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  1. Hey y'all So I got my VFR 3 years ago a bit as a mistake. I was trading up a lower cc "learner" bike after I had toured over 20k kms in one year and was thinking of doing something really crazy, like a 600cc rr or something. I was completely sold by the resemblance to the panigale, torque, and most of all, price that a local dealer had on a leftover 2014 so went with that instead... three years later and im at 40k kms with the bike. Last year I didn't ride nearly as much as I liked too because of work/government issues, but i'm usually commuting and touring on my bike whenever possible. My first full year of ownership included a trip for eastern canada to western canada down to mexico and back home, this year I went down to Key West from Quebec and back up...i've got plenty of trips on the horizon. This is all to say that I ride a lot, especially for camping trips, through all sorts of weather and terrain (gravel highway like the translabrador, etc.) Some things are lacking for this bike as a real "tourer." I've done some modifications so far to help: i've carried over old mods that made my smaller bike more bearable, like the Alaskan Leather sheepskin seat, and the "cramp buster." IMO theres still a lot of room for improvement. Going up from Florida to Canada in two days got me thinking how I can improve this bike and how I can make it better for me and my significant other. All these trips i've done have been alone and have been somewhat rough, I can only imagine how much worse it would be with a passenger on the back. As such i've done some research and come up with this 1) New Seat. I'm thinking of ordering the corbin seat without the back rest. This any good? Worth the money? Think of my passenger too! The Alaskan leather sheepskin thing I have is better than nothing but I actually want to not have a pain in my ass for a week cause I decided to iron butt it back from a trip 2) European Top Case. I am already loaded enough just me, I would certainly need a top case if I bring my SO on a trip. They're from Western Canada I can see us doing that sort of cross country trip. The Euro case interests me because of the backrest and bigger capacity. Would it hold camping gear reasonably? I'm thinking my small tent, two thermarests, and two sleeping bags...my partner and I can each take a side bag for our own stuff in that case. What is the consensus on the reliability/usability of this thing? I don't want to pay the premium for nothing...is the backrest helpful at all either? And where is a reliable place to order it from? Can I just get key cylinder thing done at any locksmith? The dealer did this for my OEM panniers... 3) Chain oiler. I will never buy another chain driven bike. Its just too much to bother with on long journeys imo especially if you're doing a lot of miles per day. I thought I was dilligent on cleaning and lubing but apparantly not...my last trip killed the chain at 11k kms. Thinking of getting the tutoro or whatever because 1) seems easiest to install and 2) price. Send your recomendations if not... 4) Bigger wind screen. I think the stock one is ok for me, it kind of hits me in the face sometimes? I'm 5'7, I wonder if I can improve on that...I also worry about the passenger. I hear mixed things about after market windscreens. Better to just leave it? Thank you for getting this far in the wall of texts. Would appreciate it if y'all have any other tips/suggestions etc on making this bike more sutable for big two up touring. No, I am not going to trade up any time soon, I can barely afford all this as is and will have to make due with the bike I currently have. I've grown to love it enough though that I hope to one day post with my "high mileage" stories in these sorts of forums. If it helps, I am 5'7, my partner is 5'6, and together we might be around 320 lbs.
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