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  1. hondalover

    ADV Viffer

    I 2nd Lee's comment. Well done in completing things on a VFR that makes other people cringe.
  2. hondalover

    NorCal in Spring

    Beautiful picture. I would agree with the calendar shot, but it's the wrong orientation.
  3. hondalover

    VFR, duh

  4. hondalover


    Looks like the 6th gen version of HS's "Ole' Gal".
  5. hondalover


    Those colors are throwing me off! I see the ABS ring and the preload adjuster but the calipers are black instead of gold?
  6. hondalover


    Sorry to disappoint MaxSwell, but this is a silver '05. It's just the lighting that makes it look lighter. Both times I've done the Star School, they did NOT require taping of any lights. They only required the head lights and brake lights to be non-working/unplugged. Which is kinda odd because I've done two different track days at the same track, and they required the tape. I would have guessed that it would be track dependant, but evidently it's more who is operating the track time.
  7. hondalover


    I should really pull the bike out and at least ride it enough to put some fresh gas in it. It has been neglected for the past few months.
  8. hondalover


    That's an expensive looking wheelie bar!
  9. hondalover

    Railway Curve

    I was thinking this may be the first featured photo that I can remember without a bike in it. OTOH, I've traveled through B.C. 3 times on the way to or from Alaska, and this area of BC may be the most beautiful place in North America.
  10. Neither. The front signals are a dual filament bulb, but the 1156/57 bulbs are a round base, push & twist style bulb. The front signals are similar to the rear brake/tail lights.
  11. hondalover

    107078 (1)

    I don't see the "VFRD" across the windsceen, so I'd guess it's not him. But I do like the shot.
  12. I have installed an assload of those on metric cruisers. If I ever own any type of cruiser, these would be on the bike. They are worth the money IMHO. BUT, one of the other VERY popular farkles are heated grips. Being that the ISO grip are metal, I would tend to think that you wouldn't be able to fully utilize the heating element of the grip heaters with the ISO grips. Just some thoughts to ponder since you live in MN.
  13. Does Bill own any other hats? I've yet to see him either without that hat or a helmet on his noggin.
  14. hondalover

    Hail damage and the storm

    Hail damage caused by a storm that rolled through Topeka, KS on May 21, 2011. My VFR was sitting in the Capital Plaza Hotel parking lot.
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