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  1. I live a few miles from the port and have cruised all of those roads he tests bikes on. As far as catching air hell I can do that on road on my vfr. Speaks to the state of the roads out here and a heavy bike with a big rider on 15 year old stock suspension lol. Shockingly I’ve never bottomed out the vfr and it’s to pretty to take to the off-road Zack short cut.
  2. Felt bad for the bike being ridden in the dirt and jumped but I guess if it’s not your bike what the heck. Amazing tech on that bike……would love to take a test ride on one just for the quick shifter alone. Would be fun to rip through the gears and let it howl.
  3. I currently have the cnc-moto risers on my 6th gen and they do work out pretty well. I have seen and been tempted by the “Hurricane” handle bar kit from Webbike. It’s a nice kit with holes predrilled in the handlebar and no need for any extended cables. Pricey at $309.00 shipped to California but looks quality.
  4. Considering folks are still waiting in line to buy $70,000 SUV’s and over bidding on overpriced housing I don’t think fuel has become expensive enough to make the average american change a thing.
  5. It’s a shame Honda is unwilling to help you with answers but not a surprise. I purchased a 2011 Honda NT700VA brand new in 2018. The bike was in perfect condition, no scratches, the inside of the tank was perfect, no signs of 7 years sitting on a showroom floor. The selling price was half of the retail price so I jumped on it as I’ve always wanted one. No problems with the bike but I was curious to see what other leftovers might be hiding in a warehouse. I asked the salesman but he didn’t know where the bike came from, no one at the dealer knew and didn’t bother to find out for me which was strange as I paid cash for my NT. The sales staff also had no idea of any of the features on the NT. The bike looks like it had been recently uncrated and it still had a lot of preservative underneath the engine, lower fairing and wheels. I called Honda headquarters in Torrance which is located a few miles from my home and they were absolutely useless. They explained to me “Honda doesn’t sell motorcycles to the public in crates and we don’t keep track of inventory of our dealers. You will have to call every Individual dealer to find a non current Honda motorcycle”. I wasn’t asking to buy a crated bike, just a listing of non current models like my 2011 NT but apparently they don’t keep track of what’s sitting in dealers stock. You would think Honda would be happy to move NOS quickly but apparently not. In any case I’m happy with the bike and the deal I got on it, shame Honda is not willing to be a little more open about things.
  6. 130 is merging speed to get on the freeway in the city of Los Angeles. No I was supposed to have surgery a year ago but was put off due to Covid, busy at work etc. Started having some epic pain and finally got an mri which showed a lesion, basically a spot on my talus (ankle bone) was worn out into the marrow….I have flat feet and deformed ankles long story short as a nurse I’m finally sitting my butt down for the next few months and get to watch the pandemic on CNN. Had to pick up a few screws to realign the ankle and a whole host of things thus the no weight bearing for a few months……
  7. Put my CGR ‘07 on a tender, no riding or driving for 8 weeks.
  8. Everyone likes a good conspiracy these days. Brits just need to be more like their treasonous bastard american cousins, civil wars, assassinations and the fact there are more guns than people in the U.S. has chilling effect on any mandates. Roughly 30% of americans are not vaccinated so the more likely scenario is an elongated deadly pandemic globally will be the thing limiting travel.
  9. Sounds better than the hateful misogynistic, racist, white supremacy, anti science views being spewed from misguided politicians and their followers.
  10. Love the new Suzuki 1000 GT, lighter than a non abs 07 vfr 800, more power/ torque, adjustable suspension, ride modes, cruise control, traction control, ABS, nice dash that you can synch your phone to, led lighting, comfortably upright seating. I love my vfr but time and continued development of modern motorcycles means Honda’s once proud flagship has seen better days. My current Suzuki Bking has been a better sport tourer than my vfr FOR ME if I’m honest. Better Suspension, brakes and these days sit up comfort are what I’m into. My current Suzuki has been less fussy than my vfr over the years so I would expect this GT variant to be a winner.
  11. Congratulations on your new machine. VFR’s have never been fast sellers, I purchased my ‘07 new in June 2009 after Honda officially lowered the price to ~ $7,500. Nothing was selling during those recession/depression times.
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