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  1. nik68

    6th gen tail on 5th gen

    You can look at this...
  2. nik68

    R/R Mod

    ok, The first few years, when i bought my vfr (quite a long time ago) i had serious problems with the R/R too. So after 3-4 R/Rs and an equal amount of ...batteries i did this mod to my bike and i have no problem since then. Almost 10 years now! I put an aluminum plate between the R/R and the frame, and some extra computer heat sinks on it. I also used some heat sink paste between all parts, for better heat transfer as you can see in the photos. hope it helps...
  3. nik68

    IMy 2000 VFR800, 2

    If and when i decide it ...this is the color to go! perfect!
  4. Ok, this is my setup when i need my luggage, plus one tank bag.... I think it looks quite good!
  5. nik68



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