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  1. Thanks Skids. I've been looking all over for these. I found a different fastener and they work but are so tight that it's a real pain to remove them.
  2. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Axel, thanks for all the planning. It looks like a great route. As noted Kooskia is a great spot for me to link up with you guys. I'll go ahead and book rooms as suggested. Looking forward to this. Didit, I'll look for the registration and get that taken care of. Thanks to you both! Cheers!
  3. 6th Gen Refresh

    Thanks guys for all the feedback!
  4. 6th Gen Refresh

    Thanks Moose. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Could not have done it without VFRD.
  5. 6th Gen Refresh

    Well although it was sunny on Sunday. The temp was just above freezing. Chilly at speed on the bike. Hence I kept the ride short.... We have snow expected this week. So hibernating too for a bit...
  6. 6th Gen Refresh

    Thanks guys for the cheerleading along the way....
  7. 6th Gen Refresh

    Officially done. Its been several months of free time to go through every major system of this bike. Weather was mild enough here yesterday that I was able to get out for a short 40 miles "test ride". I couldn't be happier with the result. I forgot how much fun it was to ride a VFR. Yahoo! This one with 48,000 miles runs better than my first VFR when I sold it with half the mileage. Butter smooth. All systems go. Thank you to VFRD for all your advice and info along the way. Cheers!
  8. My RWB jan 2018

    Pics of my RWB on first ride after full mechanical refresh.
  9. Left-hand turns are more difficult

    BTW - coming from Idaho we don't take potato jokes kindly... :-) And yes I'm an old sack of potatoes.... and proud of it!
  10. Left-hand turns are more difficult

    What you never use your butt brake?
  11. Tail bag size experience

    Ah! Thanks Thumbs. I've an older VFR and no hoops but I looked at their website and found what you're referring to. I have some hoops I bought elsewhere that will work. Thanks again!
  12. Tail bag size experience

    Its a nice product I've seen at bike shows. How are you folks fastening these to the seat that is secure and does not tear the seat cover?
  13. Anybody do track days?

    Thanks for posting. Never have done a track day. Its on my list. Nice to see it in motion.
  14. Left-hand turns are more difficult

    I've had similar issues in both directions; right handers being blind in many cases and left turns trying to find a line that keeps my whole body in my lane without scrubbing the debris on the right third of the lane. I found that in my case I was tense going into the turn and hence fighting my own control inputs. What I found that helps are two things; 1) entry speed just dial it back, and 2) relax my arms and use my torso to keep my arms loose and my grip light. Then just lightly push/pull the bars (counter steer). It's hard at my age but in the corners I have learned to NOT lean on my arms - use legs and torso. One instructor at a class I took a long time ago also told me.... Finish the F'ing turn. Meaning if you find yourself wide just push in and lean harder into it. The bike will usually take more lean than our senses will trust. And a lowside is slightly better than going wide into a ditch on the right or oncoming traffic on the left. So sometimes when I get tense I just tell myself "Finish the F'ing turn". It works for me.. cheers!

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