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  1. Been using this one for a year since I rebuilt my charging system. Works great
  2. Rob, do make sure all engine mounting bolts are properly torqued! lol Have fun guys and ride safe. See you all for the spring ride.
  3. Good to know they didn't charge you for the part. It was an error on the mechanics part though and totally preventable. Maybe he was having a bad day...it happens. If it worked when you went in it didn't go bad on its own though. If it ever happens again, a little pry with a screwdriver will slide the plastic nut back to its original position.
  4. Happens all the time with inexperienced mechanics. Did it myself once, not gonna lie.lol They didn't need a new part likely, the plastic nut will slide on the shaft. Hopefully the dealer wasn't giving you the shaft! Seems a little odd that they had such an obscure part for a 20 year old bike in stock... doesn't it?
  5. What bike are you asking about? I don't think those are vfr part numbers. If you are talking about a vfr, change the oil and see if that makes any difference before bending over for a dealer. sorry my mistake. I see now they are 1200 parts. Please ignore me
  6. Both are very nice. As said by others, don't be afraid of a little mileage. The exhaust is a Chinese danmoto I believe.
  7. Maybe a vinyl wrap would be better?
  8. If you are happy with the price, buy it! You are basically getting one of the best generations of vfr , In my opinion. Since it has sat a lot you should count on changing all the fluids. Unless the seller can prove the tires are less than 5 years old you need a new set and it wouldn't hurt to start with a fresh battery. Check inside the tank for rust and check the chain for rust. Make sure it idles and runs smooth (Injectors could be clogged) After that you will have a vfr that really is better than a new one, Do you have pictures? What is the seller asking?
  9. I had a CBX too. A ton of unsprung weight and completely inadequate suspension. At 16 I didn't have a clue. lol
  10. Is something nesting in the "V" of the engine?
  11. Contact statorkev.com here in Ontario ( Georgetown) He will rewind your stock stator for about half the cost of new. He did a great job for me no problems a year later. Then go to Roadstercycle.com and order either the FH020aa or SH847AA and his wiring kit. After a lot of research that's what I did and I think its the best possible setup. Add a volt meter for peace of mind in the future. Good luck.
  12. Wait until you have to clean around the front sprocket some day. Not fun, nothing seems to dissolve that stuff.
  13. I have a 5th gen bar in my hand and a 3rd gen on the bike. There is very little difference that I can see, maybe a slightly different downward angle. Where did you find a 4" riser???
  14. A clean 1990 with 84000km (52000 miles) . Plastic is in good condition but was painted by a previous owner. Comes with high mount Delkavic and original exhaust, Spare low mileage rear shock and Honda shop manual. $2500 cd ( $1900 usd )
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