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  1. Fastest guy I know still runs PR2s FWIW
  2. Good thing I have a huge pile of 180 Conti RA3s in my basement along with a leftover T31. 🥴
  3. Cancelled my reservation today so there should be a spot at the Rocket. Other riding got in the way. Happy and sad all at the same time.
  4. No, but I did sign up for the season pass and the day I scheduled my flight out is the one day we run VIR Full Course. It's proved difficult coordinating a bike there with my work schedule. I'd pay a reasonably trustworthy rider to ride my bike from North Carolina to Miguel's place before the trip.
  5. Probably not gonna make this after all. Because track days.
  6. Holy crap! What rally is that? ***Edit - nevermind, I'm dumb
  7. Please do performance sweat wicking!
  8. I hear the Colorado route is pretty good. I think someone important on this forum lives out there. Who would that be? Hmmm.
  9. I appreciate the offer, but I'm probably looking more for shipping it to the hotel in Custer on either July 9th or 10th with a VFRD member accepting delivery. Then on the evening of the 10th or morning of the 11th either getting a ride from the airport to the hotel or having someone ride the bike to me at the airport and then 2-up back to the hotel. I can think of a few yahoos who would enjoy the latter.
  10. I'm really thinking about a ship / fly on the way out due to limited time, but we could definitely take the long way home over a couple of days.
  11. What is the recommended route across the Great Plains?
  12. LOL. So shall I. I may try to squeeze in Utah or Colorado on the return trip so I will probably pack the cold weather stuff, too. Is it July yet?
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, but I was referring to riding temperatures. I will be wearing ATGATT, which will not include shorts, t-shirts, jeans, Speedo's, flip flops, etc. Are there significant elevation changes such that it will be 40 degrees on top of the mountain? I'm new to the area.
  14. What sort of temperatures are to be expected in this region at that time of year?
  15. Booked for the trailer I do not yet own. I'll probably add a day on the end but have not yet decided. The trailer I plan to own will also be a track day trailer with some sleeping accommodations so I can just sleep the last night in the trailer. It shall be grand!
  16. I don't know how they go that slow and not fall over with all the vibration and noise distracting from the task at hand.
  17. Warning noted. I don't know anything about your Mister Happy and I won't bother to ask. This ride sounds like it shouldn't be missed after Corner Carver's description of the SD area from his exploits. This sounds like a job for the CB500X or whatever is it's replacement.
  18. 007


    Achingly beautiful, sir.
  19. I agree the turn indicator lights likely have little effect. If anything, I was riding without running lights because the filaments from the original bulbs had burned out, which is probably worse over time than running with an LED that will last longer. I believe the brake running light pulls a good bit more than signal running lights. The worst thing I did for the RR was switch out all the headlights for LED. In the end, I decided safety of signaling cars and visibility was worth the cost of extra load on the RR. I'm also running a radar detector, charging a cell phone, running heated grips and at times heated clothing, a voltmeter, and gear indicator. A veritable circus which I doubt this makes up for it but maybe comes close.
  20. And here is the TMAC / Spring Ride link for this year: (Sorry to get off topic, I hope it is welcome). I look forward to watching your progress since I may be undertaking one of these projects in the future.
  21. PRB Fall Ride: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/forum/121-prbs-fall-ride/ There is always TMAC in Franklin, NC some time around Memorial day. It won't be called TMAC anymore, but it will go on in some form or another. Usually a few more folks attend.
  22. I'm satisfied with the Penske shock put together by Traxxion for my 6th gen. I went with Cogent Dynamics for my CB and Rick put together a custom shock that includes Ohlins parts, which may be your best bet considering the age. Cogent is more expensive than Daugherty, but that is to be expected when the parts say Ohlins. I wanted remote adjusters but the parts wouldn't fit on the CB. It wouldn't hurt to give Cogent a call before the busy season starts. Looks like you already have the front end done right - do you know the last time it was serviced and is it sprung for your weight? PRBs Fall Ride is calling... Do you think it will be done by then so we can all drool in person? We may be moving the base camp to Marion, VA for 2017 in case you need extra motivation to get the project done!
  23. We NEVER get off topic. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave....
  24. The fairing stay bar is ripe for U-bolt RAM attachments. One for GPS. One for radar. A drink holder mount up there would be an instant touring upgrade!
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