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  1. And now to put the farkles back on. For future reference, you can buy a bypass adapter for the rapidbike unit.
  2. Every little bit helps I guess OZZIE The state of Disaster, the state of Emergency, the state of Lockdown, the state of Unlawful curfew, the state where its illegal to protest, the state that violently arrests journalists, pregnant women, the mentally ill ... etc..etc.
  3. A good tuning shop may be able to adjust the degree of cams. I looked into this and dyno time a while ago but haven't done anything about it. ...Yet....
  4. $ better spent on suspension upgrades Or MBD 🤑
  5. Google says a7 special is the 2007 red white blue There was a J spec for 8g and that was also RWB
  6. 1st - get photo editor app too downsize data/metadata of the pic 2nd - save pic to a specific file 3rd - where do you want the pic? if In this thread Select the "📎 Click to choose files" (just below left). Then select the pic from your saved specific file, if in your account profile select the picture icon ,top right corner below vfrd banner, a drop down menu with Upload picture should appear 4th - after pic file has been selected then smash the Submit Reply
  7. I don't know the exact weight but it is mentioned somewhere in this thread... so go stock the fridge with some frothys, plonk yaself in that comfy seat and start from way way way back in the beginning of this journey 🍻🍻
  8. See above post and re-read
  9. It wasn't good for ducati it was a F U ducati. After ducati BS pay over the past years (to sign Jorge, that worked🤪) and then probably trying to screw him again for the next contract to get Miller Gooooooooo Dovi
  10. Link or pic Pipercross is 100% surface area , foam filter
  11. Yes its supposed to be there for protection against the debris (as you stated) and water i assume also. And like you, I removed it, as I don't really ride in wet weather, as for washing her just be careful where you aim the hose. I cannot confirm if it makes any performance improvements but I like to think that better air flow/movement around that area may help.
  12. Welcome to The Discussion, from wuhanDanplan state of shut-down. That's 1 clean looking 5g you have there, noice, be sure to check her fluids with only 13k klms! on this baby VFR
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