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  1. Offering for sale a new unused Galfer 6th gen stainless braided kit for a 6th gen non-ABS unit. Price is 150.00 Canadian. Shipping to destination is in addition. Part is in Port Hope, Ontario; Canada. Dave
  2. Moto, do your research and homework here. The best to me is Staintune but not sure about their supply or timeliness any more. With baffles in they are still good, and lifetime. Lighter too but not a race system in terms of weight comparison. The bike doesn't fit that profile.
  3. I really don't see any other bike. 😁 Everything else appears to have been beat with an ugly stick.
  4. Definitely it should be parallel, not on that angle. I have an '07.
  5. This is exactly another reason why I love mine so much. Imho, VFR's are classic in every way. History, sound, looks, comfort, reliability and a tremendous owner support base. Aftermarket support, it goes on,,, One tends to have a long and loving relationship with these. 😉 Ride it and enjoy it.
  6. And frankly Cogs has laid it down. Truth there. Trust in yourself and Seb; honest to gosh your work and ethic is clear to all of us who don't even know you. I've just bought product but the work and response has said it all. Imagine those you want to impress and get to know you! You will impress and succeed as it is in your nature to do so. To me, the corporate world is something you need to insulate yourself from. Not human centric and I am definitely a capitalist. Enterprise is great, am firm believer in merit. For some reason, larger corporations seem to lose the message. They lose the best of humanity and pursue corporate bureaucracy and corporate speak. Don't have the answers for it, but laying it out there. Everyone needs to take pride in themselves and be fearless these days. Good people are good people and always have the advantage. My .02c.
  7. Just incredible respect and awe from me Seb. Joining the choir here on so many fronts = your obvious skills and talents and on moving forward. I think for most of us your work just blows us away. Wish I had your skills brother. 🙂 You have, and will continue to crush it. Dave
  8. Have to share, Runners note on the source for the oem hugger was aces. The best price and shipped extremely quick for the default price. Just from looking at the hugger, it will last the life of the bike. My aftermarket did not, so recommending for others. Thanks to Runner for being the pioneer and source for this. Dave
  9. Hi dgordon, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. Would anyone have the Honda part number for the 8th gen hugger? I've checked fiches but can't seem to find it. Many thanks Dave
  11. Sweeper, looks very good. I know with this stuff if you're a perfectionist it can drive you nuts. But just think of those spots as character marks. :-) Love the colour btw. Dave
  12. Looking to see the finished product! Looks good! Love the 8th gen wheel on 6th gens - just aces. I had a red fox hugger that split - the OEM route looks perfect - many thanks for sharing! Dave
  13. Hi dgordon, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  14. 3D. What do I need to do this on my 07?  Could you provide the list of parts, the price in USD.  And if you can shipping costs to Ontario Canada.  Postal Code L1A0A6. :-)  


    Many thanks D.  



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