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  1. boOZZIE

    Ram mount doesn’t fit

    Ram mount Rap-b-354-75u for 19mm stem Rap-b-354u for 25mm stem
  2. You should be pretty much rite, unless you are taking it to an actual vicroads centre to get the roadworthy. If you end up needing them I have a spare set
  3. Just wondering, doesn't matter either way, are you doing a dyno run with the finished mandrel bent headers on the 5g / 6g with o2 sensors and RB or PC, Or just leaving it at that?
  4. "Jozef took the bike 'behind the curtain', as Attack's shop is off limits to customers" . Booooo, I could understand recording equipment, but gee whiz, paying that sort of $$$ and not letting you'll watch🖓 Were you able to hear her scream at least
  5. Top work gents Do you have before and after pc3 maps to compare what changes were made? Cheers
  6. boOZZIE

    Honda Nr750

    And I guess the question should be asked, would we ride the bike often enough in the 3 months to get,if any, problems fixed under warranty?
  7. http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=172294478221&category=9806&pm=1&ds=0&t=1541426085000&ver=0&cspheader=1
  8. As you are only needing the seals to be tight 4 dyno run, can clamps be used on the joins
  9. boOZZIE

    CoC Document

    Sorry , just did a eurococ search (take care 😆) €216 I did see a euro coc free site , don't know what is involved though
  10. boOZZIE

    CoC Document

    Certificate of conformity "To expensive" - what have you been quoted? A quick search was €95
  11. Yeah probably, For updates on the build though refer to the dates on the op, or skim thru looking for pics of exhausts....exhaust on m/c... (not yet)...exhaust on m/c on dyno... (not yet)...😀... (not yet)
  12. Re 4 o2 sensors, I think that's the best tuning option for that bike but how does that effect the end user that will have a different setup? 2 stock + 1 wideband I will not be buying 4 MTB modules. Maybe if I was going down the path of diff cams , bigger pistons etc. A Flipping prototype
  13. Thanks highside, yep just using Mohawk's pic to visually check the posi of MTB o2 sensor. OP header will have two O2 sensor bosses at 2000-2009 OEM header's O2 sensor locations: one O2 sensor boss on secondary tube after left front/left rear primary merge, one O2 sensor boss on secondary tube after right front/right rear primary merge Cheers
  14. In this position? Re Mohawk's pic p3

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