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  1. Ordered a set just like that on Ebay. I'd previously looked through the manual and on the page it mentioned a "special tool".It looks just like the one pictured but they wanted a special Honda price of 89 euros... hence Ebay. If it works ok I'll give the clutch master cylinder a pop too. Thanks ya'll
  2. That's not the case. I'm using OEM parts from Japan.
  3. Well thats true, but it almost 30 years old I think I'll give the calipers the once over too. That'll be after i remove said circlip...
  4. Good evening gents, Due to the age of my bike i thought it would be a good idea to replace the piston and seals etc of the front brake master cyl and then work my way round to the clutch and then the back brake . However I'm having issues trying to remove the pesky circlip that holds the piston in the master cylinder. My circlip pliers have enough reach to get the circlip but the piston leaves little room for manoeuvring. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  5. That's very reassuring. I'd always thought Honda's were made well and theres the proof. Thanks
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