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  1. Thanks! Yeah, can't wait for the clutch issue to be resolved lol. It rides really nice when I'm able to ride it!
  2. The shop adjusted the clutch lever so it has play in it...taking it for a test ride, and once the engine heats up after a while, say 30 minutes, it's really starting to slip again. At least with the lever adjusted I have at least some engagement with the clutch, so I can move forward...but it slips. Back to the shop it goes.
  3. That's really cool. I like how it lights up at nighttime when light hits it.
  4. Haha! Thanks again. Yeah hopefully the issue with the clutch is simple and easy - doing some research, I have a couple ideas as to what it may be, so we'll see what it comes to be. Getting eager to ride this haha! Still have my Nighthawk to ride around on though, in the meantime.
  5. Thanks all! The brake lever is bent from it being dropped at some point in its life. I'm getting a new one for it! The clutch started slipping bad after about 30 minutes of riding. It got to the point where I could put it in gear at a stand still, let the clutch lever all the way out, and the bike stayed put and didn't even stall. Also wouldn't go under throttle - would just rev up. After sitting for about 45 minutes, it started working again, so I just rode it straight to the shop as my emergency ride drove behind me. Previous owner did a fluid flush and fill on the hydraulics because he said clutch lever was feeling spongy. Thinking it was a bigger issue and that was just a first sign. Usually when hydraulics of clutches fail, it fails the opposite way - meaning you can still move forward and shift without engaging clutch. We'll see what the shop says (they are closed most of this week for Labor Day so it's sitting there still until it's looked at).
  6. Hey all, new to these forums. Just picked up a 2001 VFR800 recently. Super happy I found one, pretty much one of my favorite bikes of all time.. I'm a pretty new rider as well, just started riding regularly a month ago, even though I've had my motorcycle license for 15 years. My first bike is a 1985 Honda Nighthawk 650. The VFR is a completely different animal: much more powerful, and yes, heavier. It already had some mods done to it: Sargent seat, Two Brothers slip on, double bubble windscreen, Heli bar risers, and heated handgrips. Just over 17,000 miles. Has some issue going on with the clutch so it's actually currently in the shop. In the meantime, I was able to download the factory service manual from here. That should come in handy.
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