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  1. But when I get an idea in my head I want to do something about it NOW! ... and then have the parts sit in my shed for 6-12 months until I get a chance to do anything and then another 6-12 months until I finish it! ;-)
  2. Sigh... that's one problem with living so far away from anywhere - the cheapest set I found (4 plugs + harness) was at least $100 more than that. And that is from the UK. One 'local' (other side of the country) ebay seller is asking for $220 for the same thing!
  3. Do the later 6th gen, 8th gen, or even 7th gen have COP setups that would fit the 5th gen engine?
  4. Hi shaynus, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  5. http://www.extremecreations.com.au From your neck of the woods keef. They do a range of extensions for Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, etc, forks. I originally ordered a set to suit the '99 R1 forks I was going to use, then came across the FZ1 forks (which look nicer to my eyes, being all black). Had to get a new lower (small) extension piece made as the R1 have a different size thread in the bottom of them 10mm vs 12mm or something like that). They are only available in a black finish.
  6. While not exactly entirely R1, the front end on my 5th gen is a combination of R1 yokes, FZ1 forks / brakes /wheel and 50mm fork extensions to enable me to use VFR1200 clip ons. I'm happy with the result! :-)
  7. shaynus

    VFR Streetfighter

    some pics of my "naked" VFR
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