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  1. Maybe a vinyl wrap would be better?
  2. I had a CBX too. A ton of unsprung weight and completely inadequate suspension. At 16 I didn't have a clue. lol
  3. Wait until you have to clean around the front sprocket some day. Not fun, nothing seems to dissolve that stuff.
  4. RDMcD

    3RD Gen

  5. Hi RDMcD, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. RDMcD

    MyVFR With The Wife - 5

    Looks as good as the day you got her!
  7. RDMcD


  8. I agree, you have a real beauty there. A 2015 version of yours is what I'd build, not to say yours is in any way not up to date.
  9. True, but I wouldn't be in it for profit and the only customers I'd be trying to please would be vfrd members.
  10. I'm don't mean just a parts bin bike, new from the ground up. We've got 50 million to burn.
  11. So a couple of months ago Ontario's lottery, lotto 649, had its biggest jackpot ever of 64 million tax free dollars (Canadian dollars ) That got me thinking about what I'd do with that much money. After the house, cars, traveling, helping out some close friends and family there would be about 50 million left over, and I wondered what the hell would I do every day? Then it came to me. First I'd build a collection of every V4 bike that Honda has produced in the past 35 years. Then with input from the members here I would build the VFR that VFR owners would want to own. Well I didn't win but it doesn't hurt to dream. I know this has probably been done before but now that the riding season is over I thought it would be fun to make a wish list to get us through the winter. List your must haves, get specific , post pictures. Since its my imaginary money I'll set some guidelines. This VFR will still be a sport/touring bike, a little heavier on the sport, or maybe come in two configurations. To be a true VFR it shall be a V4, and shall have gear driven cams. There will be NO vtec (sorry 6th gens ) and shall have a single sided swingarm. Everything else is open for debate. Some of my personal wants would be : 1000cc displacement 150ish horsepower 450 lb range ( or less ) RC 30 inspired color scheme Underbelly exhaust Bullet proof electrical / charging system I'll add to this when I see something I really like. Supper charger option (200 hp) Decent suspension components - equivalent to what's on a CBR1000RR / complete system designed and built by DMS Lighter swingarm ABS and traction control with track/sport/cruise settings electronic cruise control Front mount radiators Belt drive Ducati style hub Carbon fiber body Carbon fiber rims
  12. RDMcD


    That should be in the calendar for sure! Looks as good as a painting that took 100's of hours.
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