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  1. Be aware that there are 2 different K&N airfilters, the small 1 pictured above and 1 identical to the BMC above
  2. Came across this https://www.twtex.com/forums/threads/honda-vfr-oil-cooler-swap.49827/
  3. You'll with the thick twang
  4. What about visors that fog ( badly )? I've got a new mid - high $ BELL that I can't wear in winter but use an old Shark coz it came with a mouth and nose cover How many years have you been riding and how many helmets have you had? Me 23 years and 4 lids
  5. This is to keep the VAI flapper open for "the full potential of the VFR" 😀 There's a dyno sheet with this and gain .5 hp in parts of rev range also more grrrr when on the gas. Honda removed the VAI on an update to 8g
  6. Absolutely shocking and tragic news D. I'm sorry for the loss of your mate. I'll be raising a glass 🥃
  7. Thanks for all the work and passion HS and to all contributors aswell. What will happen with the vast amount of information when it ends Miguel?
  8. Hey all the best mate and a speedy recovery D Cheers
  9. Headers ($) + RB module ($) + wideband o2 sensor($) + additional wideband o2 module($) + performance muffler ($) + dyno tune($) will obviously make the most of it but the total cost is fairly high. I was running an RB (no tune & no wbo2) but the RB shat itself, bike still runs better than stock in way of performance and fuel economy *. If you get a hold of a set you can run it as is and add those additional bits as needed. I'm not sure about using stock muffler though. *unless heavy with the throttle for sustained periods. This has been proven 😀
  10. It took a bit of figuring out how to place the expander into the pipe and then to get my brother to hold the exhaust and I used a breaker bar. An oxy would have been good
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