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  1. Took the big plastic licence plate/mudguard thing off and installed the OE metal bracket and found some plastic plugs to fill in 2 holes in the undertail.
  2. Some exhausts use the OE gasket at the bottom of pic some don't
  3. Less a 1000 for the maintenance you'll have to do
  4. Does this contradict the front/back lean/rich?
  5. 🤔 WiLD Headers o2 sensors are 1+2 (L) & 3+4(R), same with RB injection maps. so you may have to go Mohawk's route and add some more bungs and individually map with 1 or go all out with 4 wbs With the laptop connected to the RB you can go into configuration of injection maps. im not sure if they can be changed to 1+3(B) & 2+4(F)
  6. ^same. I don't really feel the cold anywhere else except my hands and having MBD battery gloves are the ideal solution
  7. I've been internetting hi and low and most look like snow gloves, a little bulky for my liking. I did come across these hg 1
  8. By "lowering kit" I'm assuming that's the steps/pegs and if so then if you still need some height you can shim the rear shock.
  9. Does anyone have any recommendations for battery powered heated gloves? I think it was in the -°c on the way to work this morning and the tips of my fingers felt like icicles. Thanks
  10. I'd like to see this pull up along side some OMC
  11. I'm reading that as the internal cct bolt p297 sm not as the bolt for the external cct lifter or are they the same spec?
  12. What are the torque specifications please. I can't find it in the sm. It mentions the cct flange bolts but not cct lifter bolts. Cheers
  13. Yeah not sure what was making it stick as it still wasn't moving after it spewed oil out when I turned it over and had cover screw off. Anyways I'll see how it holds up. Cheers
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