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  1. No feeler gauge on the peg. Maybe bent on purpose to get to 60° 😝
  2. This looks like a race bike, so I am assuming you are riding in full leathers. At 119 I'm not worried about what oil is in your mc, I'm worried about your mental and physical health. Lol, but kind of serious though, why?
  3. Some points of variation 5 feathers Top ( 1 ) feather needs to be longer 4th feather's top tip to finish on point of air vent I like the glow in the dark 👍
  4. Watching this on my phone, and the first couple of seconds I'm thinking when is it going to fire up. ...then ooh, they're the stock mufflers
  5. I would buy it but I'm all the way over in Australia. Seems like an absolute bargain. What's the odometer say?
  6. Ahh but do you use an engine oil flush product aswell?
  7. I like the tassels on the Indian's foot boards but why doesn't it have some streamers coming out of the handlebar ends 🤣
  8. Hi boOZZIE, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. US $8-900+ depending on if you wanted them passivated and crush gaskets and centre stand stop supplied. These WiLD Headers are a performance part (proven on dyno) not a replacement, that is, the Internal Diameters of these headers are larger compared to the others. Proper merges Have a look at Delkevic's merge junction 🤮
  10. Another thing with the big carbon protector is when stopped at lights I like to rest my hands ( with gloves, scratchy scratchy ) on the tank and this protector is perfect
  11. What about just clear film/wrap. I have a 3m paint protection film set on my cbr
  12. I got 1 of those and it went on 1st go and hasn't come off. It is stuck on with double sided tape however they only supply a couple of strips for the centre so I went and got more to go right around the boarder.
  13. Is the size of the outlet the same?
  14. And the weight savings on changing out the stock mufflers will be significant. So much so you'll need to adjust your suspension
  15. There isn't enough length in the oe wire but with a rough measurement I'd say it would be about 1/2" space to the chain. Yikes.
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