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  1. I really don't see any other bike. 😁 Everything else appears to have been beat with an ugly stick.
  2. dgordon

    Touring windscreen

    That is definitely the MRA add on spoiler, on a stock honda windscreen. I found that spoiler setup useless for me. MRA quality is outstanding. But I finally found a zero gravity touring and it is by far the best functional setup. Not the absolute highest quality but best for airflow by a mile. 6'2. ymmv. Dave
  3. dgordon

    Is my brake pedal bent?

    Definitely it should be parallel, not on that angle. I have an '07.
  4. dgordon

    Another successful Year

    VFR's are indeed keepers. Every year the new bikes come out, and,, meh? I'm good. 🙂
  5. This is exactly another reason why I love mine so much. Imho, VFR's are classic in every way. History, sound, looks, comfort, reliability and a tremendous owner support base. Aftermarket support, it goes on,,, One tends to have a long and loving relationship with these. 😉 Ride it and enjoy it.
  6. Silver of all generations is sexy, and refined. I can't say classy as that would ruin it. But it's true. And a favourite.
  7. That candy red is gorgeous. Definitely unique from the Italian red,,, deep and lustrous. Beautiful. And I love the Italian Red too. 🙂
  8. dgordon

    Pardon The Nudity...

    And frankly Cogs has laid it down. Truth there. Trust in yourself and Seb; honest to gosh your work and ethic is clear to all of us who don't even know you. I've just bought product but the work and response has said it all. Imagine those you want to impress and get to know you! You will impress and succeed as it is in your nature to do so. To me, the corporate world is something you need to insulate yourself from. Not human centric and I am definitely a capitalist. Enterprise is great, am firm believer in merit. For some reason, larger corporations seem to lose the message. They lose the best of humanity and pursue corporate bureaucracy and corporate speak. Don't have the answers for it, but laying it out there. Everyone needs to take pride in themselves and be fearless these days. Good people are good people and always have the advantage. My .02c.
  9. dgordon

    Pardon The Nudity...

    Just incredible respect and awe from me Seb. Joining the choir here on so many fronts = your obvious skills and talents and on moving forward. I think for most of us your work just blows us away. Wish I had your skills brother. 🙂 You have, and will continue to crush it. Dave
  10. MaxSwell, I also have to say the 5th gens are just awesome. Wish I still had mine. It was silver btw. And gorgeous. If I hadn't sold it, it would still be my bike today. Got the 6th gen as I'm a VFR addict. And I can't be helped. And don't want to be. One of life's pleasures, truly.
  11. Lorne, it is an absolute beauty. Gorgeous. And I need that wheel. Now.
  12. B6, I need that rear wheel. You need to sell it to me at a good price. 😛 Seriously, you know you have to. Dave
  13. Team VFR, red is the traditional colour, and thus like it. Silver of all shades is brilliantly classy on our bikes. I hate saying classy as if you have to call that out then it's not. 🙂 But it is! The RWB to me are Freddie Spencer HRC US colours. I have to also add the 8 spoke wheel and wheels in white make it the bomb. My vote, overall then is the 25th anniversary RWB. My .02c.
  14. Mello, your summary is why you are indeed the Dude. 🙂
  15. Red is the classic colour for all generations. 🙂 Having said that, the 95-97 model in red is drop dead gorgeous as is the 93 in white. Aching beautiful that one is. 🙂

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