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  1. Its still for sale. So far 4 serious buyers have pulled out at the last minute. A few people have asked if it would make a good race bike but the answer is a definite no. With no spares available for the NL0B engine, one small issue would turn the bike into a paperweight. I had to miss the Handbuilt show this year. I broke my leg in two places in January (damn supermotos are fun right up to the point of impact). I'm off the crutches now, but walking around the show would cause serious pain. Did you go? Got pictures?
  2. He's not in the market for another RC30, although he knows other people who might be and said he will let them know mine is available for sale.
  3. Thats the one. The owner, Ray, is a great guy.
  4. Heres an interesting update. This bike is still for sale. I've had a few 'firm' offers fail to materialize but I'm not in a hurry to sell. As I said, if I can find someone who can make plain bearing shells to order I wont sell. But thats another issue. Anyway, I'm in Sydney visiting family and I heard a rumour about the sister bike to mine. I followed up and look what I found: This bike is identical to mine in all but a few ways. - polished frame - stock brake calipers - ohlins steering damper - endurance fuel filler - welded-on side stand boss (required for homologated superbikes ba
  5. Thats what I thought too Phil but it turns out this is not the case. The same style bolts have been used in multiple VFR engines for years but none of the workshop manuals for these bikes include the final additional 90 degree twist. Honda trained mechanics are told to reuse the bolts. Even the race team that built my bike reused these bolts for years, with 3-4 engine rebuilds per season. This is the best picture I have of it. It was still in the previous owner's possession at this time. It's wearing track bodywork(obviously) and wheels. Looks like it has some nice mods. Whats t
  6. Lets see some pictures of your RC30
  7. Thanks Guys, I'm not sure what I'll replace this bike with yet. I might get another special V4, or I might invest it in a new business. CornerCarver, I'm not with Ridesmart any more. I'm now a coach for California Superbike School so I'll be doing events all over the country this year. If you ever decide to do a CSS day let me know. Shaun
  8. Well its a sad day but I finally did it. This bike is now for sale. I always thought I'd have this bike forever but after seeing how difficult critical engine parts are to get (i.e. impossible, at any price) this just isnt the bike for me anymore. I want a bike I can ride but this one is just too valuable. It needs to be on display somewhere so other enthusiasts can see it. Its fully functional and I've ridden it once since the rebuild, in addition to starting it up dozens of times so people can hear it run. Anyone who reads raresportbikesforsale.com will see it there shortly. I took a bi
  9. Another update on this project; I spoke to a few engineers about this bolt. The consensus is the spiral increases stretch which actually reduces clamping force on the crankcases.
  10. Thanks Baileyrock. Unfortunately now that the bikes rebuilt there's not much more worth posting. Phantom, I did have a solid red fairing for this bike - i didn't want to risk the winfield bodywork on the track.
  11. Thanks. Bertie did a good job. There were a few minor errors but nothing glaring.
  12. I finally got around to scanning the tintype photo taken at the Handbuilt show, printed on a sheet of steel. According to the photographer this picture will last "hundreds" of years. Another shot from the show: Recent track day. I didnt take it on track, its too much of a risk. I have my new V-4 for that:
  13. Thats awesome, thanks Matt. Its great to see Aussie racing again, especially on tracks I used to race on myself.
  14. Thanks Matt. Nice looking 400. Do you have video of it anywhere? I'd love to hear it running. I'm trying to find pictures or video of Gobert and Corser riding my RC30 back in the early 90's but i'm having no luck at all. You're right about the cost of rebuilding an RC30. I could have bought a (very) nice track bike for what I spent on this thing.
  15. I just got back from the Handbuilt motorcycle show held in Austin, sponsored by COTA for the MotoGP weekend. I was invited to bring my RC30 and they had a photographer take pictures of all the bikes. They also had an artist come in to draw selected bikes. He asked me what I considered to be the most visually appealing aspect of the bike and I said the rear wheel/exhaust. I look forward to seeing his interpretation in addition to the photos: The show was spectacular. The bikes were amazing, the people even more so. I've never been a fan of custom built bikes that use harley engines and cant
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