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  1. Some photographs on my favorite rest stop on one of my recent daytrips riding through Northern France, here in Fauquembergues.
  2. Well thát's a nice statement !
  3. If it isn't any longer to you ... then always, always keep in mind the white ones are the fastest 😎
  4. Yes ! We found him ! The Dutch speaking French !
  5. A VFR laying down is not the best thing to look at. The fact that it comes with a costly bill makes it even worse.
  6. ... which is the only thing to watch out for. But just do it the right way right away, as you don't have a second chance ...
  7. Indeed. Me neither. For me, the biggest stress was not knowing what would come next, because if after 15 kilometers, the road would have become unuseable, it would have meant that we would have to return this complete distance. So in the video, at 06:30, it was a real relief to know that we were not too far of civilisation on the other side of the pass/mountain any more. Note that that was after about 12 kilometers / nearly 40 minutes of off-road ... 😅
  8. LOL ! I'm Flemish indeed. Must be a birth defect, I guess, as I'm in no way aware that something's malfunctioning 🤣 Well, that gearbox was on my former bike (a K1300S), and I honestly don't know, but I didn't hear any strange or cumbersome noise, so I guess it was not too bad for the bike. (I somehow remember a Danish joke making fun of the Norwegians - "Gammeldansk" and "new Norwegian" were the keywords - as I used to work with Danish and Norwegians in another life 😎)
  9. See it's memorable ☺️ Low on fuel was none of my problems then, luckily : it took enough effort keeping the bike upright, I could've missed fuel troubles ! But when talking about "low on fuel" : I remember my Alps trip of 2 years ago, where switched off the engine in the descent (of the Alps' Col des Champs), to retain as much fuel margin as possible to reach the next fuel station. There's an (English-undertitled) video on my youtube channel about this "event" too. Now that I think of it : I seem to learn best ... only after having been in trouble 😨
  10. Last september, my motorbike friend and I went riding in the Pyrenees. When preparing the route, I remember having struggled with BaseCamp which was unwilling to use a pass I wanted to do. Then I must have forced BaseCamp too much somehow. The result : unexpectedly and unintentionally, we ended up in doing some off-road. Fully packed (2 side cases, top case, and tank bag), this wasn't the most "inspiring" moment of the trip. Memorable, at least to me ... (there are some GoogleMaps links in the video's description)
  11. As I bought my VFR800F second hand, I never received these covers, unfortunately, because this is really nice when the pillion's handles are removed (and the passenger cowl is installed)...
  12. Don't know exactly what you call a decent insurance, but around here, a decent bike theft insurance costs you an arm and a leg ... each year 😅
  13. Well, if the insurance company really needs this second key, AT LEAST make sure you OPEN both panniers BEFORE sending both keys. Because then, you can always re-adapt both lock(s) to another key. This may be attractive if someone else is interested in buying them second hand. And even for you, if you intend to buy another such VFR. This is all in the assumption that you still have the complete inner lock sets for adapting to other keys. If you don't, you can buy (2) new (inner lock) sets of these for about (twice) 23€ (I have the reference numbers to order, if you want, I just bought 2 such sets). I am as good as completely sure that even then, spending 46€ costs less than another ignition key !!! It might even be possible to claim these 2 lock sets from your insurance company ? If they don't pay the lock sets back, you might claim your panniers are completely worthless otherwise, without the original keys. If they would have to chose between paying you back 2 side panniers, or only the inner lock cylinders, I think they will have chosen quite quickly !
  14. Not afraid of drones (measuring your speed from far away, well beyond sight) ? I heard this can happen in the States (= being caught for speeding by means of drones), or isn't this all that probable ?
  15. Saw this on your channel, indeed. Money is round, let it roll ☺️
  16. Initially not understanding this (or should I say "understanding this only as Latin words without any coherent meaning"), I did some Googling (I admit). This learned me that this isn't exactly Latin, but Englatin, a not so much spoken variant of it ☺️ But then again, for those who speak it : YES (it's part of ATGATT) 😎 This being said, I prefer the standard exhaust. But then again : de gustibus et de coloribus ... 😉
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