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  1. Hi VFRpwr, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. As usual, Sweeper is a great guy to ride with but his camera is everywhere! LOL! 😜
  3. Not making the tire mistake again - bringing a second rear, mounted and ready to go in a few minutes if ham fisted exhuberance gets the best of me 😉
  4. Being a polite Kanadian, I'd like to schedule crashing this event 😁 I've got new(ish) tires and everything! See all y'all there!
  5. Unfortunately no, was an hour North of Venice - an easy 2 hr drive on the Autostrada. Going again I would stay with the 09:15 tour - this way the parking lot across the street is virtually empty. It was packed when I got out around 11:30.
  6. Took the morning of a recent business trip to Italy and visited the Ducati factory. They have a guided factory tour (sorry no pictures allowed) and the Museum tour all on the site in Bologna. If you have the chance, don't hesitate, the factory tour was fascinating. A few notes from the factory tour: - The new Panigale V4 engine takes 180 minutes and a V-twin only 120 minutes to assemble - Non of the bikes are 'dressed' in bodywork within the factory - From the assembly line to quality control and through to final inspection each bike is rolled around by hand. When I asked what happens when someone drops a bike the question was met with dead silence and the guide quickly moved on to someone else. I suggested the person wear a green shirt like at TMAC, but was again icily ignored. For some reason I felt right at home. A few pics of my trip the majority of the Museo as it was only permitted to take pictures in the museum where they had the last remaining Super Sport that hadn't caught fire. Even with that risk I still covet that bike as N+1 the ergos are very comfortable.
  7. 2006-2009s use a different casting that captures the pads ‘better’ or at least differently than previous years.
  8. Thanks zeer0 for getting the shirts together for the Spring Ride. Looking forward to getting together with everyone in May and seeing how you 'step up' your footwear game from what you had at the Fall Ride.
  9. Grace's "Halfrica Twin" (Sweeper copyright) is looking good with those new shoes. Time is counting down before you will need the VFR done. 5 months(ish) and counting!
  10. Hi VFRpwr, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. Cam chain tensioners while you have the tank off might be considered. Front fork upgrades from f4i internals to DMr cartridge kit to AK20 cartridges use the stock VFR forks (keeping ABS and LBS - good or bad) up to a full USD forkectomy; depending upon technical comfort and budget you cannot go wrong tuning the suspension for your desired riding - best return on investment I've made on mine. Your workspace pic and list of To Do items are making me want to get out to the garage and spend some time wrenching on my old girl. CCTs are on my list. Cheers!
  12. Has your desire for espresso or cappuccino increased since owning it? OK, now I get it: ...you may not want Matt's help with the front calipers.
  13. VFRpwr


    At first I thought it was a Flat Black Productions screen grab. Great pic!
  14. Too bad about your NZ trip, Skids. Am not counting on having mine for TMAC this year as I believe the FUSAR group is feeling the pain of being manufacturing neophytes. I like their concept enough to wait through these delays. Integrating existing hardware with novel, new software from a new team was going to have some teething problems and for some unknown reason North American business management only makes plans for everything going smoothly (maybe it's the Mayfly-like 3 month life cycle they have?). Combine working with an off-shore contractor and it's a steep learning curve. Can't comment on what challenges they face on the electronics end but on the plastic molded case I'm pretty sure they didn't count on having to rework the molds 2 or 3 times or perhaps even re-make them (not an uncommon situation when dealing off-shore (also the reason the MBA's have begun using the term "re-shore"). Am keeping the faith but multiplying the delivery estimates by a factor to avoid short term disappointment. - these guys did get a big buy-in from a national retailer, which makes me feel a lot better about their ability to deliver. Otherwise I'd wonder when their seed money would run out as well.
  15. More for my own interest than a real development - received an email from Fusar with what I interpret to be my order (sequence?) number from the group buy and more importantly a shipping group identifier. Am located just north of Toronto and wonder if anyone else in the North East area has the same shipping group "C" identifier? Name: Richard Cranium (could be lies)Order #: 610Shipping Group: C
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