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  1. Ahh but do you use an engine oil flush product aswell?
  2. I like the tassels on the Indian's foot boards but why doesn't it have some streamers coming out of the handlebar ends 🤣
  3. Hi boOZZIE, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. US $8-900+ depending on if you wanted them passivated and crush gaskets and centre stand stop supplied. These WiLD Headers are a performance part (proven on dyno) not a replacement, that is, the Internal Diameters of these headers are larger compared to the others. Proper merges Have a look at Delkevic's merge junction 🤮
  5. Another thing with the big carbon protector is when stopped at lights I like to rest my hands ( with gloves, scratchy scratchy ) on the tank and this protector is perfect
  6. What about just clear film/wrap. I have a 3m paint protection film set on my cbr
  7. I got 1 of those and it went on 1st go and hasn't come off. It is stuck on with double sided tape however they only supply a couple of strips for the centre so I went and got more to go right around the boarder.
  8. Is the size of the outlet the same?
  9. And the weight savings on changing out the stock mufflers will be significant. So much so you'll need to adjust your suspension
  10. There isn't enough length in the oe wire but with a rough measurement I'd say it would be about 1/2" space to the chain. Yikes.
  11. I haven't. and have not thought about trying an OE o2 sensor, but now you have given me an idea 🤯 . Will there be enough length in the wires? I'll try 2moro.
  12. I think they need 10 - 15 orders per production cycle and if ya go back to the last run I think you might be at about 5.
  13. You can get a rough idea from this https://youtu.be/BJBjKU8queg Or the next episode
  14. Yep that 'RB02 active' is the 1 and that's the same spot I had mine located. I dropped the computer connection cable, with a bit of double sided tape, to the outside to make it easier.
  15. You need to select an option while connected to the bike for it to optimise/self adjust the fuel map. I can't remember where it is exactly as I have deleted all my software
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