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  1. So then would you change it again in the Spring? I'd rather start the season on fresh oil.
  2. Just had the last ride of the year on the Vfr, frost is forecast here soon so they'll be salting the roads from now on, probably be next May before she's back on the road again,🙁 filled the tank to the brim and I'll give her a good deep clean now as she's tucked up for the Winter, I'll trickle charge her every so often, not sure if it's a good idea to start her or not to get her up to temp every month or 6 weeks? I'll change the oil and filter next Spring.
  3. More than Honda have lost the plot imo, thank God we have some real bikes to enjoy and forget all the other bullshit.
  4. I think a vtec 2nd gen crossrunner would be a better buy, I will have a test ride though.
  5. Welcome from Ireland, hope to be in Spain next year all being well.
  6. If the Tenere was that good what made you sell it? shaft drive is the way to go. I am done with messy chains.
  7. Great exhaust I'm sure but who thought up that name?
  8. Welcome aboard, beautiful bike, enjoy, love that seat would love to try a sargent seat on mine, looks like you need a new front brake lever,
  9. Thanks, pity I didn't see your post before I went working at the bike, I fitted a different coil and plug lead and cap to that front left cylinder, I had some dielectric grease so I smeared a light coat on the outside of the plug caps, anyway got her all back together, those damned fairing clips!! anyone know what size they are the ones with the centre push pin? 5 mm?? Bike seems to run better, it was raining this evening so I didn't get a proper run, hoping I've cured the problem, the coil and plug cap I fitted were second hand ones I bought. I might just get 4 new plug caps for her at some stage, maybe next winter.
  10. Thanks yes it's the long rubber plug boots that attach to the plug leads I've been told that need to be replaced, they are around 60 euros each here. 30700-MBG-000 - Parts For Honda Motorcycles - David Silver Spares guy doesn't know for sure if this will cure the problem but he reckons it's the most likely cause, he says if coil was gone the problem would be much worse and he says it's very unlikely to be the plug wire itself, bike mechanics are scarce around here so there's not much else I can do unless I bring the bike a long way to some bigger town. The COP set up would be good but it seems too complicated for me, I just want to get the bike back running as it's supposed to with the least hassle possible. Should I smear the dielectric grease on the outside of the rubber plug boot?
  11. I've been advised to fit new plug caps and to change all 4, guy reckons it's the most likely cause of the poor running, anyone know a good place to get them from?
  12. Rear end has never been touched on my bike, 23 years!! it's only had 3 tyre changes in all that time.
  13. No I haven't found anyone to check the coils, do you mean to fit a nut inside the rubber well nut I have? the little inside threaded part fell down inside the frame. I might try and see if a 6mm nut will fit inside it. I need to find someone to check to check the coils/plug leads, really frustrating.
  14. Anyone know if it's essential that the coil is attached by the two 6mm bolts, (forward coils at your left and right knee) One of the 6mm well nuts failed and the 'nut' part of it fell down inside the alloy frame somewhere, the coil is held on now by the rear bolt and the bracket it attaches with also clips up to the inside of the side fairing, it's not going to fall off but I suppose I'd rather both bolts were holding it on, I swapped that coil for a second hand one but I can tell no difference, bike still seems to be running slightly bad, no one here has a clue about testing coils. I'm at a loss how to fix it, a small fault is harder to fix.
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