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  1. I was just thinking the same thing. If we only have a handful of 8g and handful of 5/6g , could we combine for the next run. Maybe when sfdownhill is back we'll see what the numbers are, ie. as to how many have or are ready to pay deposits.
  2. Penetrene, wd-40 or other similar products. I suggest spraying on at night and tackling it the next day
  3. Sorry Nope don't do that, I just reread the manual and I am wrong.
  4. Just checking, as they will influence the o2 readings. So you have run it with the factory sensors connected and the MTB/RB O2 disconnected and unchecked?
  5. Will this interfer with the 3rd o2 sensor as MooseMoose fitting thread says it's all pretty close there
  6. 🤔Would it be easier for the stop to be attached to the c stand somehow?
  7. Not sure if this would help any, just measured the cross member on the c stand and on the 6g it is 2.5mm less than the sides
  8. Hey sfdownhill, Has anyone done a video of those music makers 😆
  9. Im thinking that a downward angle is needed so that if there is moisture on the sensor and the bike is hibernating, then the water can drip off.
  10. Increased wear/shorter lifespan. They can handle some water/moisture as is evident on cold morning start ups with drops of water coming out the exhaust. Ideally the sensor should be on the top but that's not possible or practical to get at. So if they can be clocked around a little, that's all good.
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