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  1. LOL, I do so want to say "of course I'll be ready to ride" but recent history has, perhaps, said otherwise. 😬
  2. Oil change and chain cleaning/lube day - to mark 1 week out (rounded to the nearest 'week').
  3. Nice bike. Love the Anniversary Edition 6th Gens colours - then I wondered how the devil did you get a pic at Pearson without getting run over?! It's never not busy around that area...? Standing that far into the road you would have been a dump truck grille ornament LOL!
  4. So there I was, at home, moving the bike off the trailer after being at KanadianKen's garage (and part time home for VFR vagrants) and noticed the right hand brake lever flopping around. The ASV return spring gave up the ghost and one of the arms fatigued(?) and done broke off. Am now consumed with wanting a stainless steel replacement for the failed one in my ASV lever(s). Wondering if anyone else has ventured down this road and has input, guidance or recommendations on upgrading to a stainless steel spring over the mild(?) steel ASV factory same replacement in the kit. Total cost will work out about the same, so it is really a question of will this stainless steel spring work after being modified or is it far too much work for what will functionally be a small return in actual service life. Pic below shows the broken arm spring on the left with dimensions scaled off it in sketchy light and after several adult beverages so +/- 1mm 😉. Spent some quality time on the ol' Googler and found what seems to be a suitable replacement (that will ship to Canada) of the original spring with a stainless steel replacement spring as shown in the borrowed from "amy.supermarket" pic, below: It is very likely made of the finest Chineseium (thanks AvE YouTuber) but will likely outlive the life my bike has. Am confident I can bend and trim the 34mm arm back to form a 180deg spring function, like the original, and trim to length. Am ready to pull the trigger but wanted to get feedback/input/critique/guidance from anyone who is more spring knowledgeable then me (and that would be everybody) so please, fire your data-based comments away...all are welcome.
  5. TT, have an 08 with HISS and am just North of the Big Smoke. Will PM you with the boring particulars of latitude and longitude to see if can work.
  6. On my '08 6th Gen the quality of the OEM Honda painted parts is exceptionally good - the clear coat appears very heavy (haven't measured the actual depth) and is far harder and adheres better to the panels than my experience with repainted panels. YMMV depending upon the body shop but if the price is within ~20% I agree with Sweeper, just go with new OEM panels as you know what you'll get.
  7. Hi VFRpwr, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. Thanks zeer0 for getting the shirts together for the Spring Ride. Looking forward to getting together with everyone in May and seeing how you 'step up' your footwear game from what you had at the Fall Ride.
  9. Grace's "Halfrica Twin" (Sweeper copyright) is looking good with those new shoes. Time is counting down before you will need the VFR done. 5 months(ish) and counting!
  10. Hi VFRpwr, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. VFRpwr


    At first I thought it was a Flat Black Productions screen grab. Great pic!
  12. Too bad about your NZ trip, Skids. Am not counting on having mine for TMAC this year as I believe the FUSAR group is feeling the pain of being manufacturing neophytes. I like their concept enough to wait through these delays. Integrating existing hardware with novel, new software from a new team was going to have some teething problems and for some unknown reason North American business management only makes plans for everything going smoothly (maybe it's the Mayfly-like 3 month life cycle they have?). Combine working with an off-shore contractor and it's a steep learning curve. Can't comment on what challenges they face on the electronics end but on the plastic molded case I'm pretty sure they didn't count on having to rework the molds 2 or 3 times or perhaps even re-make them (not an uncommon situation when dealing off-shore (also the reason the MBA's have begun using the term "re-shore"). Am keeping the faith but multiplying the delivery estimates by a factor to avoid short term disappointment. - these guys did get a big buy-in from a national retailer, which makes me feel a lot better about their ability to deliver. Otherwise I'd wonder when their seed money would run out as well.
  13. More for my own interest than a real development - received an email from Fusar with what I interpret to be my order (sequence?) number from the group buy and more importantly a shipping group identifier. Am located just north of Toronto and wonder if anyone else in the North East area has the same shipping group "C" identifier? Name: Richard Cranium (could be lies)Order #: 610Shipping Group: C
  14. Hi VFRpwr, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  15. VFRpwr


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