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  1. Great - thanks - I saw that other thread, but your link is the best looking one I've seen...Appreciate it!
  2. What's the make/model of that dual-usb voltmeter, and did you say you'd just do the voltmeter and the relay, not the switch?
  3. TedJake

    TedJake Dragon Trip 2013

    TOD trip in June with brother Mike (97 Valkyrie). Fantastic rides for 4 straight days.
  4. Hi TedJake, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  5. TedJake

    South Dakota 2017

    Road Trip with Brothers Dave & Mike from KC to SD.
  6. TedJake

    Anchor Bar in Buffalo 070716

    Also google "Anchor Bar Motorcycles" - a pleasant surprise to see so many bikes littered throughout the bar!
  7. Agree - when you throw ADV riding into the mix, the bike that tops the list there is the Triumph Tiger 800 - about as fast as the VFR (in the right hands), and opens up all the unimproved roads the VFR can't go on. I have a brother in Wichita that got a VStrom for that reason - had ridden all the straight roads he could on his Valkyrie, and thought, as he rode past all the jeep trails outside of town - I need a bike that'll take me down THOSE roads! VStrom did the trick, and we even did a trip to the Dragon - me on my VFR, him on his VStrom, and both had a blast...
  8. Teeing up a softball, here I think! I bought this knowing I can only get one bike, and there is no other bike that can do it all; possible exception is a Triumph Sprint. This year I've done an Ironbutt from Wichita to Kingman, AZ, and an about to do my 2nd track day. Zero disappointment in either. I put no fewer than 10k miles a year. It looks great and feels great. Living in the midwestern US, the heart of Harley country, when asked why I ride this instead of a Harley, I say, because MATH....It costs a quarter as much as a Harley, goes twice as fast, using a third the gas...No. Freaking. Brainer. Can I name any one bike that can beat the VFR in any one thing? Of course. May just be me, but can I name one other bike that can do it all? Um, no.
  9. TedJake

    Dayton Toronto 2016

    Took the 2005 VFR with Brother on his 1997 Valkyrie. Trailered from KC to Dayton. Up through Detroit to Pt. Pelee, then Toronto, Allegheny Forest, Wayne State Forest, then back to Dayton. Great Trip!
  10. TedJake

    2018 Ironbutt

    Met Brother Mike in Wichita, then Ironbutted our way to Kingman, AZ. Left ICT @6am Central; Arrived in Kingman @ Midnight Central same night. Me on my 2005 VFR; Mike on his 2009 FJR. Bike was flawless and no problems. That was the start of a weeklong trip through AZ, UT, CO.
  11. Hi TedJake, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. TedJake

    Tatra mountains in Slovakia

    Great pics, great bike, beautiful scenery!
  13. TedJake

    WV & Back of Dragon 2014

    Ride from Lexington, KY to Virginia to try the Back of the Dragon, then up into Southern WV to ride the Coal Heritage Trail
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