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  1. So many cans of worms...from so many countries. It's good to see that no one is sleeping, when it comes to engineering. So, what have I learned? Most are in favour of just keeping the cooler, as is, as it wouldn't benefit my bike, by making any changes. Tick in the box, as far as that's concerned. I'll still have to relocate it, as i'm designing a fresh fairing and tail. It'll be 'somewhere', but no different in size. That only leaves the radiator, then. I'll probably make it into something bigger. It's not going to effect the bike, as it's thermostatically controlled. If one was to overshoot
  2. I get that good oil will do wonders....However, I like to play hard. I don't own this bike, so I can be the fastest kid on the block. It's more of a 'David and Goliath' thing....The bike is being reengineered, to get every free pony...every degree of handling, and every drop of soul out of it. I'd rather ask the questions, now, while it's an engine on a bench, than to look back in anger. Sounds good... A little rustic, for what i'm trying to achieve...but good. I was, however, thinking of getting another (same model) oil cooler, plumbing them together, and sticking them in the sides of th
  3. As a result of reengineering my tired ol' bike, i've come across a few sticky questions, with more than enough room for different angles of attack. This one's no different. When I pulled the fairing off, I almost laughed at the size of the oil cooler. Come to think of it, I think I did laugh. A 200mm three core radiator? WTF????? The question is, however, what do you all think? I was going to throw a bigger oil cooler at it, and be done. Then I saw a post of a bike with an extra radiator....right where I would have put the cooler. So which way would you go, if you were going down this track? K
  4. That's interesting. I was thinking about sticking a huge oil cooler down there, in place of the pretend 3 core cooler that's on the bike (FV), to start with. Any reason you went with more water cooling? Bugger....now you've got me thinking.....
  5. That's a bit funny, in a way. We're somewhat the same. I've owned a ZXR750...be it just a production version, and a beautiful Ducati 1098S. And, of course, have had the pleasure of owning a VF1000R, way back when. At the moment, my VFR is in the shed, as it's being rebuilt, but it would usually be inside, next to the heater. Beautiful looking 1000R, might I say.
  6. Oh, my Lord, it's hot down here. Anyway...To the chase! It's a given that you have to seal every single part of the engine, before you attack it with bead blast. I did that, and then ground off all the cast marks, just so it'll look great, once back in the bike....Or once the bike is rebuilt around the engine, to be more precise. My thoughts, for this week, as i've been blasting in 42C (107F)??? The oil cooler has an insane amount of plumbing, to get it to where it lives. I have no idea why, to be honest....Therefore, i'll be moving it to a better place, and making it bigger. It'll be directly
  7. How's this for a good start? Keep in mind, this engine is over 200,000 kilometers old. I started into it, over the weekend, and was going to go to town on it. Something this old SHOULD be showing signs of wear, right? It'd be in need of major work.....right? Well.....no, actually. The next time someone says to you that your VFR is getting a bit long in the tooth, keep this entry in mind. The cam lobes are literally unmarked. All of the warranty yellow marks are uncracked, and there's no real need to go any further, as far as i'm concerned. If I were made of money, i'd go for it, regardless....
  8. Rebuilding my VFR from the ground up.
  9. I'm intrigued.........How does this work? The mechanics of the linkages........
  10. criticalmass181


    Hi Oliver. You're right. It's not the best bike in the world, but it'll do, for us. I'll be doing work on mine in the coming months. I hope we can share some ideas.... Merry Christmas.
  11. The leg bit, I get. I caught my left leg in between the frame, and front wheel a few (insert 10) years ago, coming through a creek crossing. I broke my shin in 14 places, and still had to ride to our campsite. The bike stopped dead, on it's side, as did my lower leg. Unfortunately, the rest of my body didn't hear the signal to halt, and just kept going. In any case, just be gentle with it. Be active....but gentle. Bad injuries are deeper than a testosterone fuelled "walk it off' kinda mentality.
  12. Full suit, with exoskeleton...... 1 piece, or 2........Just a thought. You can look like a dick, at times, in one, but when you have that slow motion time, before you hit the ground, you'll know it was worth it. I wouldn't ride down to the shops in anything less. The cow it came from doesn't need it, so you may aswell make use of it.
  13. It's good to know that the part of the bike that's more important is still there. They're just a paperweight, if there's no pilot. I wish you a quick recovery. I hope this won't have any lasting psychological impact. 'Back on the horse' and all that good stuff. It's funny, in a way.....Most folks wouldn't know what a roo can do in an impact..... 3/4 of a stag, or 1/2 a bear, to all out Northern Hemisphere neighbours...... And, yes.....I'd guess that all you'd have had time for is 'Ffffff" Merry Christmas.
  14. This is what it looks like, when you get to the start of things.......Well, almost the start of things. Most of the engine will be going back into the bike. I'm still tossing up weather it's worth going too much deeper into it. Maybe a hone, and a port job, but just maybe. It DID take alot to get it to this stage, so i'll see how I feel as things progress. My first missions are to replace the steering head bearings with conical items.....but that'll only be once I decide which front end i'm going with. For a bike that has so much potential, and so much weight, i'm surprised that Honda went wit
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