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  1. As I'm using the Ducati hub/disk/caliper carrier i did not need an adaptor Phil
  2. Hi Jim I'm running a full Ducati EVO 848 rear brake assemble and also the master cylinder. It is really good. Cheers Phil
  3. I'm pretty sure I'm running my Gen 6 pump on my Gen 5 motor. Had a water leak some time ago and I thought it was from the pump seal so swapped them over. Wasn't the pump and I'm sure I never swapped them back.
  4. Cogswell. The difference in head height between the 5th and 6th Gen is 16mm not 38mm with the 5th Gen being the shorter. Cheers Phil
  5. The whole turning on VTEC all the time I believe is a moot point. The porting/cam timing is so similar between the 5th and 6th Gens that the bottom end power difference is not really an issue. The conversion I did was one of the best additions to the 6th Gen I think I've done. Honda did the VTec for one reason and one reason only. Emissions and EURO compliance.
  6. I had my original one die back in 2015. They replaced it under warranty as I could prove it was a device fault. Since then not a problem. But I've had a couple of My Tuning Bike controllers fail. Early LSU4.2 models. Now running LSU4.9 ones and have not had an issue.
  7. Anyone that has ever raced a SSA bike knows all about the issues with geometry changes with the rear eccentric. I'm involved with a MV F3 675 in the NZ National Champs and it is a bit of a mission to try and keep arm length and ride height where you want it. Doable but more difficult than a DSA I've got a 748 EVO rear hub etc. in my 800 now and love it. The Brembo brakes back and front are so much better than the Honda stocks
  8. Hence why I said the shifter case should be removed so as you can get to the base thread and repair it correctly. If you could get a longer version of the Helicoil tape you would end up threating the outer shifter case as well as the damaged thread in the crank case. Not ideal or wanted as you could end up with the helicoil partially in both parts. Phil
  9. Helicoil taps are the same pitch as the thread being repaired BUT are bigger in diameter. You first drill the failed thread out and then cut a new thread with the special tap. To Helicoil that thread you need to remove the selector assembly cover, the one behind the sprocket, so as you are down to the base crankcase where the actual thread is. Then you repair it and reassemble it all. No use at all trying to repair it further up the hole and using a nut tap is only the same thread diameter as the standard M6x1 thread. Do it once and do it right.
  10. Sorry but that is not correct. I ran a full RC45 Shark system on my Gen5 engine and it was fine. Not as good as the new headers but it did not cause running issues and killed power. I dynoed my 825cc at 135rwhp with the Shark system.
  11. Back a few entries on this thread someone mentioned pinning the VTec valves so as they are always engaged. I believe that this can cause issues with low oil pressure at low RPM due to the volume of oil that bypasses when the valves are in VTec mode. I can't prove this but it would be something that would be well worthwhile understanding BEFORE embarking down this track.
  12. Seeing that the 5th Gen only has a 2 row oil cooler I doubt that side mounting one would have any real detriment. I'd be looking at using a higher row count cooler myself and wouldn't worry about a fan. You may need to shroud the cooler to stop the air bypassing it.
  13. That's exactly what I found with my 6th gen and the 8th gen rads.
  14. If it ain't leaking then don't touch it would be my advice.
  15. I've always tended to place the split against the head as I've seen thin headers open the gasket up and then they burn. My 2 cents worth Phil
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