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  1. Have to share, Runners note on the source for the oem hugger was aces. The best price and shipped extremely quick for the default price. Just from looking at the hugger, it will last the life of the bike. My aftermarket did not, so recommending for others. Thanks to Runner for being the pioneer and source for this. Dave
  2. Hi dgordon, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. Would anyone have the Honda part number for the 8th gen hugger? I've checked fiches but can't seem to find it. Many thanks Dave
  4. Sweeper, looks very good. I know with this stuff if you're a perfectionist it can drive you nuts. But just think of those spots as character marks. :-) Love the colour btw. Dave
  5. Looking to see the finished product! Looks good! Love the 8th gen wheel on 6th gens - just aces. I had a red fox hugger that split - the OEM route looks perfect - many thanks for sharing! Dave
  6. Hi dgordon, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. 3D. What do I need to do this on my 07?  Could you provide the list of parts, the price in USD.  And if you can shipping costs to Ontario Canada.  Postal Code L1A0A6. :-)  


    Many thanks D.  



  8. 3D, apologies for the delay getting back to you.. I normally do a daily check on the site. ?.  Sending on the pictures to you now.. I'll check on shipping later today if that is okay.. let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for your interest.







  9. dgordon

    A Pair of 700s

    Wow. Stunners and a truly beautiful shot. Dave
  10. dgordon

    20150201 141728

    This is quite simply a most beautiful shot. Dave.
  11. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!! I'd love to do be able to do my own changes for the same reasons. This gives me inspiration. Think I may need gorilla hands to do this though.
  12. Seb, kindly also sign me up for this when they are available. Many thanks. Dave.
  13. dgordon

    '02 Mods

    Rhode, nice bike, and welcome too. :-) You've got some really nice mods already. I'll throw a vote in for a good slip on setup, and also, remove your snorkel. I just did the snorkel removal on mine after so many years. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. It's just ace, and with a good slip on the bike just insists on you ensuring you ride her and enjoy the sounds. Funkomatic. Now that you've asked, a nice set of levers for control always look sweet too - total bling. :-) I've got the chinese knockoffs and they've been good for 50.00. Enjoy your ride, nice! Dave.
  14. This is truly awesome and my best to you both! :-)
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