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  1. From my understanding it moves the power curve slightly to higher rpm range and therefore a little less down low and inturn slightly less snatchy throttle down low....maybe. no quantifiable testing done. 2 short vstacks were au$30 so I gave it a go and it goes good. but variable height velocity stacks would be noice for g9 🙂
  2. No problems. See the Dyno graph ignore the vtec transition, that's variable
  3. Try it without a module and with stock o2s first . For mine it is running fine without the RB unit I had after it shat itself. My 6g mods - no snorkel/flapper/pair valves -K&N or Pipercross airfilter -all short velocity stacks -WiLD Headers -Micron cans
  4. My software wouldn't load on w10 either , I needed a driver update. From dealer. When you get the software running it has a login with your specific details that comes with the module and iirc that's where the manual/user guide is downloaded from
  5. Sorry bit of post jack Just finished cleaning the rads, including oil rad, they weren't that dirty at all. Mostly because I am a fair weather rider. I used a steam cleaner with a small brush attachment which worked well. Most of the dirt/grime was in the oil radiator.
  6. Does cleaning the radiators yield any benefits? Been meaning to do this for a while, mite give it a try on weekend
  7. With the foam filters, such as this Pipercross, they do need specific cleaner and oil. Also, they need to be cleaned and oiled more regularly than K&N. IIRC 5000klms unless you ride in a sandpit 👀 and then more.
  8. I've got one of those straight pipe hardy boys just across the road from me, and the dumbest thing is he's got a sound system on it that competes with the pipes 🤡
  9. Victorian govt are thieves & Vicroads registration is a scam https://www.3aw.com.au/neil-mitchell-victorians-have-paid-1-billion-in-hidden-tax-for-a-service-theyll-never-get/
  10. Just to clarify, you had the hrc intakes feeding ram air into the box with 47mm horns?
  11. When you lost hp on the dyno what was you source for feeding air to the box, fans or just (edit - static) atmosphere? Also did you do a real world ,road test with the airbox? I ask coz as we know this (rc46) is not like sports bikes with intake runners, ie the air does not have a direct path to the intake.
  12. Short answer, yes. Lol Should have jumped in on the WiLD Headers. The Delkevic merge connection is a thing of unspeakable horror. Just to try something, unplug the power commander and run stock o2 connections if possible.
  13. -From memory they come with springs -3 bungs. 2 for stock o2s +1 for wideband o2 -I had the RB hooked up from the install, and then it shat itself, so now it's running with the stock o2 sensors. AFR now is mid 13s and to be honest it runs better without RB, better performance and better economy Ymmv
  14. The rubber bump looks fairly stable but what about a welded washer and then using the tank bolt in place, just incase I knock it, I mean you knock it, ok ok I've knocked the prop once or twice. lol
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