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  1. Hey sfdownhill, Has anyone done a video of those music makers 😆
  2. Im thinking that a downward angle is needed so that if there is moisture on the sensor and the bike is hibernating, then the water can drip off.
  3. Increased wear/shorter lifespan. They can handle some water/moisture as is evident on cold morning start ups with drops of water coming out the exhaust. Ideally the sensor should be on the top but that's not possible or practical to get at. So if they can be clocked around a little, that's all good.
  4. Do you have the boxed weight aswell. I need that for some quotes on int. shipping. I think those dimensions are good, from memory max. was 95cm x 44cm x 44cm
  5. From what I remember on one of the RB threads is that there wasn't much to be gained on the 5g with regards to ignition advance. I'm sure the brains trust (CRRC46/Mohawk/highside) may chime in shortly as to why that may be.
  6. Hold off on purchasing these, we are trying to put a deal together so they come with the headers
  7. ^^ (this also explains why the dual-path air box was dropped in the VTEC versions).  Umm no, only the latest 8g has done away with the flapper BS, and still has dual path. Check a parts fiche for each gen (5,6,8)
  8. I've got the same filters, small k&n and piper cross. I clean 1 and put the other in while the 1st is drying . That way there is no downtime. I wouldn't bother getting a third larger filter my 2c
  9. Hey ease up there stray😀 Somedays the need for speed just needs a little bit more speed 🏍 Haha but like others have said it comes down to the rider and the right wrist , sure I can go 100ks in 1st or 50ks in 6th. Take a test ride and be prepared for MBD
  10. Yep, same deal when I ordered mine, it had to be a back order and a month for delivery. You may need an extension depending on the intended use. It works well, I've had it on for several years and not had to tighten it once.
  11. What kind of view are u looking for, ie stem mounts will turn with steering, a fixed view such as fuel cap or even a gimble?
  12. ^keep score Dutchy HS I dont know what all that jibba jabba is about but I'm sure YOU'RE THE MAN to get it all sorted.
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