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  1. I always enjoyed the single sided swingarm and the unobstructed view of the rear wheel on the 6th generation vfr’s. Looking at the stock exhaust from the rear you can see how proud Honda is of their V4. Good luck with the change.
  2. Good to know you are still making the lowering blocks. I remember when I lived in Rancho Cordova I picked up my lowering blocks from you personally and got to visit your nice shop and see the RC45. Your lowering blocks are very good quality and they make long rides very comfortable. Highly recommended to anyone looking for more leg room.
  3. There was a member here..... BLS or Busy Little Shop that made aluminum lowering blocks for the 6th gen vfrs. I purchased a set ages ago with good results. I finally bought some 20mm risers for comfort just this year. Small changes but they made a huge difference in comfort for me at 6 ft w/34 inch inseam.
  4. Lol I love it! Dorky slow sellers are my specialty. I picked up my new ‘07 Vfr in 2009 and my ‘08 Bking in 2011 during the last depression. Latest bike is the slowest, a 2011 NT700VA bought new in 2018 ‘cause I always wanted one and it has ABS, a first for me! Lot of nice new bikes out there but I’m good with what I have.
  5. Fresh oil and a filter, risers are excellent and she still cleans up well.
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