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  1. Some photographs on my favorite rest stop on one of my recent daytrips riding through Northern France, here in Fauquembergues.
  2. Not afraid of drones (measuring your speed from far away, well beyond sight) ? I heard this can happen in the States (= being caught for speeding by means of drones), or isn't this all that probable ?
  3. Saw this on your channel, indeed. Money is round, let it roll ☺️
  4. Initially not understanding this (or should I say "understanding this only as Latin words without any coherent meaning"), I did some Googling (I admit). This learned me that this isn't exactly Latin, but Englatin, a not so much spoken variant of it ☺️ But then again, for those who speak it : YES (it's part of ATGATT) 😎 This being said, I prefer the standard exhaust. But then again : de gustibus et de coloribus ... 😉
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