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  1. I enjoy the oem appearance of my bikes and only have bolt on mods for comfort and utility. My ‘07 vfr was bought new in 2009 and the only mod was the installation of BLS lowering blocks. My ‘08 Bking wears a national cycle windshield made specifically for the Bking and a hepco becker rack and top case otherwise in stock condition. I picked the bike up new in 2011. My 2011 NT700V has the oem top case otherwise no mods needed. Nothing wrong with a nicely modded machine but I also love to see clean well running older stock bikes.
  2. I bought a NT700 2 years ago to keep my 07 vfr and a Suzuki Bking company. I think you will enjoy the smooth refined feeling of the vfr. It feels much smaller and lighter than the NT, nicer suspension, and so freakishly smooth. I’m on the heavy side and find the vfr to be great for riding canyons and long stretches of open highway.
  3. I understand that!! My ‘07 quit on me on the freeway a little while back. The wiring around the battery was looking burned and frazzled but I kept putting off replacing it and eventually paid the price. In my case I decided to have it picked up and dropped it off at a Honda Powersports dealer for repair. Thank goodness for breakdown cover. The dealer made a great repair, no further issues. As much as I hate dealers repair rates it wasn’t to bad a deal when I asked them to replace brake and radiator fluids, I even got to take a long test ride on a new wing!
  4. Congratulations on choosing a nice all around riding machine. It’s a used 16 year old used bike so there will be something that needs attention. Definitely check stator and regulator but ground issues and a burned looking wiring around the battery can definitely cause problems like you have described. Get her running and enjoy.
  5. Keep it! So clean with luggage and 5k miles I’d find a place for it. There maybe many around but time is marching on and clean cherries like that are getting thin on the ground.
  6. I like the handlebar kit from Web bike Japan, really looks good on the 6th gen.
  7. Nice machine! As far as back pain I found this really nice handlebar kit on web bike Japan.
  8. Lol the vfr is running great now and is a blast to ride but now that my wife is finally back to work I might snatch up one of these..........
  9. Went to the Honda shop to visit my ‘07 which is waiting for a new right side switch. The bike started acting funky and stopped running while on a busy Los Angeles freeway two weeks ago and had to be towed 30 some miles. The shop checked stator and regulator and all was reported to be good but the battery wiring harness was crispy and corroded and replaced which reportedly fixed the cutting out issue. Since the bike was being looked at I had them investigate a weird shorting issue with the 4 way flasher switch, every time I switched the flashers on it would blow out the 10 amp
  10. Since the last attempt of bleeding my brakes and syncing starter valves ended with me and my buddy drinking heavily and hoping for the best so this time around I went to my local Honda Powersports dealer. Long story short I don’t think my vfr ran this well when it was new! All of the low end light switch throttle snatch is gone and the bike naturally idles much smoother. The braking is much improved with a nice firm lever and pedal and the clutch is so much smoother to engage. The surprise was was not the service bill but the owner of the shop who rolled out a new 2019
  11. Ran a few errands before the rain hit and finally changed the oil and filter. New tires are next.
  12. Aired up the vfr’s tires, looked the bike over and took the NT700V for a ride. Vfr needs tires, the contimotions still have tread but the front has become super sensitive to pavement seems and irregularities. Time for a change, looking to try a set of Bridgestone t30 evo tires on the Vfr. I have a set on the NT and they are great.
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