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  1. dude lol... long time no chat. where in oregon are you at? i have been within 90 miles for a while... get a hold of me.. we'll chat.



  2. that is in fact miles. mobil 1 10-40 4T i followed a chart from someone... i'll look for it...
  3. wanna hear something sick? the only, things that i've done to the original vfr that i started with, are: reg/rect (3x's), stator 1, couple batteries, few clutches, numerous tires, synched the carbs a couple times, *have thought about adjusting the valves one day*, tires 3x's a year for 5 years running, brake pads, pazzo levers, braided race lines, shes not pretty like she used to be. Been hit 3x's (ol timers think i'm a parking spot), wrecked once, Each time near completion of paint. replaced the forks (even after swapping shims) because of slop. uhm, thermostat twice, temp sensor twice, i am on my 6th set of grips lol. The motor is the very same, internally. jets, needles, valves, all stock. I do run 2 stroke synthetic in my fuel on every tank
  4. I just hit 229,000 on my 1990 vfr before xmas...
  5. rc30 singing

    I hate you? I envy you? Its a complicated emotion ;-)
  6. Mr Hyde

    das a wolf in sheeps clothing there :-)
  7. VFR In CDA

    ;-) right across from Ironhorse lounge = Nice...
  8. Coeur d'Alene or Bust, my ride to Idaho

    where you at now? ;-)
  9. VIFFA

  10. about time its done

    he can't . . . those aren't just representing the place he worked on it... that's 'the doghouse' he was sleeping in :lobby:
  11. 100_2406.JPG

    best of both worlds :cheerleader:
  12. what happened to you?

  13. VFR400R

    new ride in the garage
  14. Replacement Grips

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/GALINDO-SUPER-BIKE-GRIPS-LONG-7-8-130MM-BLACK-SPORT-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem564273f05fQQitemZ370482081887QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories love these... an entire year on them before I had to change them... outsides were worn off... very comfy take any and all road vibrations... soft but not squishy hard but not too hard... medium mix for comfort and longevity.. used them for quite some time on several bikes.
  15. VFR750 Sand Drags

    that was fantastic...

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