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  1. Pretty easy to remove. Bike on Centre stand or Jack with wood blocks under something sturdy. Wheel off ,don't forget which way the spacers go. Cable tie the calipers as not to stretch the pipes. Start with the clips ons bolts(12mm?) and work down through the head stock (14mm)or triple tree depending on where you are from. Do one at time . Maintenance wise... I would strip and grease the headstock bearings or replace them while the forks are out. Give the rad a clean and straighten the fins. While the forks are apart, if budget allows, stretch for some progressive springs. Hope this helps you.
  2. Good day gents,I'm looking for some more acceleration and have been looking at sprockets. Now ,from your wealth of experience ,would you say a smaller front is better than a larger rear. I'm thinking of either dropping a tooth on the front or adding a tooth to the rear.(maybe more) There is a small cost difference but I'm keen to know what others have done. By the way my drive chain is about midway through the adjustment cycle so re -adjustment shouldn't be a problem. I've included a picture of my bike too on a recent weekender. Thanks in advance.
  3. Excellent advice as usual. Thanks again everyone
  4. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks very much.
  5. More advice required please learned gentleman. So my tyres are well and truly done. Looking at tyres online and the choice of 170 rears is a bit thin but loads of choice for 180. My bike is a 92 with the 8 spoke rear wheel. My question is will my bike take a 180 rear with no interference issues. Thanks in advance.
  6. Additionally I changed the air filter and spark plugs. I opted for the Champion 9698's instead of the NGK's and the bike runs perfectly. Thanks to everyone for their constructive support . My next project is an alternative to the stone age suspension and replacement to the rusty radiator. Thanks again for your advice and suggestions.
  7. Update. Hi all. Ok, so I flushed the tank and removed the pet-cock to inspect the filter-all ok. Next was remove The carbs...however..when I went to loosen the straps/bands around the carbs where they meet the motor, the straps/bands on the two carbs nearest the radiator were loose-really loose. So I tightened it all back up (also noticed the sub air filter was knackered so have replaced) and took it for a ride. And you can imagine my happiness when it ran almost perfect. Still a light hesitation on pulling away but no backfires or loss of power anywhere else. So I'll balance the carbs,new plugs and air filter and hopefully... Thanks all for your support and knowledge.
  8. Hi all and thanks for all the advice. Sounds like I'll have to bite the bullet and give the carbs a strip down and clean, once that's done I'll change the consumables . I'll keep you posted of my progress. Thanks again.
  9. Hi, I've recently seen the light and have bought a 92 vfr 750f It has a couple of niggles I'd like to resolve and I'm sure the knowledge on this forum will be able to help. Ok so when cold bike runs fine, smells a little rich coming from an injected Ducati However once warm it struggles to pull away from a stand still and requires a lot of revs plus sometime when warm it struggles to accelerate past 4k - I experimented by adding choke and it began to run well again. The bike is stock apart from a full FUEL exhaust system and an R1 reg-rec . Additionally, I get the odd backfire pop through the air box. Please help as I really want to put some miles on this bike. Thanks in advance.
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