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  1. shaynus

    5th Gen Repsol Track Bike on eBay

    Nose looks like a CBR600RR to me??
  2. shaynus

    6th gen tail on 5th gen

    Thanks Mello, finally found that thread 'over there ' & am getting through it. Hey, vfrcapn, what do you mean 'old'? It's only a couple of, no,wait... a few... oh crap... 6 years ago! 8-O Where has that time gone???
  3. shaynus

    6th gen tail on 5th gen

    Yes, pretty much just like that one! I don't know how I missed that one, must have had a 'man scan' as my wife would say... Thank you!
  4. shaynus

    6th gen tail on 5th gen

    Interesting video nik68, thanks. I know the 6th rear will add weight, but I'm afraid to say this one is about looks (I like under tail exhausts), not outright performance (it's fast enough for me) 🙂
  5. shaynus

    6th gen tail on 5th gen

    I'm sure I've read about it on here, but my search continues!
  6. Hi everyone Planning on fitting a the gen tail section to a 5th gen bike. I know others have done it but can't seem to find any threads on it. Can someone please point me in the right direction of where to look? Thanks!
  7. shaynus

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    But when I get an idea in my head I want to do something about it NOW! ... and then have the parts sit in my shed for 6-12 months until I get a chance to do anything and then another 6-12 months until I finish it! ;-)
  8. shaynus

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Sigh... that's one problem with living so far away from anywhere - the cheapest set I found (4 plugs + harness) was at least $100 more than that. And that is from the UK. One 'local' (other side of the country) ebay seller is asking for $220 for the same thing!
  9. shaynus

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Do the later 6th gen, 8th gen, or even 7th gen have COP setups that would fit the 5th gen engine?
  10. shaynus

    My 399 lb VFR848

    On a side note, what rear hugger is that?
  11. shaynus

    My 399 lb VFR848

    Looks awesome, great job, you should be proud of a job well done
  12. Hi shaynus, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  13. shaynus

    Aussie Vfr Riders.

    Any tips how to get to the website? (I'm not on facebook) I was on it a week or two ago (was surprised someone posted in the Technical section, but about a VFR800X, so I was of no help) but now the same link comes up with a message saying the site has gone... And yes, I realise it may be poor form asking about another forum, but it i only a small 'local' one and that's why I was trying to be discreet in the downunder section (shhhhh!) ;-)
  14. shaynus

    Aussie Vfr Riders.

    Hi all. Is it just me or does it seem like the OZvfr website has finally died :-(
  15. I have been wondering if a VFR800X crossrunner subframe would fit onto a 5th gen?

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