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  1. Hi Mohawk I went down the road you started with the Yoshi type stacks but went with aluminium Delorto 15mm high 40mm dia trumpets and then the short VFR ones on top. Pictures attached. They seem to be working really well on the 825. Cheers Phil
  2. Sorry but that is not correct. I ran a full RC45 Shark system on my Gen5 engine and it was fine. Not as good as the new headers but it did not cause running issues and killed power. I dynoed my 825cc at 135rwhp with the Shark system.
  3. Back a few entries on this thread someone mentioned pinning the VTec valves so as they are always engaged. I believe that this can cause issues with low oil pressure at low RPM due to the volume of oil that bypasses when the valves are in VTec mode. I can't prove this but it would be something that would be well worthwhile understanding BEFORE embarking down this track.
  4. Seeing that the 5th Gen only has a 2 row oil cooler I doubt that side mounting one would have any real detriment. I'd be looking at using a higher row count cooler myself and wouldn't worry about a fan. You may need to shroud the cooler to stop the air bypassing it.
  5. That's exactly what I found with my 6th gen and the 8th gen rads.
  6. If it ain't leaking then don't touch it would be my advice.
  7. I've always tended to place the split against the head as I've seen thin headers open the gasket up and then they burn. My 2 cents worth Phil
  8. As my bike is a Gen6 with Gen5 engine, my cooler is in the original position. I didn't need to do anything with it apart from making up new lines and I used AeroQuip type fittings and braided hose.
  9. Hi HighSideNZ, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. I've got the 8th gen headers fitted to my 6th gen with the 5th gen engine. There is heaps of clearance between the headers and the fairings. Phil
  11. Hey guys Back on the RapidBike Racing and the Gen 8 VFR. Here is the RB Application table showing the Gen 8 does use the single 12mm narrow band O2 as long as you buy the correct kit and wiring loom. I've highlighted the parts in question. Cheers Phil PS. The new Gen 8 headers on my modded Gen6/5 are working really well after I added 2 18mm bungs to support the factory narrow bands. The RB MyTuningBike unit is working really well and the power is much more spread compared to my home built system, based on the Shark RC45 system, I've been running
  12. Hi sfdownhill Glad to hear all is going to plan and thanks to you and Duc2V4 for persevering with the build. Let me know what I owe and how to pay to get things rolling. I'll send you my US delivery address via PM once you contact. Cheers Phil
  13. Hi Guys Has there been any advance on the 8th Gen pipes yet please. My deposit has been with you since 18th February 2019 and I am starting to feel there is going to be no advance on this so it would be good to get my $200 USD back. So, can someone get back to me please. Cheers Phil
  14. Has there been any advance on the 8th Gen headers yet? Cheers Phil
  15. I currently have a set of Shark RC45 headers on my Gen 6 so if they clear the body work then the 8th Gen pipe should be a shoe in. Remember that the 8th Gen does not have side rads so the body work is more narrow than a 6th Gen from the start. What I'm after is to get the headers merging correctly for the 180 deg crank as my current pipes merge both fronts together and both rears together. Not a biggie but it would be better for mid range if they merged correctly I feel. I'm with SEB. It would be pretty easy I expect to run these splayed front pipes in with the 6th Gen batc
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