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  1. My vfr is still riding on its stock suspension, good to know about a new shock option.
  2. I just saw a guy on one today in Southern California. I was on my red ‘07 when a rider pulled next me and complemented my bike and I did a double take when I saw the rider on what looked like a modern vf1000r, he said it was 2015 vfr. That thing looked NICE, I mean damn nice. Beautiful motorcycle.
  3. I wouldn’t worry about it to much, no one cares about a quiet slip on even here in So Cal.
  4. The really loud HD’s were specifically called out and with lighted signs saying literally loud HD exhaust will not be tolerated and backed up by heavy enforcement in the Palos Verde area, those rich folks living by the sea have a lot of clout. Now riding through PV I rarely hear loud exhausts. An even worse trend are the v8 boys in their cars with beyond ear splitting exhaust. I think you should be ok, just don’t rev bomb the thing at stop lights.
  5. I currently have the cnc-moto risers on my 6th gen and they do work out pretty well. I have seen and been tempted by the “Hurricane” handle bar kit from Webbike. It’s a nice kit with holes predrilled in the handlebar and no need for any extended cables. Pricey at $309.00 shipped to California but looks quality.
  6. 130 is merging speed to get on the freeway in the city of Los Angeles. No I was supposed to have surgery a year ago but was put off due to Covid, busy at work etc. Started having some epic pain and finally got an mri which showed a lesion, basically a spot on my talus (ankle bone) was worn out into the marrow….I have flat feet and deformed ankles long story short as a nurse I’m finally sitting my butt down for the next few months and get to watch the pandemic on CNN. Had to pick up a few screws to realign the ankle and a whole host of things thus the no weight bearing for a few months……
  7. Put my CGR ‘07 on a tender, no riding or driving for 8 weeks.
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