me a believer. The strong brakes and reverse make managing the big bike easy and the bike felt like the flagship model it is. Very nice, so glad I got to scratch that itch. I took it home so my wife could take a look and she approved of the bikes comfort and it was a great test ride and all but I don’t tour nearly enough to justify anything so expensive. Fantastic machine that one day I could see owning when I’m retired and have time to take off to look for America. As excited as I was about riding the wing I’m more excited that my bike is back to its sweet v4 self. I took a pic of the WING sitting in my garage.....
  6. Ran a few errands before the rain hit and finally changed the oil and filter. New tires are next.
  7. Aired up the vfr’s tires, looked the bike over and took the NT700V for a ride. Vfr needs tires, the contimotions still have tread but the front has become super sensitive to pavement seems and irregularities. Time for a change, looking to try a set of Bridgestone t30 evo tires on the Vfr. I have a set on the NT and they are great.
  8. Aired up the tires, looked the bike over and went for a nice ride down the coast.
  9. I keep it simple Honda branded dino m/c specific oil, honda oil filter every few thousand miles, no problems or concerns.
  10. LEGEND


  11. Sliders and hard bags are great but ultimately my full coverage insurance is the best bet against all perils.
  12. LEGEND

    VFR is home

    Holy Trilogy
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