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  1. 100% mate! conflicting stories more than once from different stakeholders.
  2. Gday mate, Pending how the phone call with Honda goes tomorrow (not too optimistic haha) and if the cowl is still available thursday 17 Oct (Payday) ill 100% take it. Cheers mate PS- that aftermarket seat is sexy AF!
  3. Latest update- i should of known better being optimistic, one phone call from the dealer and BOOM, had the rug pulled out from underneath me. The dealership and coincidentally the bloke who actually sold me the bike in 2016 and on day of sale assured me it didnt come with a cowling when i asked, however when I rang up most recently he remembered the bike immediately and was adamant he would of given me the cowling as they came standard with the bike. Very strange he didnt do so, so he makes a call to Honda MPE to seek guidance or order the cowling. Honda MPE have previously confirmed with me the 2016 VFR did in fact come with a cowling standard (only after initially telling me they didn't on 1st consult, at which point i emailed the instruction Grum provided as evidence and they promptly did a BACKFLIP). Well now it turns out they were right the first time supposedly..... the 2014-15 came with a cowling......2016 DIDNT, 2017- 2018 did AS a bonus (not meant to but dealers threw in?).. At any rate, it was a bit of a convoluted response from the dealer, passing on '2nd hand info'- I wouldnt want to be relying on that as evidence! I'll give Honda MPE another ring tomorrow just to make sure the phone call actually happened/ get the story straight from the horses mouth. See how it goes
  4. Quick update VFR lovers, I got hold of HONDA EPM in Melbourne, after initial push back 'oh no, the cowling didn't come standard with the bike till after your MY', i emailed the set up instructions Grum offered up for the 8th Gen, highlighting the part. To add further weight i rang around a few Honda dealers in the meantime and located one at Hawkesbury who vouched 100% they came with thw cowling new. Sure enough Honda EPM agreed it was meant to ship with the part and emailed confirmation as such, so i can take it to the dealer i bought the bike from. Im about to make contact with the dealer. Thanks again Grum and everyone else who has offered advice in this thread. Not a win as yet, but im cautiously optimistic
  5. Took the bike for a spin through the Royal National Park, Sydney. Kept it pretty tame as not ridden properly in over 12 months. Spectacular scenery and some great switch backs/ twisties. You dont need to be speeding to have a bit of fun with some 'spirited riding'. Definitely take some pictures next time. Bonus- during the working week so less vehicles on the road and less police trawling biking hot spots.
  6. Cheers mate, ive gone through the manual and found it. I'll hit up Honda when they get back to me....eventually
  7. It seems whenever buying a bike its pending dealer discretion/ knowledge as to what they include. A few years before i got the VFR i bought a new harley davidson nightrod. Come day of pick up the dealer handed over my keys and a couple bits n pieces (cleaning products) and off i went into the sunset. It wasnt until I got home later and the euphoria had settled down I took stock of what I purchased and realised the dealer didnt include spares, servicing/ maintenance manual or even a spare key! My fault for not picking up on it at the time but in my defence, the spares were the last thing on my mind. Being motorbike dealers youd think they would have the selling process down to a fine art now
  8. Cheers mate, I figured as much. The person I was talking to couldnt even pronounce the model of the bike or grasp what a cowling was or the question I was asking, took about 4 attempts before the coin finally dropped. Ive emailed the image you sent through which alone blows their argument out of the water. Worst case if they still come back saying no, I will simply ask for a copy of the 2016 set up/ delivery instructions.
  9. Ive spoken too soon, just had a call from Honda Australia, the Operator reckons it shipped as is standard direct from factory -i.e. without cowl. Apparently cowls were shipped as spares for later models???, makes no sense at all haha. Im emailing them the delivery parts list Grum sent through, see if I get anywhere.
  10. Thanks heaps Grum! I'll definitely be contacting the dealer with this info. So if I was mentally prepared to spend the $240 anyways, I might as well stay committed and invest it in the bike elsewhere....
  11. Thanks heaps Grum! I'll definitely be contacting the dealer with this info. So if I was mentally prepared to spend the $240 anyways, I might as well stay committed and invest it in the bike elsewhere....
  12. Awesome cheers Grum, greatly appreciated! Hopefully is all good, ill confirm the handle panels when they call back. As for elastic & tool kit- theyre 100% in there, ive been using them intermittently this last week getting the battery out & on charge...batteries tend to die when not shown any loving for 12 months or so, surprised the tyres didn't have flat spots! After riding it last night/ today I know it wont be another 12 months till I throw a leg over again!
  13. So I just called Honda MPE in Melbourne, the 'receptionist' has taken it higher- hopefully have a positive response in the very near future 🤞
  14. Gday Grum Cheers for the info! I'll definitely be calling the dealer in short order and asking some questions. If they give me any grief, I might msg you if you could provide a snap of the pre-delivery instructions that would be very helpful. At any rate I will keep you all informed how if/ how much the dealer gives me the run around.
  15. Cheers 4corsa. Im not surprised in the least, makes sense- instead looking a bit silly being unsure or having to go look for all the assosciated kit, salespeople put it in the 'too hard basket' and dish out incorrect info, whether to save face or save effort. Bloody frustrating!
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